10 Delightful Holiday Sewing Projects

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and if you like to create and give handmade gifts, today is the perfect day to get started. Here are 10 ideas for fun holiday projects to get you in the mood.

To see the entire step-by-step instructions, click on the project title or the link below the picture.


Flannel Shirt Mittens

For all you mitten people out there — we’ve got the best mitten making idea, hands down!

Take an old flannel shirt that’s been hanging around the thrift store or maybe even a loved one’s old shirt to create some mittens.

Just a word of warning though — you might like making these so much, no one’s shirts or sweaters will be safe around you again.

mittens made from flannel shirts


Felt Gingerbread Ornaments

Let the kids help with the seasonal decorating by making cute felt gingerbread ornaments that are simple enough to get the whole family involved. Run, run as fast as you can, you just might like this gingerbread man.

diy flet gingerbread ornaments


Gnome Bottle Toppers

Nowadays, the gnomes’ pointy hats, round noses and long beards are quickly becoming a holiday decorating phenomenon. Made from old sweaters or felt, these little Scandinavian hooligans will make gift wrapping and staying “gnome” for the holidays fun again. (Gnome pun intended. Ha!)

gnome bottle toppers


DIY Hot Dish Basket

A sit-down dinner during the holidays (or at any time for that matter) is a real treat, and eating family-style can make a shared meal feel even more warm and cozy. However, passing those hot dishes around the table with regular hot pads can make handing over straight-from-the-oven casseroles pretty awkward. This simple hot-dish basket made from a placemat will make exchanging those hot serving dishes easy and safe. Get ready for everyone at your table to be saying, “Please pass the hot dish.”

fabric hot dish basket


How to Make Stockings From an Old Sweater

The sparkly lights are up, the fragrant tree is decorated, and the fancy cookies are baked —now it’s time to adorn your mantel. Why not dazzle Santa this year and hang up a delightful stocking you made yourself? Who knows, he might be so impressed that he drops in a few extra treats. Don’t know how to knit? No worries — just use a thrifted sweater or old sweater that has gotten a bit snug or gone out of style, and give it a cozy new life as a Christmas stocking.

stocking made from old sweater


How to Make Christmas Gnomes

Bring a little hygge into your home this season with a cute traditional Scandinavian ornament. In Sweden, they’re known as a Tomte. If you’re in Norway, you’ll hear them called a Nisse. You might even know them as Gnomes.

Originally, they were Nordic folklore creatures who were believed to be responsible for protecting the farmstead, but make sure you treat them right or they’ll become very mischievous.

So grab some old sweater remnants, a sock and a little rice and you’ll be hangin’ with your “gnomies” this winter, too. (Gnome pun intended. Ha!)

how to make a Christmas gnome


Sweater Trees

Ah, the sights, sounds and smells of the holidays: it’s what fond memories are made of. But let’s not leave out the importance of soft textures during this time of year, too — after all, feeling cozy is definitely a part of the celebration!

If you’ve noticed that some of your cold-weather layers aren’t fitting as well as they used to, then turn the most festive ones into “sweater trees” to place on your mantel this season. Whichever sweater you choose, these decorations will help transform your home into a winter wonderland with quirky and unexpected charm.


Felt Gift Bags

When it comes to holiday get togethers, there’s nothing quite like showing up at your gathering with a nice bottle of wine. Bring your gift-giving game up a notch when you present your vino in this felt gift bag featuring a cozy blanket stitch. Your hosts are sure to feel extra special when they find out you made it yourself.

Whether you’re a beginning or a seasoned seamstress, you’ll find these bags are quite easy, inexpensive and fun to make. So move over paper gift bag, there’s a new bag in town!

How to Make Felt Gift Bags


Sweater Mittens

Looking for the perfect DIY gift? You can make a pair of cozy, warm, fleece lined mittens from a couple of outdated sweaters in under an hour. I like to call these “Smittens.” Your friends and family will love receiving a unique pair of earth friendly, handmade Smittens this holiday season.

How to Make Sweater Mittens


Cookie Bag

Now that the holidays are in full swing, cookie exchange season is upon us. But the last thing you should do is show up to the sugar fest with plastic-wrapped sweets resting on boring paper plates. Bah, humbug! Give your delicious cookies the presentation they deserve with a festive handmade carrier.

Using a holiday-ready fabric, you can tote your cookies to the party with care and present them in style. By the end of the night, everyone will want your recipe — and the tricks to making your cookie bag.


Happy Holiday!


About The Renegade Seamstress

I'm a busy wife, mom, grandma, and teacher who loves to create. I've joined the refashion scene and I 'd like to share and connect with all those talented and creative people out there doing similar things.
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3 Responses to 10 Delightful Holiday Sewing Projects

  1. Eileen White says:

    Hi! I love what you do with recycled fabrics, and I have your book! I have a suggestion for you. I’ve tried to figure it out for me to do, but alas, I cannot find a solution. Please figure out and write a post on how to use placemats to make microwave bowls! It just seems like a perfect pairing, but I’m not experienced enough to figure it out. Every thrift store around me has tons of placemats for sale!

    Thanks so much for considering this!

    Fondly, Eileen White

    • Tina says:

      There may be a bit of risk in using thrifted placemats for microwave bowls. You want to be absolutely sure that both the fabric and the thread (if the placemat is quilted) are 100% cotton. Any polyester fabric content or polyester thread will melt when heated in the microwave. 😉

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