Refashion Runway Season Four: And We Have Another Generous Sponsor!!

The talented and creative seamstresses of Refashion Runway are super lucky this season to have so many generous sponsors step up and donate prizes.

In addition to all of the great businesses that I wrote about the other day, Annie’s has graciously become a prize sponsor, too.

I hope you’ll show your appreciation by checking out some of their great on-line classes, they have so many, I’m sure you’ll find something you like.:)

general link to online classes 300 X 250

Stay tuned for Saturday, when the Refashion Runway All Stars friendly sewing competition begins. I. Can’t. Wait.

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Refashion Runway Season Four: Meet the All-Stars Edition Sponsors

I’m giddy with excitement about Season Four of Refashion Runway and from what I’m hearing, you are, too.

Much like Project Runway and The Great British Sewing Bee, we’ve chosen seven of your favorites from the first three seasons of Refashion Runway to compete in weekly challenges. The refashions will then be scored by a panel of judges and open to a popular vote. The scores will be combined to find a weekly winner and one competitor will be out (not without a prize for participating though). At the end of the series, whoever is left will not only receive a nice prize but will be crowned the winner of the Refashion Runway All Stars Edition!!

It’s so much fun to be behind the scenes, arranging everything for you, knowing how much you love this friendly sewing competition.

We’ve had some amazing people step up to be prize sponsors for Refashion Runway this season and I hope you’ll let them know how much you appreciate them by visiting their sites and supporting their businesses.

We’re all in this together and we couldn’t do this without them.

general link to online classes 300 X 250




LOGO 200x200_MFD

The Tunic Bible

Wild Ginger Sidebar Tile - Create More, Spend Less

Shipping Banner

The festivities will be starting on July 30 so it’s not too late to join in on the fun. If you’d like to be a Refashion Runway prize sponsor also, please email me at

Thanks so much!!


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YAY! Refashion Runway is Back!!!

Refashion Runway1

I’m excited to announce that Refashion Runway is returning for it’s FOURTH season at the end of this month!!

This time, I’ve asked a few of your favorite competitors from each of the first three seasons to come back to compete in this “All Stars” version of Refashion Runway. I’m really looking forward to sharing all of their amazing refashions with you.

We still need a few prize sponsors so if you’d like to support the creative efforts of our contestants by donating a prize or gift certificate, just email me at

Happy Sewing!!


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More News I’ve Been Busting at the Seams to Tell You

Don’t you just love it when you send an idea out into the universe and lo and behold it appears to you as if by magic?

Last fall, I was checking into the logistics of creating video classes for you. I’d pretty much made the decision to go ahead and redesign one of the rooms in my studio, hire some videographers, and take the plunge into videography but of course it was going to have to wait until summer vacation….

in the meantime, the stars aligned just right and

GUESS WHAT!!!!???!!

Laura Scott, the producer from Annie’s, contacted me back in January and asked if I’d like to film a class for them!!!!


“Why, yes! Yes, as a matter of fact, I’d LOVE to create a class for Annie’s!!!!”

And the rest is history…..:)

This is one of the reasons I been a bit MIA lately. (That and Cooper’s senior year of high school, whew but that’s a whole different post.)

I just returned from filming in Indiana and I can’t wait to share my class with you. It should be ready sometime in September and you’ll be the first to know when it’s up and going.

In the meantime, check out some of the other high quality classes that they produce. They’ve got so many sewing, knitting, crocheting and craft classes available, you’re sure to find something you’re interested in.:)

500 X 400 banner

If you see something you like and would like to purchase one of their classes, here’s a coupon for you to use:


I hope you enjoy and if you’d like some sewing and refashioning inspiration, click here.


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DIY a Simple Round Sit-Upon For All of Your Outdoor Fun

The kids are out of school, the weather is warm and it’s finally time for all of those fun activities in the great outdoors. There’s nothing like the joyful sounds of wild abandon as kids run through sprinklers, fly through the air on a rope swing or sail off on their bikes down the road. But there are also those moments in the hot summer months when kids will want to just sit quietly and relax. To provide lightweight and waterproof padding for anywhere a kid might want to sit, you can make one of these cute vinyl seat cushions from an old tablecloth. If you were a Girl Scout, you might remember this type of seat referred to as a “sit upon” (or, something to “sit upon” to stay clean). Whatever you choose to call them, these seats are so easy to make, you could make one for all the kids in the neighborhood.

Click here for the complete instructions.


For more sewing and refashion inspiration, click here.

Happy Summer!


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DIY Your Guy a Skinny Tie for Father’s Day

If shopping for the perfect Father’s Day gift for that dapper father in your life has you fit to be tied, how about making a new skinny tie for his special day?


Popular in the 20s, the 60s, the 80s and today, skinny ties are an affordable way to keep a wardrobe looking chic — and you can even use a “vintage” piece to help construct your latest project.

Skinny tie 2

Whether you keep it conservative with a silk fabric or more casual with a cotton print, ties are a great way to personalize an outfit and make a style statement.

skinny-tie-3 copy

And when it’s handmade with love, it could definitely be one of those ties that bind!


Click here to find out how to make a skinny tie.

And let’s give, Wyatt a big round of applause for being such a good sport and model. Look out GQ magazine, here comes Wyatt!! Thank you!!

For more sewing and refashioning inspiration, click here.

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Make an Embroidered Handkerchief for Dad this Father’s Day

Oh, the humble hankie: so much more than a way to wipe your brow. For many of us, these simple squares of cotton can hold memories of hope, heartache and happiness. Some handkerchiefs have been kept for generations to remind us of a loved one or a significant family event. They have been carried down the aisle with brides, tucked into the pockets of soldiers and offered in moments of joy and despair. This Father’s Day, bring back a momento of yesteryear and use this small canvas to create a fun embroidered design for that extraordinary man in your life.


 Click here for the complete instructions.

Happy Sewing!


For more sewing and refashion inspiration, click here.

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How to Make Laundry Tags at Home

Football, baseball, 4-H, swimming, fishing, riding bikes: Cooper’s childhood has  been  filled with all kinds of fun adventures. I mean really, I should’ve been more understanding, with a schedule like that, who has time to keep track of sweatshirts, t-shirts and hats?


I soooooooo wish I would’ve known this super easy label trick about 10 years ago.

If your child is heading off to summer camp, or just needs help keeping track of clothes, this tutorial is for you!




Click here to find out how to make the tags at home, so those clothes are sure to make it home without a hitch!

For more sewing inspiration, click here.

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“Vacay All Day” in This Fun DIY Summer Hat

Ah, summer: it’s the time of year when you want to spend every single day out in the sunshine. And whether or not you’re soaking up rays in your backyard or on a holiday, now is the time to take it easy. Let everyone know that you’re hanging loose with this playful straw hat. You can wear it to the beach, by the pool or under a shaded tree, and you won’t have to explain how you feel — the phrase on your hat’s wide brim will say it for you.


This hat is SUPER easy to make and you can adjust it to any words or font you’d like.


I really can’t wait until summer vacation to hang out in this very chair in this very backyard. (Thanks Penny!)


Just gather up a few supplies and head on over here to my eHow article and I’ll show you how easy it really is.



Click here for more sewing and refashion inspiration and tutorials.

Happy Sewing!


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Learn to Sew: DIY Sunglasses Case and a Winner

I don’t know about you, but weather like we had yesterday makes me want to grab my suit and towel and head for the nearest pool party.

70 degrees on April 1st? That’s no joke!

So grab your fruity tropical drink with a tiny umbrella, click here, and I’ll show you how to make a fun and easy fabric case to keep your sunglasses scratch free when you take them off to dive (or cannonball) into the pool.

DIY sunglasses case

Don’t miss the rest of the Learn to Sew series:

For more refashion and sewing inspiration, click here.

Thanks so much to everyone who has helped to get the word out about the Learn to Sew series. The winner of the $100.00 Joann’s gift card is…

Abigail Warrender!

Congratulations! Email your address to and I’ll send it out.

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