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How to Sew a Bike Pouch: New One Minute Video

If you’ve recently taken to the road on a bike, and you love to sew, then this DIY bike pouch could be a perfect way to combine two of your favorite hobbies and create a spot to carry a few … Continue reading

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How to Preserve Cherries: A New One Minute Video ( Visually One of My Favs :) )

Cherry season is here! From cobblers to pies to toppings for ice cream, cherries remind us of those sweet, hot, and lazy summer days that seem to last forever. Not only are cherries sweet and delicious, but they are oh, … Continue reading

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How to Make Reusable Swiffer Pads: New One Minute Video

A good wet/dry sweeper can be your best friend — a handy tool to keep all that dust and dirt off your beautiful wood floors on a daily basis. But those disposable pads can add up fast. Plus, who wants … Continue reading

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