How to Preserve Peaches: A New One Minute Video

Sewing and refashioning is definitely one of my favorite things to do, but I love to preserve fresh summer produce, too. My editor at eHow has graciously allowed me to expand and produce some canning videos and tutorials for you this summer. I hope you enjoy…

finished home canned preserved peaches

Peaches are in full swing right now and it’s the perfect time to use them in your baking, cooking and canning. They are so sweet, delicious and juicy this time of year. Even though fresh peaches are only available for a few months in the summer, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy them all year long. Just choose some fresh ripe peaches, grab a few jars, a little sugar, and you’ll be on your way to preserving these delightful beauties in no time. This winter you can look forward to savoring them right out of the jar, as an ice cream topping, or even in a dessert.

how to preserve peaches
supplies needed for home canned peaches

Click here for the full step-by-step tutorial on How to Preserve Peaches

how to preserve peaches
how to preserve peaches

Here are some links to my other preserving videos and step-by-step tutorials.

How to Make and Preserve Peach Jam

how to preserve peach jam
how to preserve peach jam

How to Preserve Cherries

how to preserve cherries
how to preserve cherries

How to Make and Preserve Strawberry Jam

how to preserve strawberry jam

How to Make and Preserve Pickled Asparagus

how to preserve pickled asparagus
how to preserve pickled asparagus

If you came here for sewing and refashioning tutorials, click here.

Happy Preserving and Sewing!!


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