5 Amazing Autumn Sewing Projects

I don’t know about you but when the air gets cooler, the sky bluer and the leaves start to change, I get in the mood to create. Here are some fun fall project ideas to get you in the mood for this colorful change of seasons.

Plus, I’m so proud of myself for learning how to create an animated image with sound!!

If the soft feel and vibrant colors of felt get your creative juices flowing, here are a few fun fall felt projects:

The cornucopia and Thanksgiving go together like turkey and cranberry sauce, like mashed potatoes and gravy, like pumpkin pie and whipped cream. Symbolizing wealth, prosperity and abundance, it’s just one of those fall staples we see on tablescapes every autumn. You can modernize your “horn of plenty” centerpiece this season by painting the basket white and creating some delightful felt gourds and flowers in any color you’d like to fill it.

Modern Felt Cornucopia


Fall: A time of crisp mornings, toasty backyard fires, and best of all, jumping into piles of multicolored leaves. Bring that colorful fall feeling into your home by creating a few vibrant felt coasters. Not only are they beautiful, but they’ll protect your coffee table from those steaming cups of hot cocoa you’ll be sipping now that the weather is cooler. Made from two layers of thick felt and a little stitching on the sewing machine, they will dress up your end tables and help you embrace autumn in style.

Fun Fall Felt Coasters


It’s time to get ready for the holiday entertaining season. Not only could your guests be marveling about your juicy, cooked-to-perfection turkey, the creamy mashed potatoes and your delicious pies, but they just might be talking about your delightful table scape for years to come. This colorful DIY felt fall leaves table runner is fun to make, will brighten up your fall table and make all your meals feel special.

Fall Leaves Felt Table Runner


Did someone say pie?

If you want to bake people happy this holiday season, make a pie. There’s just something comforting about a fresh, hot pie with a flaky crust and flavorful filling. From pecan to apple, please your friends and family with a fresh, golden, homemade pie.

And when you show up carrying it in this stylish and handy fabric pie carrier, everyone is going to want to know which boutique sells them. They’ll be surprised when you tell them you made it yourself!

Fabric Pie Carrier

Happy Fall Sewing!

If you’d like to see the videos that go with each project, click here.

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Homemade Zucchini Cobbler

Zucchini cobbler

What do you do when one of the most prolific players in your garden game becomes unmanageable?

It happens to all of us who like to garden – we plant a few zucchini seeds in the spring and marvel when they start to produce. We get out the spiralizer to make zoodles, shred them for breads, roast them with onions, fry them, and even hide them in brownies. And then, seemingly overnight, these cute little versatile veggies become huge 7-pound monsters that take over our garden. (Cue the scary music.)

Basket of large zucchinis

What then? Throw them away? Add them to your compost pile? Place them on your neighbor’s front porch, ring the doorbell and run?

Happily, you don’t have to do any of that because we have the perfect win-win solution. Use those gigantic squash in this delicious dessert that is not only easy to make but will leave your friends and family swearing up and down that you made this cobbler from apples and not zucchini.

We’re here to tell you that you truly won’t believe your taste buds when you eat this cobbler.

zucchini cobbler
zucchini cobbler

Click here for the recipe.

When you take your first bite, you’re going to have to remind your taste buds that you peeled and diced those zucchinis with your own hands because you’re going to swear this is an apple cobbler. We’ll try not to say “we told you so.” Enjoy!

Happy Zucchinis!


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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Sewing

If you’ve been mesmerized by a beautiful garment or quilt being created on a design show or by one of your friends, sewing just might be the hobby for you.

The benefits of learning to sew can be healthy and long lasting. When it comes to sewing, you can become so absorbed in the act of choosing fabrics, designs and the actual act of sewing itself, there might not be any more room to think about your problems.

Sewing can also boost your self esteem and help to manage your moods when you experience the thrill of accomplishing a project. In addition to being good for your health, sewing can also save you money by knowing how to repair your own clothes, create inexpensive home decor items and design handmade gifts.

Most people who know how to sew will tell you the same thing, sewing is just fun!

Now that you’ve decided to learn to sew, where do you start? We’ll guide you through choosing the right sewing machine that works for you. Then we’ll help you learn how to use your new machine and what supplies you’ll need to purchase. Finally, we’ll set you up with a few beginner projects and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to sewing excellence.

Click here for The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Sewing

Happy Sewing!


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DIY Felt Citrus Fruit-Slice Coasters: New One Minute Video

Nothing says summer like a nice slice of zesty citrus fruit. There’s just something about the tang on your tongue when you bite into a juicy, ripe orange or squeeze a mouthwatering lemon into a cold glass of iced tea. Bring the taste of summer into your home all year and create a feast for your eyes with these delightful, simple-to-make felt fruit-slice coasters.

Click here for the complete step-by-step directions.

All the zest!

For more sewing, crafting or refashioning inspiration and tutorials, click here.

Happy Crafting!


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How to Turn Snack Bags into Reusable Tote Bags

How to turn snack bags into reusable tote bags

Oh, what to do when you just can’t resist a crunchy snack, but you’re trying to live a more zero-waste lifestyle at the same time? Don’t worry – we have you covered. This resourceful project will not only make you feel a little better about buying those tasty munchies but it will keep some trash out of the landfill as well. Instead of throwing out the bags when you’re finished snacking, sew them together to create this fun, colorful and reusable tote.

Check out the one minute video here:

Click here for the complete step-by-step directions.

How to turn snack bags into reusable tote bags
How to turn snack bags into reusable tote bags

Happy Sewing!


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How to Fix a Hole or Tear in a Sweater: New One Minute Video

Oh no! You’ve snagged your favorite sweater, and now there’s a rip! What do you do? Do you have to give it away or – even worse – throw it away? Nope. We’re here to show you that fixing a hole or a rip in a sweater doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it sounds. You can save that sweater and wear it for years to come with this simple trick. All you need is a needle, some coordinating thread and a couple of minutes to make that sweater good as new again.

how to fix a hole in a sweater

For the complete step-by-step directions, click here.

Happy Mending!


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How to Make a No-Sew Produce Bag

Jump on the zero-waste bandwagon with this clever produce bag created from an old T-shirt. Not only will you keep a worn-out garment from being thrown in a landfill but when you make one of these, you will keep hundreds of plastic produce bags from the trash heap as well. You don’t even have to know how to sew to satisfy your inner earth steward and be cute at the same time.

how to make a no-sew produce bag from a t-shirt

Click here for the step-by-step directions.

materials needed for a no-sew produce bag
how to make a no-sew produce bag

For more sewing, refashioning and zero-waste projects, click here.

Happy Shopping!


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How to Make a Reusable Swiffer Duster Cloth

Sure, single-use products are convenient, but items that are used for only a few minutes can have an impact on our environment that lasts many years. There are countless disposable products in our lives these days, but we can make a huge environmental difference by slowly and surely eliminating these things from our daily routine.

At first glance, throwaway duster cloths seem to be harmless. However, when thousands of users are throwing them away daily, they can quickly become another unnecessary waste product. It doesn’t take much time to create a reusable duster cloth that will last years and years, and even a beginner can master this project. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to use flannel scraps so they won’t end up in the landfill. That’s a win-win situation in our book!

how to make a reusable Swiffer duster cloth

Click here for the complete step-by-step directions.

how to make a reusable Swiffer duster cloth
how to make a reusable Swiffer duster cloth

For more sewing, refashioning and zero-waste projects, click here.

Happy Dusting Day!


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Simple Tips For Sewing With Leather

Sewing with leather on your home sewing machine is totally possible. There is absolutely no reason to fear leather. As long as you remember to make a few adjustments to your regular sewing, you’ll be sewing leather projects like chic bucket bagscrossbody bags and even journals with leather covers in no time. All it takes to get started are some new needles, a little planning and a few things you probably already have around the house.

simple tips for sewing with leather

Click here for the Simple Tips For Sewing With Leather article.

Click here for more sewing and refashioning tutorials.

Happy Sewing!


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Sending You Some Love With These Valentine’s Day Projects

How to Make a Rose Heart Pillow and a Love Story

DIY felt rose pillow
diy felt rose pillow

Feelin’ the Love in my Valentine’s Day Refashion

Easy Valentine's Day Sweater refashion

Ruffled Heart Shirt Just in Time For Valentine’s Day

(Love, love, love this sweet girl!!!)

DIY Ruffled heart t-shirt

Upcycle a Thrift Store Sweater Just in Time For Valentine’s Day

Upcycle a thrift store sweater with this easy to follow photo tutorial by the Renegade Seamstress
Upcycle a thrift store sweater with this easy to follow photo tutorial by the Renegade Seamstress

DIY Felt Flowers Bouquet

finished DIY felt flower bouquet

For more sewing and refashioning tutorials click here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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