Learn to Sew

So, you’ve watched Project Runway for years now.

You marvel at the haute couture creations of the young seamstress in the series, The Time in Between by María Dueñas.

You run your hands over beautiful textiles as you wander through fabric shops imagining what you could make if you only knew how to sew.


Maybe you even opened a beautiful new sewing machine on Christmas morning.


Now what? Where do you start? What else will you need to buy? How will you get that sewing machine up and running?

Well, grab my hand and come with me to my new sewing series, Learn to Sew where together we’ll get your machine up and running, get you the tools you need, master the basic stitches, crack the pattern code, create a few simple projects to get you started and before you know it, you’ll be making your own fabric treasures. 🙂

Once you get a taste of how much fun sewing can be, I promise, you’ll never look back.Basic-SewingIf you’d like to learn to sew or know someone who would:Basic-Sewing-Essential-ToolsEpisode 1: Learn to Sew: Essential Sewing Tools — Learn how to thread a sewing machine and wind a bobbin.

Episode 2: Learn to Sew: Basic Sewing Machine Stitches — Learn to sew a straight stitch, basting stitch, gathering stitch, zig zag stitch, reverse stitch, how to turn a corner and how to make a buttonhole. Then practice your newfound skills by creating your own cute pillowcase.

Episode 3: Learn to Sew: Choosing Patterns and Fabric — Learn to read that mysterious language on the back of the pattern envelope, what fabric to choose and how much, what those marks mean on the pattern itself and how to cut it all out.

Episode 4: Learn to Sew: How to Mark the Fabric Before You Cut — There are many tool options for marking your fabric, and everyone seems to have their favorite. Learn about some of the options and which pattern marks you will need to transfer.

Episode 5: Learn to Sew: How to Read a Sewing Pattern — It seems like it would be simple to just follow the instructions, but reading pattern directions can be a bit like reading a foreign language if you don’t know the sewing vocabulary or where to start. In this episode, learn how to read the instructions and all the “sewcabulary” you’ll need to get started.

Episode 6: Learn to Sew: How to Make a Muslin to Check for Fit — Whether you’re an expert seamstress or a beginner, it’s always a good idea and well worth the effort to make a muslin before sewing a garment. A muslin is essentially a practice garment made from a cheap fabric similar to the type of fabric that will be used for the real garment. Typically, you make one to check for fit as well as determine whether a style is good for your body type.

Episode 7: Learn to Sew: DIY Travel Makeup Organizer — You can travel in style, and keep your brushes in tip-top shape, with this DIY makeup organizer. If you’ve been following the Learn to Sew series, this is a beautiful way to practice some of your newfound skills. Create one for yourself, or impress a friend by making one as a gift.

Episode 8: Learn to Sew: How to Make Homemade Sachets — Want to make your drawers or closets smell great and practice your sewing skills at the same time? As the eighth project in our Learn to Sew series, these lavender-filled pouches pack a big punch when it comes to filling spaces with a calming scent. You won’t be able to stop smiling when you slide open a drawer or open your closet door and get a whiff of lavender, knowing that you made these cute sachets all by yourself!

Episode 9: Learn to Sew: DIY Sunglasses Case — Warmer weather is finally on its way, and you know what that means: it’s time to bust out all of your fun sunglasses! As part of the ongoing Learn to Sew series, you can keep your favorite pairs of sunnies scratch-free and protected by sewing together a stylish case to keep them in. Pick out bright, cheerful fabrics to match your refreshed spirit, and hone your newfound sewing know-how with future pool parties in mind. When you’re finished, you can safely tuck your sunglasses away whenever you take a break in the shade.