DIY Cool Fabric Labels: A One Minute Video

Well yes, a sharpie WOULD work….

but, why not amp up your labeling game with these custom fabric labels? I mean all the cool kids will have them at camp this year…

And yes, you COULD get carried away and label ALL of your child’s belongings before those field trips and camp outs. Lord knows it’s important to label their undies just in case they drop them on the bus, so the teacher can hold them up and announce the owner of said undies to the world… :/

So maybe… just maybe, misplaced whitey-tighties SHOULD stay anonymous. 🙂

Happy Summer!


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About The Renegade Seamstress

I'm a busy wife, mom, grandma, and teacher who loves to create. I've joined the refashion scene and I 'd like to share and connect with all those talented and creative people out there doing similar things.
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20 Responses to DIY Cool Fabric Labels: A One Minute Video

  1. Debbie says:

    Teachers are always amazed that no one claims lost undies. I wonder what the parents think about the situation.

  2. Monique says:

    Cant find the link to the label making video.

  3. Hi Monique, you should be able to click on the first picture and the video will play. Let me know if that doesn’t work and I’ll see what I can do.

  4. J. Harvey says:

    Good Morning! Thank you for sending the link to your one minute videos. I always enjoy your materials & find them quite informative…

    but there is a mathematical error within the jeans hemming video… & as a retired math teacher, I felt it my duty to help correct the error.

    In the video you state that 2 divided by 1/2 = 1.

    “2 divided by 1/2” asks “How many halves are there in 2?” There are 4 halves in 2, so 2 divided by 1/2 =4

    The video could be corrected by stating: 1/2 of 2=1

    Thanks again for sharing your expertise. I hope you do not mind me sharing mine. Jennifer


    • Hi Jennifer, You are so totally right. When I was making the video I wanted to let people know that the measurement needed to be divided in half. 1/2 of 2= 1 would’ve been soooooo much better. Thanks for the heads up. 🙂

  5. Karen Atlas says:

    What kind of paper do you use for this?

  6. Very cool! I really like the idea of sewing the buttons at each end of the label.

  7. Love this! I’ve made many of my own labels but never came up with this process. What software are you using to “flip horizontally”? I searched for that (and for “mirror text”) in MS Word but can’t find it. Thanks for this great idea & any software info you can provide.

  8. This is great! Thanks for sharing. Looks so simple! 🙂

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