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The DIY Sweater Mitten Making Mansion and Tutorial: A Blast From the Past: 2012

All of the attention and fun that has been coming out of Bernie Sanders Sweater Mittens has inspired me to look back at a fun sweater mitten making class I taught in 2012 and some pictures of the finished mittens … Continue reading

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Make Stockings From Old Sweaters: New One Minute Video

The sparkly lights are up, the fragrant tree is decorated, and the fancy cookies are baked —now it’s time to adorn your mantel. Why not dazzle Santa this year and hang up a delightful stocking you made yourself? Who knows, … Continue reading

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DIY Reusable Microwave Popcorn Bags: New One Minute Video

Popcorn—not only does it tastes great, it also connects us to people we love and good times. From snuggling up together on a couch watching movies to cheering on our favorite team, popcorn plays a big part. But, if you’ve … Continue reading

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DIY: Indigo Tie Dye Maxi Skirt and Totebag

What do you get when you mix a bucket of indigo dye, a couple of girlfriends, and a beautiful day?  A new maxi skirt and a tote bag, of course! I had a big bucket ‘o dye left over from … Continue reading

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DIY: Ten Minute Summer Dress Tutorial

  At first glance, you might think I just cut off the length. I didn’t, but it was almost as easy and I was able to give a too small dress a refashion for a change. To refashion something that … Continue reading

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DIY Blue Indigo Tie Dye Refashion

Tie dye is NOT just for summer camp anymore. Believe it or not it’s actually being seen on the high fashion runways! So I gathered up supplies, headed out to the yard, put a flower in my hair and got … Continue reading

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Easy DIY Refashion Tutorials

Come see what all this refashion fuss is all about. Warning: Once you start, you might not be able to stop! Click on an image below to see the available tutorials.

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One Thrift Store Dress+One Refashion=Three New Looks

Three new looks from one thrift store dress. Start with this Little House on the Wrinkled Prairie Dress : Let’s make that into three new looks.   This particular thrift store dress gave me the perfect opportunity to try out … Continue reading

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Easy DIY Maxi Dress in Fifteen Minutes or Less

Ah, the maxi dress. So comfy! So cute! Here’s a maxi dress you can make in less than fifteen minutes. I had previously used the bottom of this thrift store shirt for some ruffles. Now I can use the top. … Continue reading

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DIY Ruched Maternity Shirt Tutorial

No, I’m not pregnant! Remember that big secret I had to keep awhile back. It’s Katie! And I promised I’d make some ruched maternity shirts for her. Here we go: I started with thrift store shirts of the same color. … Continue reading

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