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Thought it would be fun to have all the published articles about the process of getting my book published in one spot for you to read:

1. The News I’ve Been Busting at the Seams to Tell You

book announcement

I finally pushed that send button.

I told myself I’d do it last summer, but I didn’t. I was going to do it over Christmas vacation, but I didn’t. OK, do it on spring break, I said, but I didn’t. Finally, in April, on my birthday, I pushed the button.

Jan, Katie and Karin sent good thoughts out into the universe for me.

My book proposal hurdled straight through cyberspace, latched on to those good thoughts and carried them along with it as they all neatly landed together in Roxane Cerda’s inbox.

Apparently all those good thoughts worked.

It must’ve been perfect timing.

Because a few weeks later, Stash Books said they would love to be my publisher.

WOW!! Somebody pinch me!

I’ve been so excited and busy all summer, sewing, photographing tutorials, and writing. I really wanted to tell you, but I waited until I turned in my first draft.

So far, it’s been an amazing experience. So much to learn about this whole writing process. I just closed my eyes and jumped in with both feet to this new world I’ve been so fortunate to be able to join. All the editors, photographers and art directors I’ve been in contact with have been nothing but helpful, patient, kind and encouraging. I am truly humbled and grateful to have such an incredible team of people working with me on this book.

They are flying me to California in September for a photo shoot. OUCH! I just pinched myself again.

I can’t give away too much of the book, but I’m sure you have a pretty good idea on what it’s going to be about. Wink, wink…. I’ll keep you updated and let you know when the release date gets closer because rumor has it, I’ll have a few copies to give away here. 🙂

I. Can’t. Wait.

Now that my draft has been turned in, I’m looking forward to posting tutorials here for you again. So many fun events coming up… new refashions and of course, Season Two of Refashion Runway.

In the meantime, I have so many of these, I want to give some away to you…

take a smile

Feel free to take one anytime you’d like.

2. A Glimpse into my World as a New Author

It’s no secret that I’m a people person.

I just really like people for some reason. So, I don’t know why it should come as a surprise to me that I’ve genuinely enjoyed all of the wonderful people I’ve worked with so far at C&T Publishing.

They. Are. All. So. Nice!

Today, I thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse into what it’s been like in my world since my book proposal was accepted.

Of course, you remember what my face looked like when I found out the good news…

book announcement

And here’s just a quick recap for those of you who missed my big news:

Last April, I was finally brave enough to “push the send button”. Off my book proposal flew through cyberspace, along with good thoughts from Katie, Jan, Linda and Karin. It landed in Roxane Cerda’s full inbox over at C&T Publishing. A few weeks later, I was thrilled to learn, they had accepted my proposal, and would be publishing my book under their imprint Stash Books. I really don’t think I’ve stopped smiling since that day.

Since then, after signing the contract in June, I got right to work, sewing, writing and photographing my projects. In the beginning of August, I was delighted to turn in the first draft of my book.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better. C&T Publishing flies me to a ranch in Nicasio, California to do a photo shoot for the book. Several movies have been filmed in Nicasio and it’s the location of the George Lucas Skywalker Ranch. Even Jerry Garcia lived there.

Here’s the magnificent view I saw the moment my eyes opened in the morning:


And there were plenty of these incredible longhorns staring at us wondering what the heck we were doing throughout the photo shoot.


It was a fast, furious, and fun weekend, but before we headed home, we had to check out some of the local shops.


Not only was this a perfect and beautiful location for the photos in the book, but it was a wonderful experience. Kristy Zacharias, the Art Director, Nissa Brehmer, the Photographer, and Mary Peyton Peppo, the Assistant, and I had a blast. It was so inspirational to be in the company of these creative women and watching how well they worked together was a real treat. I left there with some new friends and, I know it’s hard to believe, feeling even more excited about the book.

I just finished up working with my sweet Developmental Editor, Liz Aneloski. And last Friday, I received a nice introduction email from Alison Schmidt, my new Technical Editor. We get to go through each project together making sure all the details are perfect for you. I knew I was going to like her instantly when I saw that her photo was taken in none other than a VINTAGE CAMPER! Pair that with the fact that she used to be a key costumer for one of my favorite shows of all time, Big Love! I’m pretty sure we are going to get along famously.

I’ll give you another update when I get to start working with their amazing graphic  designers. I can hardly wait to see what they have up their sleeves.

Until then, I’m off to sew and photograph some more tutorials for you to enjoy while we’re waiting for the book to come out. 🙂



3. It’s Here! It’s Finally Here!

When I drove up the driveway, there it was, leaned up against the front door in all it’s red, white and blue glory. I instantly knew what it was. Even though it’s arrival was planned, my heart started racing, my eyes teared up and my smile was so big, it almost hurt my face. I couldn’t believe it was finally here!


I had enough sense to put the car into park as I threw open the door and ran up to the front porch. I wanted to tear open the Fed Ex package right then and there, but since no one was home to share the occasion with, I decided to set up the camera and share those first exciting moments with you.


It’s the advance copy of the book!!!!


Finally finished!

Finally here!


I’m beside myself with excitement and I can’t wait for you to see it! It’s filled with sewing techniques and projects to inspire your sewing adventures.

Even though, it’s still rolling off the presses and not available to get your hands on yet, you can get a sneak peek here and preorder it here at the wonderful and friendly C&T Publishing.

Or you can see it and preorder it here on Amazon.

It’s even available for pre-sale here on Barnes and Noble.

What a fun and wild ride this book thing has been. From the moment I pushed the send button and sent off my book proposal to C&T Publishing, to the trip to Nicaso, California last September for the photo shoot, to ripping open the Fed Ex package to see the final book. I’ve enjoyed every moment. Absolutely everyone I’ve come in contact with during this adventure has been so wonderful and helpful.

It’s my hope that those of you who want to write a book, will push that send button someday and be blessed with an amazing publishing company like C&T.

I can’t wait to share more excitement with you at the upcoming Book Launch Party. Of course, you’re all invited to help celebrate!

I’ll keep you updated…there will be prizes…. 🙂

And thanks for being excited with me!

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18 Responses to My Book

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beth you are so totally beautiful and amazing!
    Way to follow your dreams and make them a reality.
    You inspire me to make my swimming video a reality too.
    Love ya

  2. OMG! I have just stumbled on your site from Pinterest. You are amazing! I want to refashion so bad and I just haven’t had the inspiration till I saw what you’ve done. Thank you for sharing! Keep up the awesome work!! Mimi

  3. Trish says:

    congratulations on taking the step to publishing!!! I have pre-ordered your book!!!
    Thank you!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    You are an inspiring genius!

  5. Ann says:

    I’ve been waiting for this book to be sold here in Finland too but I haven’t been able to get it least our online bookshops results shows that it is coming..I hope I don’t have to wait much longer 🙂 Well one e-shop was selling e-book but it was almost the same price than actual book! And I like the feeling and well also the smell of a (new) book 🙂
    So I just have to wait! 🙂
    Thank you Beth, for writing the book!!
    I am really looking forward to get it into my hands 🙂

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  7. Jennifer says:

    Hi Beth, I pre ordered your book from Amazon as I live in Australia and doubted it would be available locally for me to purchase. Received it last week. Absolutely loved looking at all the projects and can’t wait to get started. I am a clothing hoarder in that I never throw anything out especially if I love the fabric. Think I will be very busy upcycling a lot of items that I no longer wear. Thank you for a fantastic step by step instructional book.

  8. Lyn Kleven says:

    I am so excited to tell your that upon going to my local library in Golden, Co …..there was your BOOK ! Prominently on display as a featured new addition to our library!!! I am so excited for you and hope that sales have been going well! I am still perusing through and love all that you share about you and your family and job as well as the great pictorials and how tos. Finsished my first serious refashion and waiting for my daughter to come over and do the “after” photo shoot. I will share if you like?

    Cheers !
    Lyn K

    • Hi Lynn! Thanks so much for letting me know. It’s exciting for me to know where people are seeing my book. A friend of mine sent a picture of herself next to my book in the Powells book store in Portland Oregon yesterday. I would love to see pictures from you refashion! Have a wonderful day,

  9. Siegrid Eucat says:

    Dear Beth!
    I was waiting nearly 2 weeks zu get your book in my hands (live in Austria/Europe). And now i´m very very happy and starting refashion immediately this weekend! I´ll always follow your blog here und let you know when i have some of mine! I´m getting a very big fan of you!
    Sorry for my englsh!

  10. vassiliki says:

    congratulations beth .you are really an inspiration even beyond seas.this is vassiliki from GREECE.

  11. Darlene Ashe says:

    Your amazing. Keep publishing and remaking and refashioning etc. so glad to have found your site.

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