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Visible Mending: 7 Beautiful Ways to Give Your Clothes a New Life


How to Make Wool Dryer Balls From an Old Sweater


DIY Spring Welcome Mat


10 Delightful Holiday Sewing Ideas and Tutorials

DIY Photo Snow Globe Ornament


Homemade Cranberry Pepper Jam Recipe


Easy Canned Apple Pie Filling Recipe


How to Make Pickled ApplesHow to Make Pickled Apples


DIY Life-Size ‘The Addams Family’ Cousin Itt Halloween Decoration


DIY Giant Spider Web Halloween Decoration


How to Make a Giant Spider Halloween Decoration


DIY Spider Web PillowDIY Spider Web Pillow: One Minute Video

DDIYfinished spider web pillowDIY Spider Web Poncho

finished diy spider web cape

DIY ‘Poltergeist’ Haunted TV Halloween Decoration


DIY Life-Size ‘Hocus Pocus’ Witches Halloween Decoration


Soup Bowl Hot Pad

Felt Succulents

How to Make a Floor Pillow Mat

How to Can Peach Jam

How to Make a Paint By Number From Any Photograph

How to Make a Rag Quilt

How to Make T-Shirt Yarn

How to Make a T-Shirt Yarn Rug

Modern Felt Cornucopia

DIY Felt Coasters

Fabric Pie Carrier

Travel Fabric Checkerboard Game

Reusable Grocery Bag Made From a Pet Food Sack

Bubble Station for Kids

Fabric Jar Openers

Reusable Grocery Bag

Reusable Microwave Popcorn Bag

Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps

DIY Fabric Luggage Tags

Reusable Fabric Makeup Remover Pads

Felt Rose Pillow

Hanging Dishtowel

DIY Cast Iron Skillet Handle Cover

How to Make a Fabric Placemat

How to Make a Sweater Quilt

How to Make a Fabric Purse Organizer

How to Make a Little Girl’s Skirt from a Sweater

How to Make a Travel Pillow

How to Make a Weighted Blanket

How to Sew a Fabric Lanyard

How to Add a Pocket to a Dress or Skirt

How to Make a Hoodie Towel

There's nothing like staying wet to beat the heat. But when it's time to dry off, don't just use any old towel–wrap your kids up in a fun towel they can wear. These cute hooded towels are not only great for the beach, but they can double as a year round bath towel.

How to Make Fabric Boxes

How to Customize Your Beach Towels With Bleach

Get your beach vibe on with your very own customized beach towel. No need for a bland one when the weather gets warm. Instead, get the towel of your summer dreams by creating your own design with bleach.

How to Make a Double Pot Holder

How to Make a Double Pot Holder

Steering Wheel Cover

How to Sew a Reusable Tea Bag

Upcycle an old sweater to make this cute little girl's pullover.How to look great and avoid hat hair this winter. Make your own messy bun/ponytail hat from an old sweater.

How to sew journals and books

How to make fabric boxes



cookie-bag-for-pinterest     modern-christmas-tree-skirt-made-from-a-tablecloth


































swing shirt

Before and after Pleated back sweater







Kimono-Duster-before  Kimono-after-2



















before after








DIY Cropped Denim Jacket close upDIY Western Inspired Leather Belt Bracelet and DIY Cropped Denim Jacket


Denim and Doilies: A Delightful DichotomyDenim and Doilies: A Delightful Dichotomy

Denim and Doilies: A Delightful Dichotomy






leather fringe-bag-beforeleather-fringe-bag-after

Upcycle a thrift store sweater with this easy to follow photo tutorial by the Renegade Seamstress Upcycle a thrift store sweater with this easy to follow photo tutorial by the Renegade Seamstress

Upcycle a thrift store sweater with this easy to follow photo tutorial by the Renegade Seamstress

before-dress after1

sweater-dress-before sweater-dress-after-for-ehow-2




nautical-dres-before nautical-dress-after


Black and white striped t shirt dress refashion upcycled striped infinity scarf





 Easter basket-beforeEaster-basket-after-4






The Renegade Seamstress shows you how to make your own starfish scarf

Cardigan-Conversion-materials-needed cardigan-conversion-after-5


Upcycled white ruffle shirt  Upcycled white ruffle shirt



sweater-scarf-before sweater-scarf-title

Polka Dot Shirt Refashion Polka Dot Shirt Refashion

Infinity Scarf Tutorial

 IMG_3736 shrug back


Hawaiian Dress Before and After3

Upcycled Flannel Infinity Scarf

Upcycled Flannel Leopard Print Infinity Scarf Upcycled Flannel Infinity Scarf

polka dot shirt redesign tutorial polkadot shirt redesign tutorial



T-Shirt Refashion Tutorial13

Kentucky Derby Dress Kentucky Derby Dress From a Vintage Vera Tablecloth

Sheriff Costume Tutorial

 Sheriff Costume Tutorial

Dress and Denim Refashion Tutorial Dress and Denim Refashion Tutorial

Black and white striped t shirt dress refashion Dress and Denim Refashion Tutorial

Upcycled Denim Skirt denim skirt refashion_edited-1


Learn how to refashion an old sweater into a tote with this easy to follow photo tutorial from The Renegade Seamstress Learn how to refashion an old sweater into a tote with this easy to follow photo tutorial from The Renegade Seamstress

Upcycle a thrift store sweater to cozy warm boot socks with this new sew tutorial by the Renegade Seamstress

sweater-dress-before sweater-dress-after-for-ehow

upcycled cashmere peplum upcycled cashmere peplum





Easy zippered pouch tutorial Easy zippered pouch tutorial

Pullover to cardigan refashion tutorial Pullover to cardigan refashion tutorial7jpg

DIY ruffle shirt refashion tutorial  DIY ruffle shirt refashion tutorial DIY ruffle shirt refashion tutorial

Vintage Vera Sheet Set Upcycled to a Skirt Vintage Vera Sheet Set Upcycled to a Skirt




A Totebag Tutorial

 Upcycled Gray Silk ruffle dress Silk ruffle dress

Upcycled Ruffle Sweater Dress5 The Ruffle Sweater Dress


The Peplum skirt Refashion Tutorial3 peplum skirt refashion tutorial

Upcycled Thrift Store Sweater for Valentine's Day Upcycled Thrift Store Sweater for Valentine's Day






DIY Peplum T Shirt Refashion Tutorial - Copy DIY Peplum T Shirt Refashion Tutorial2









Upcycled Wool Bow Clutch Upcycled Wool Bow Clutch








T shirt to Ruffled Cardigan Tutorial

DIY Bleach Pen Design Tutorial

Fabric flower tutorial

0 17

Pickled Asparagus Tutorial

DIY Pleated Summer Shirt Refashion Tutorial

DIY Fabric Basket Tutorial

Men’s Shirt Refashion

Chenille Pillow Tutorial


 Sweater to Mittens

Kindle Cover


T Shirt Refashion

Get Out of Jail Free Sweater to Nautical Fun


Tee shirt refashion

Come join the fun!

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774 Responses to Tutorials

  1. Anonymous says:

    i love the ruffle top,and i think you have pointed me in the right direction for some maternity tops i will never use again -4 boys 18 yrs to 5 months- those tops need a change!

  2. monica says:

    hace poco me inicié en la manualidades, creo que tus trabajos son hermosos, intentaré hacelos, cariños, mpnica

  3. Thank you for the “like” for my giraffe t-shirt. I’m glad I found your blog. I’ve been needing a fabric flower tutorial as I am in a project now requiring them, but not doing really well with the tutorial I’ve been following. I’m also very intrigued by your men’s shirt refashion!

  4. Oh I hope it helps! The flowers are super quick and easy!
    Enjoy your night Karen!

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  32. Heidi says:

    hi i just read your blog and i totally love your tutorials
    i wanted to refashion an old t-shirt but have no idea at all
    i would be so glad if you could help (:

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  36. TinaDanielle says:

    Wow! I dnt think Ive ever met anyone other than my mom whith whom Ive admired their craft skills!!! What you do with those thrift cloths is amazing!! Love them all! 🙂

  37. Brittney says:

    Wow, you have in spired me to continue taking my old clothes and turning them in to something new. I was being laughed at because of taking stuff like you did and turning it to something even better. My skills aren’t that advanced but you showed me that all it takes is an imagination and being creative

  38. Anonymous says:

    You’re really good! Thnx 4 sharing all of your awesome ideas with us! I especially like your maxi skirt & the ruffled fitted tee

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  51. jenny says:

    WOW! Your ideas are awesome and your tutorials are so clear and easy to follow for a novice sewer like me! Plus, you are the chicest grandma I’ve seen! : )

    • Thank you for all of your nice comments! What a great way to wake up this morning! I hope these tutorials are helpful to you. Please let me know if you ever have any questions. I’d be happy to help.
      Enjoy your Sunday!

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  53. Theresa says:

    I love this blog the only blog I actually looked all the way thru … nice!

  54. Pingback: Ten Ways to Refashion a Sweater | The Renegade Seamstress

  55. Kay Roper says:

    I loved your remakes. When my children were little I didn’t work outside the home. Of course, I didn’t have the money to sew new clothes. As I have always loved to sew I would take my old cotton skirts, etc. and remake them into dresses, etc. Nice to see the idea expanded so well as you have done.

    • Thank you so much, Kay! I do believe it’s a fun and frugal way to have a nice wardrobe for little ones and for yourself!

    • Susan Ramsay says:

      There are a lot of men’s shirts at the “Thrift Store, Goodwill” etc. I’ve seen shirts with red plaid left front blue plaid right front, b/w sleeves and checked collars for example. So if you don’t have enough good fabric for a whole shirt, try mixing things up!

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  64. hcgdietmeals says:

    I have be thoroughly inspired by your creative sparkle! Thanks for sharing all your projects! Darlene

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  70. SandyKay says:

    Wow, I was really impressed by your creativity in recycling all those clothes into updated and fashionable outfits, odds and ends! You’ve inspired me. 🙂 It’s amazing and overwhelming at how much clothing is thrown away and wasted each year and your site is a great inspiration and wonderful instructions on alternative ways to upcycle it all! Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to share your knowledge. I will be referring everyone I know to your site. -SandyKay

    • Thank you, Sandy Kay!!! I love refashioning. I was tired of paying lots of $$$ for clothes that didn’t really fit me that well. This has been a great way to update my wardrobe for very little money. And even more fun to share it. Through this blog, I’ve met so many great people all over the world who enjoy doing the same thing I do. Thanks for the referrals!!!
      Enjoy your week!

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  73. Tavy boyles says:

    Omg..i love your stuff…where can I send my clothes so you can make magic with it..?

  74. Nicole Vera says:

    Where have you been ally life!! I’ve been saving stuff because I love the fabric, now I know what to do!
    Thanks, Nicole

  75. Missy says:

    So incredibly talented. You inspire me!

  76. Debbie says:

    I love what you do with the clothes, so stylish when you are done. Wish I had that for sight. Great job. I see objects I can remake, but you see clothes, a real gift.

  77. Carrie says:

    Your work is amazing! I’m so inspired. Hi ho hi ho….off to the thrift store I ho. Thanks for sharing.

  78. Kalinda says:

    I love love love what you did!
    I am so gonna visit your site often!

    Thanks for sharing! Keep posting!

    Xoxo kalinda

  79. Anonymous says:

    I don’t sew…. but I have to compliment you on your skills & ingenuity!! You go girl!!

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  81. Gemma says:

    Firstly….WOW! I love your blog and find your tutorials to be easy to follow and throughly enjoyable. Now I look at old clothes in a totally different way! From those of us in the UK, a big thank you for helping us find new life in old clothes and also saving our pennies in this terrible financial climate. Keep up with the good work! 🙂

  82. Anonymous says:

    oh. wow. you’re amazing. like a sewing wizard. a sewizard. 😀
    but seriously you’re really talented

  83. Em says:

    Just found you through pinterest, YOU ARE AMAZING! From drab, to fab! Think I better brush up on my sewing skills, always looking for ways to be fashionable without breaking the bank.
    I’m definately not the most creative when it comes to clothing, so I am very greatful to people such as yourself for providing inspiration.

    • Hey Em,
      Thanks so much! Upcycling thrift store clothes is the BEST way to look fashionable with out breaking the bank. I hope you’ll be able to try this sometime. Just a word of warning though: Once you start, you might not be able to stop. 😉

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  85. Linda Newport says:

    I am in awe of your talent. It’s wonderful how you transform outdated styles into something that is current and stylish. I wish I had a tenth of your talent!!

  86. Dawn says:

    Wow, I have a sewing machine and surger, but don’t know how to use them. I wish I did so I could work magic like you do!

  87. Vanessa says:

    You have such a creative eye and a flair for fashion that is both beautiful and “doable”! Thanks for inspiring me!

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  89. HLB says:

    Super cute clothes! I MUST KNOW MORE ABOUT THOSE SHOES! The red ones with the ankle straps and the flower!

  90. Alex Hayes says:

    This is so amazingly incredible. A really really good job. It amazes me how some of these clothes started off and how they ended up! Keep on with the great work, such an inspiration!

  91. Pingback: A Renegade Tote Bag Tutorial – Happy Birthday, Carol! | The Renegade Seamstress

  92. Yvonne says:

    Wow, totally awesome. You have a gift for seeing something beautiful in something that was boring! Sewing is not really my gift but now wish it was!
    Y Morgan

  93. Anonymous says:

    Totally AMAZING…gonna go dust off the old sewing machine!

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  96. Emily says:

    Your clothes transformations are incredible!! Do you sell any of your pieces?

  97. Gabby Beacher says:

    That was awesome to see how u transformed everything. You are really talented !

  98. Anonymous says:

    Well it helps when the woman making and modeling the clothes is absolutely amazingly beautiful!

  99. OMG !!!!!!! Great ideas, thx for sharing. This has inspired me to try some ideas.

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  103. Arielle says:

    I think you are the awesomest seamstress I have ever seen! I wish I could sew – LOL!

  104. Ladette Kerr says:

    You are AMAZING!! WOW! I am so impressed… and so *jealous*!! What awesome talent you have!

  105. Pingback: Upcycled Flannel Leopard Print Infinity Scarf | The Renegade Seamstress

  106. Heather says:

    Your ideas are fabulous! 🙂 I can’t even pick a favorite I like them all…you have given me lots of inspiration!

  107. Jenn says:

    You’re a seamtress genius! I’m obsessed with the dresses! They’re alll so cute and I just love your style. 🙂

  108. Laura says:

    So impressed. I can not sew at all, I never learned! Your creativity and skills are outstanding.

  109. T says:

    you are amazing!

  110. Pingback: See Things With New Eyes: Upcycled Ruffle Sweater Dress | The Renegade Seamstress

  111. Amanda says:

    You are the most creative and adorable person!!!!!

  112. Anonymous says:


  113. Pingback: How To Get New Work Clothes For Free (Almost) :) | The Renegade Seamstress

  114. Paula says:

    I am trying to get some inspiration for a coat dress of crushed velvet that I have lost so much weight it is hanging on me!

  115. Carlyn says:

    In one word…WOW!

  116. Susan Kubiak says:

    Hi! I love what you’re doing!! I have been tossing around the idea of turning a long dress or long skirt into new, *hip*, high waisted full leg pants. Any tips?

    • Hi Susan,
      Your idea sounds like a good one. I’ve not been brave enough to do much with pants yet so I’m not much help in that department. Good luck with your project and I’d love to see it when you finish!
      Happy sewing!

  117. Cori in WA says:

    I think you should come over and play at my house. We can sew, talk teaching (I’m a reading specialist) and make over all kinds of cool things. I’ll gladly provide the coffee, treats and thrift store make-over-ables!

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  120. Jessica says:

    Your transformations are awesome. I’m jealous, can’t sew at all. 🙂

  121. Pingback: Put a Ruffle on it! (Bonus Feature: How to Make a French Seam) | The Renegade Seamstress

  122. jennyjos37 says:

    You recently liked my post ‘How To Crinkle A Broomstick Skirt’ and I am so glad that you did! Scrolling through your main blog page was very exciting and I couldn’t decide which post to view first. Your work is wonderful Beth, and I am so looking forward to coming back again and again. Your certainly have a great eye for transformation. So happy to visit with you!

    Take Care,

    Jennifer Wright

  123. Denise Wilson says:

    I love your re-fashions. You’ve inspired me to do some of my own.

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  125. kin says:

    thanks for ur great tutorials…. ^_^

  126. Pingback: Make This World a Better Place, One Refashion at a Time/ Dress For Change- Day Two | The Renegade Seamstress

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  128. Jen Reil says:

    Amazing! I need to get a new sewing machine, start thrifting, and start refashioning. You’re an inspiration!

  129. Hailey Doutt says:

    Would you ever consider making modest prom dresses?

  130. Anonymous says:

    wow great ideas love every one of them =)

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  133. Lisa capocci says:

    I have been given so many ideas !! When I go into a charity shop next I will be looking at things totally different
    Thank you
    Lisa ipswich England

  134. Anonymous says:

    Love your makeovers. Keep up the great work.

  135. Sarah says:

    Fantastic!! I’m totally inspired!!

  136. Emily says:

    You are amazing! What an inspiration:)

  137. Jesseca M says:

    This is fabulous!!!

  138. Anonymous says:

    These are so awesome!! It makes me want to know how to sew REALLY badly!! 🙂 Good work!!

  139. Anonymous says:

    Wow you are awesome!

  140. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic superb ideas

  141. Monica says:

    These are amazing! Makes me wish I could sew 👍👍

  142. Courtney says:

    Starting to make my own clothes for this summer. All these are so helpful. Going to have to go thrift shopping now. Thank you so much! You are amazing!

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  146. colormusing says:

    Wow, you have such creative ideas for your refashions! I especially love the dresses that look entirely different just by shortening them. Very inspiring!

  147. Pingback: There is Never a Wrong Time for a Polka Dot | The Renegade Seamstress

  148. Martha says:

    What creative ideas! And I absolutely love the red/burgundy shoes in the top picture…where did you buy those (or what brand are they)? 🙂

  149. Katie says:

    This is truly one of the most amazing things I’ve seen! Way to go! It’s inspiring and could also be a total eye opener on “how to dress your body” like a crafty version of the show what not to wear. I just mean its such a transformation of often baggy unflattering clothing to a classy well dressed polished woman! Awesome! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  152. Jessica says:

    You are awesome! I wish i could sew as good as you! Clothes seem to be the hardest thing for me to make. I’m self taught and still learning and you have inspired me so much!

  153. karen trapp says:

    Have looked at many DIY sites and yours is by far the BEST!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

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  157. I just across your website from Pinterest and I’m in love!!

  158. candice says:

    You are FABULOUS!!! I just stumbled upon your site on Pinterest, of course, and you have such vision and talent to pull it off. Awesome!!!

  159. Anonymous says:

    How clever you are! I’m not a seamstress of any stretch of the imagination but I’m tempted to try a few of your ideas. They are inspiring!

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  162. Pamela says:

    You are a true artiste! You have combined two of my favorite things…thrifting and sewing! I am so inspired by your posts…I can’t wait to get started this weekend on some upcycling of my own! Thanks for this wonderful blog!

  163. Pingback: Still Time to Try Out For the First Ever Refashion Runway | The Renegade Seamstress

  164. Julie says:

    I am blown away by your creativeness and ability to see something new in something old or unwanted!!!! I want to try some of your ideas!!!

  165. MarnieKate says:

    I can’t wait to try the man’s shirt project:) I love re-dos!

  166. Iris z says:

    Your work is amazing! I wish I had the talent (and energy) to try also

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  169. thebird says:

    Uh-may-zing. If I had a sewing machine (or any patience) I would try your tutorials! Maybe one day…until then, I’ll just keep reading your posts with awe!
    (BTW, I do not believe for one second that you’re a grandma…Hot mama!)

  170. Jodi says:

    You make me want to learn how to sew!

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  173. Maude says:

    ove all the things you do with the thrift store finds …I like to try to make new things and you have some awesome ideas here …..I like to buy the over size mens shirts that I call them Vacationers shirts with all the different designs on them and now i know what I can do with some of them …..repurpose to make something for me …..I think that I can make a sweet little skirt out of them to wear in the summer or when i go on vacations or on a cruise …would be just great for a cruise to wear a sweet little skirt that has some fantastic colors and designs on them …thanks for the insight …..Maude

  174. Anonymous says:

    U r so talented! It’s so amazing what u have done with old used up dressed and other clothes!!! Very inspiring!!!

  175. Miki says:

    What a very clever lady you are – I wish I could do what you’re doing. I may give it a go but I’ve never been great with a sewing machine.

  176. Anonymous says:

    wow..im speechless your work is amazing ..i cant believe how you turned such ugly clothes in to cutest outfit ever…your are such a talented woman .keep the good work up

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  179. Leah Gannon says:

    Wow! I don’t know how to sew, but I found your blog on pinterest. Your clothes are amazing! I’ve enjoying browsing your site. 😉

  180. April says:

    You are my new favorite person! I love all your remakes and you have inspired me to start sewing/creating again! Thank you!!!

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  182. Lindsay Reas says:

    Oh, my gosh this is so amazing!!! So, truth, I have not really ever sewn before, but have basically inherited all of my grandmother’s things when she passed away about 2 years ago this August. She was the seamstress and a perfectionist at that. I have become addicted to pinterest and have gained an interest in learning how to use my grandmother’s machines. My sister-in-law does a lot of up cycled clothing for her and my niece. Well, while perusing through pinterest and trying to find something that I could try and make (jeans into a stylish skirt) and didn’t look like I just threw it together, but did pay a pretty penny for, I stumbled across your before and after images. Let me say I was just impressed by what you have done.

    For me, the creative part comes easy, I can take an old ’80s style dress and see what it can become, but I am not sure how to actually do it. I don’t have the skills to take what I imagine and actually apply it into the material. I guess, my question is: Do you have any suggestions as to take a pair of jeans and make it into a skirt or a pair jean shorts and create something that doesn’t look like it was a cut pair of pants? I see so many images that, that’s what they just did. Can you help?


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  186. Ash says:

    Love it all you are VERY talented!!!!!!

  187. Anonymous says:

    Holy up cycle batman! This chick is a genius!!!!

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  192. Anonymous says:

    I love your ideas! My daughter and I have a couple of etsy shops. One of our shops is primarily homemade items and upcycled items. We have just started this shop and would love to talk to you about the exposure on your site. Thank you and keep upcycling……you do a wonderful job of it!

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  196. Anonymous says:

    FABULOUS upcycling!! uhoh, Im off to the thrift (I practically LIVE there anyway ..lol) Fantastic job, all…thnx for sharing it with us other ‘crazy doers’..:>)

    • You are so welcome!! Happy sewing!

      • Anonymous says:

        also love the more ‘finished professional ‘look of your redos, my ideas are good but have to refine my sewing skills to get the right effect..inspirational! I machine felt thrift sweaters and remake them (Etsy), got some new fabric on sale, and just refashioned a few sun dresses to skirts, working on some tops..wish you were closer lol..challenge to pull them off well..linen, need to be taken in and I usually cut the sleeves off here in FL..any advise? thnx!

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  201. Dixie Lee says:

    You should have your own TV show! You are amazing!

  202. downsideupmommy says:

    You are so very talented! Thank you for sharing!

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  205. Robyn says:

    Love all you have done! Just found your site. Ever take a maternity skirt or pair of pants and turn them into non-maternity? Been trying to figure out what I can do with some…

    • Hi Robyn,
      Thank you for your kind words. I have taken thrift store maternity shirts and dresses and taken them in to fit. I’ve never refashioned maternity pants, though. Possibly they could be made into a skirt? Good luck and I’d love to see what you make.

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  207. zandrasewhappy says:

    You have so many wonderful ideas, thank you for sharing:) you’ve inspired me to dig out that basket of “needs help” clothing and finally give them a much needed makeover!!

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  210. Shannon says:

    I LOVE what you do. I just happened to notice a grammar mistake. If it were me I would like someone to point it out. Not judging just noticed is all. In the area where you talk about the wool sweaters. It should read “Wash and dry AN old sweater” and you have it as “Wash and dry and old sweater.”
    You are a brilliant woman with an obvious gift for fashion and have a great vision. I for one can only look at the original and don’t automatically see the outfit that you see until after you make it! AWESOME talent! Think of all those thrift shops in need of you! LOL

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  212. Hi…
    Thank you so much for the tutorial…. it really helping me to refashion my old clothes that i dont like the style… God bless you and your family. Thanks \(^o^)/

  213. Anonymous says:


    Just wanted to say that I’m absolutely amazed by your website!!! I have just recently discovered the whole concept of up cycling for myself so seeing your work has been a great inspiration.

    Thank you so very much and kind regards,


  214. Ruth says:

    You are just the person I need! I have a grand daughter who has a long torso and long arms. Unfortunately this plays havoc when trying to dress for school in August and September because shorts are never long enough to fall the required one inch below her fingertips. I would like to take a pair of denim shorts and add a skirt. Who knew middle school would be so hard!

  215. Angela says:

    I love, love, love that your upcycles areappropriate for the classroom. Sewing is a passion, but I don’t always have time to start from scratch. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!
    -A fellow teacher/seamstress

  216. Becca says:

    I absolutely love your site!

  217. jennifer says:

    Hi… I wish I could sew. You have amazing ideas!!!!!

  218. Pamela Wetherington says:

    I stumbled across your site on pinterest and have fell in love with your ideas. All I can say is that you and your ideas are absolutely awesome! You have totally inspired me. So happy that I found your site just wanta share it with everyone. Please keep up the excellent ideas and tutorials!

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  220. Wow! You are amazing! My mom use to sew all her & my aunt’s clothes, but she didn’t pass on a whole lot of that knowledge to me. I have taken a few sewing classes and I am determined to learn more. I use to sketch designs a lot when I was younger but then life kinda got in the way and needless to say, it has been years. I recently came across my 8th grade graduation dress. It has been well taken care of. My mom spent a fortune on it back then and I can’t tell you how much I hated it. While everyone else was wearing what was hip and in style, I had this antique lace and mauve looking formal dress. Now, many many years later, I can appreciate my mother’s choice. I almost gave the dress to good will the other day when we were moving, but my daughter stopped me. I would really like to upcycle this into something amazing, but I’m stumped. Looking for inspiration anywhere and everywhere

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so glad you saved your dress, it’s sounds like a perfect garment for a refashion. I’d love to see what you end up doing with it.
      You might even get some ideas from “Refashion Runway” that’s happening right now on the home page of my blog. It’s a “friendly sewing competition” complete with weekly challenges and you can even vote for your favorites each week.
      Good luck with your dress!

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  222. Love your work. Inspiring, because I love altering and upcycling clothes. Just wanted to mention that if you combine the before and after pictures into one image with a white background/border, then they can be pinned together as one on Pinterest and will be much more interesting than a before picture by itself, or an after picture by itself, and you’ll get a whole lot more repinning of your images, which will drive more people to your blog.

    • Thank you, Rachel. I was thinking the same thing, too. But on the other hand, the before image of the 60’s dress refashion has been pinned and repinned over 300,000 times. At first I was perplexed about it, but then I thought maybe people are curious about the after…..
      Who knows, thanks for visiting and commenting. I love your blog, it’s beautiful!!!

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  225. nila says:

    i was searching for how to wear old cardigan and came across your work here….wow…those are fabulous! thank you so much 🙂

  226. Cath says:

    Hi there, your alterations on here are all very impressive.
    I have a plain dress I’m trying to make more interesting, it is a navy t-shirt dress (I like it’s length). It has a nice collar (with a white outline), that is v-neck with buttons. I’m planning to put some more shape in it (it’s completely straight) but wondered if you had any other suggestions?
    cheers 🙂

  227. Marie Papa says:

    WOW! I would have never thought of most of these refashions! Thank you so much for the inspiration. I am a beginner sewer and hope to some day be able to do many of these projects. I do have a question – is there a way to shorten a medium weight cardigan sweater (I think it’s an acrylic/cotton blend)? I have 2 that are too long and not flattering. Thank you!

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  232. darcy says:

    You do such great work and look wonderful! Very well done and looks modern and hip!

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  235. proudgrandma2twins says:

    You are very talented to be able to take yucky to beautiful with those before and after’s, gives me ideas for my wardrobe for sure. I am voting for your blog on Craftsy.com for sure! Love your site, keep the ideas coming we need you.

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  240. cale says:

    I am your Fun.Your ideas is so inspiration for me.Please,visit me:

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  245. Shelia says:

    I love all of your ideas. I am making kids clothing for the local children’s shelter. And you have such great ideas. I can’t wait to make the mittens . Thanks so much for sharing your ideas.

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  248. kristi smith says:

    Wow. ….. great ideas. You are so creative. I feel inspired. Thank you.

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  250. Nicole says:

    Just found this link thru Pinterest. Wow! What great re-fashions. I think I may try some if you don’t mind. Why waste money and creating more garbage buying something new if you can re-use what you already have.

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  253. Anonymous says:

    When and where can I get your book

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  255. Shaunahave says:

    You are a very talented seamstress. This inspires me to learn how to sew. I will buy your book when it comes out for sure!

  256. dale says:

    Wow girl. .fantastic job on you up cycles..love everyone of them