Fall for Felt Coasters: New One Minute Video

Fall: A time of crisp mornings, toasty backyard fires, and best of all, jumping into piles of multicolored leaves. Bring that colorful fall feeling into your home by creating a few vibrant felt coasters. Not only are they beautiful, but they’ll protect your coffee table from those steaming cups of hot cocoa you’ll be sipping now that the weather is cooler. Made from two layers of thick felt and a little stitching on the sewing machine, they will dress up your end tables and help you embrace autumn in style.

diy fall for felt leaf coasters
diy fall for felt leaf coasters
diy fall for felt leaf coasters

You can watch the Youtube video here:

Or, watch the Facebook video here:

Click here for the complete step-by-step photo instructions.

diy fall for felt leaf coasters

Pretty sure you’re gonna “fall for felt” with this project.

Happy Sewing!


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7 Responses to Fall for Felt Coasters: New One Minute Video

  1. Anonymous says:

    My first newsletter from you.
    I’m in Queensland . Australia. Temperature today 26deg C.
    How do I get to read everyone’s comments?
    Thank you

  2. Di says:

    These are just beautiful! Such a simple idea but so effective. Thank you for the inspiration.

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