DIY Towel Robe: A One Minute Video

Whether you’re just getting out of the shower or relaxing on the beach, a towel robe will stay put and allow you to use your hands while you’re lounging around the water or getting ready for the day. A handmade towel robe would make a luxe gift to go along with a spa treatment for Mother’s Day. Since there are so many towel colors and patterns to choose from, they would also make nice gifts for any occasion, from bridal showers to birthdays, or fun favors for a spa party.

Click here for the full tutorial or scroll to the bottom to watch the video.

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Happy Sewing!!


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I'm a busy wife, mom, grandma, and teacher who loves to create. I've joined the refashion scene and I 'd like to share and connect with all those talented and creative people out there doing similar things.
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5 Responses to DIY Towel Robe: A One Minute Video

  1. Mother Deer says:

    An excellent video and an adorable finished project! You have such great ideas, Beth 🙂

  2. Teresa Smith-Dixon says:

    Hi Beth, Teresa Smith-Dixon here. This might have been the ticket for me now but kind of too late. I had spine surgery and showering is a trick. I have all the tools and shower chair but drying my back is the hardest thing. Craig had to go fight wild land fires and I lost my shower partner, so luckily my neighbor comes and makes sure I am safe and dried off. I could have seen me slipping this over my head and then putting my brace over it and sitting for a bit to get dry. Also a story idea for you…. Our Tyler, now 28, used to jump straight out of the tub and into our arms after his bath… not enough time to have a towel ready!!! Slippery lanky wet toddler, ugh! So my mom took a square of terry cloth fabric [maybe 45 “ or 36” ] and cut a slit in the middle and bound it with the stuff you guys use for sweat shirts that stretches.. then after his bath we would have this hole open right away to slip over his head and then we had a towel covered toddler to jump in our arms and lap. When he was here visiting from Africa this summer we found it in with our camping towels and had a good laugh. Hope you had a great summer. Teresa

    • Oh Teresa, this is a wonderful story. I wish I would’ve known how handy this would’ve been for you, I would’ve gladly given you one. Good to know for future gifts for friends who have surgery. LOVE your story about Tyler!!!

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