Time to Vote: Southwest Challenge- Refashion Runway Season Five

From Georgia O’Keefe to Frida Kahlo to the runways of Ralph Lauren to Coach and Brock Collection. Southwest styles have been making a comeback. As usual, the Refashion Runway challenge is wide open to interpretation and I can’t wait for you to see what the designers have created for you this week. You never know what to expect on Refashion Runway. 🙂

Have fun!!!

Then scroll to the poll at the bottom of the post to vote for your favorite designer. As most of you know, this season you can vote once every 24 hours so you can vote for more than one favorite or vote for your favorite more than once. 🙂



The Southwest theme was a nice mental escape from the winter but don’t be fooled by the sunny pics, its freezing out here. I decided to make a cotton summer dress that I always wanted but could not find in a store, so thanks Beth! I finally have my dress:) I found some white clothes made from similar shades of cotton ( who knew it would be challenging to match whites) I chose a high-low style to take out the bulk from the ruffles, which I made from the skirt fabric. I used elastic for the shoulder and sleeves. I made new sleeves out of the shirt fabric because the old sleeves were too narrow to use. And..it wouldn’t be a complete SW outfit without boots! I had a pair of boots that were too big for my calves but I saw their potential. After the calves were reshaped they were bejeweled, voila! the boots are now cute and wearable.

Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge
Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge
Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge
Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge


Michelle Paganini from Paganoonoo

Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge


Peggy Latta from Heirloom Textile Art

. . . . . . . . . . .
SOUTHWEST. That’s it. Just southwest! Hmmm, southwest USA, southwest France, southwest Africa, southwest Asia??? It could be southwest-anywhere-in-the-world!
I chose USA southwest influences for my entry this week. I’ve always been drawn to the classic styling of Ralph Lauren’s western fashions so I started there and went over the top embellishing with lace, leather and rhinestones…inspired by Balmain, Marchesa and Alexander McQueen.
The showpiece of my entry is a tweed and faux leather jacket. Using the tweed jacket for texture, I deconstructed a champagne faux leather jacket and a bronze faux leather pillow. Lace pieces were harvested from tiered lace miniskirts. The faux leather scrollwork is embellished with amber rhinestones. In the over-the-top styling, there are double collars and double lapels, all accented with a variety of laces.
The lace blouse is a restyle using the sparkling lace from a strapless dress combined with lace from my collection for the sleeves. I upcycled a separating zipper for an on-trend front closure.
When thrifting, I found a damaged and too small lace skirt. By cutting out the damaged area, I used some of that lace to enlarge the waist and hipline. Using more of the tiered lace miniskirt, I replaced the damaged skirt section. Since the original lining was too small, I used a full-size bed sheet (lots of fabric!) in a champagne color as a replacement lining.
The finishing touch was to embellish my hat with rhinestones, feathers and buttons. And add the perfectly perfect thrifted belt!

Note: some of the items in the before photograph were not used. They have been marked out with a yellow X.

Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge
Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge
Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge
Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge
Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge
Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge


Julie Kong from Sugarcane Sweet Designs


Okay, so I just want to know, who hid all the southwestern clothing????? Aztec prints where are you? Was there a raid at the thrift stores? Is there a ban in my area on Southwestern looks? Apparently, I’lll have to create my own Southwestern look! Time to go shopping in my closet. Oh, I can use that tie dye scarf. It has the perfect colors. I can also use my old black lace cover up. Then there’s a shawl my friend Pam gave me. I can use the fringe from the shawl! Hey, and I have a brown cami. It’s amazing how my closet had all I needed.
This weeks look is more than Southwestern. I’ve added a twist of boho to it. The scarf became the skirt. The black lace cover up was cut up and used for the lace on the bottom of the skirt. The fringe was removed from the shawl and used on the skirt. Next I sewed trim and turquoise beads onto the cami. I used broken pieces of jewelry for the focal point. The black beaded flower was actually from my old worn out shoes. I just couldn’t throw them away. The flowers, that is, not the shoes. So I cut the flowers off and saved them. I was so glad I did. I sewed the jewelry and the flower together and what a surprise, upcycling magic happened!!!
Next, we have the turquoise belt. It was originally a hat band that I had made maybe 10 years ago. Yep, I had saved that too. It worked perfect as the belt.
Finally, onto the hat. I tied a piece of crocheted trim around it. The trim was cut off of a crocheted vest. The beaded hat band was made from discarded beads found at the Cancer Society Thrift shop.
Yep, and there you have it. My unique, one of a kind, Southwestern Boho Mama look. This look should be easy for you to recreate. You could even start with a long skirt and cut it off. Hey, I should have done that! Oh well, next time. Thanks for reading and voting. It’s been a lot of fun sharing my ideas with you. Thank you, to all of my friends who take the time to vote. It really means a lot to me. And a big thanks to Lori and Kenny Park for the cowboy hat!!

Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge

In the beginning, a knit scarf, shawl and black lace cover up will come together to create a Southwestern look.

Cutting up the lace cover up.

Cutting up the lace cover up.

My homemade pattern was a little to large for the amount of fabric available from the scarf. Hey, but that’s how things roll when you upcycle.

I added black trim and beading to the top to give it a Southwestern Boho look. I also switched out tops. I didn’t care for the black one in the previous picture.

Discarded jewelry and a beaded bow, from my old shoes, come together to form a focal point for the top.

Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge

Once again, Sparkles is the star!

Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge
Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge

Southwestern Boho Mama!

Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge


Beki Biesterfelt from Beki’s Custom Sewing

I was inspired by the colors of the Southwest and decided to natural dye old white cotton T-shirts abandoned by my son when he flew the coup.

Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge

The T-shirts were washed, scoured and prepped for dyeing with tannin & mordant baths before natural dyeing.

The plant & tree derived dyes I used were – quebracho rojo, madder roots, cutch, fustic, pomegranate, kamala, indigo and logwood. I also used cochineal that yields a pink. Cochineal is an insect found in the SW area of the US & Mexico. It feeds on the pads of prickly pear cacti.

The jacket was machine stitched with seam allowances visible on the outside. Parallel whipstitching held the seams open.

The underside of the jacket. The parallel whipstitch is attractive from both sides. An added bonus when there is no lining!

Details: t-shirt fringe and hand beaded trim.

I was inspired by my fellow refashionista, Rose, to do a bit of painting on my thrift store boots.

By far, this was my favorite challenge! I was able to incorporate all the techniques I love to do . . . natural dyeing, sewing and decorative hand stitching.

Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge
Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge


Sonya Blackstone from She’s So Creative

This round was a little more challenging than the rest, because I literally live as far away from the Southwest as you can get in this country lol. Due to that, there is not a lot of Southwest style clothing or prints here.
However, I did have this super cute dress I bought at a really great price last year, so I decided to just go ahead and use it for this challenge.
I opted to go less “southwest style” and focus more on the “southwest print” because (as mentioned above) I’m in the Northeast and we don’t dress in the Southwestern styles; I wanted the garment to be wearable here.
For this bodysuit romper I cut the dress down the side seams and cut the shorts from that fabric. Then I took the sleeveless shirt and cut the bottom 5-6″ off of that and adjusted the size to take it down to a small. After forming the shorts, I attached the shirt top.
I took the lace from the shoulders of the dress and made belt loops, then took the remaining fabric from the dress and made a long belt that could tied on the hip (you may be noticing I’m quite a fan of belts!).
Originally I had planned a loose flowy romper, but in the end decided to go with a fitted bodysuit style, so it can be worn under oversized cardigans or even a summer vests with ease. I adore the look!
Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge
Marisa Glied from The Refash Stash
When I think of Southwest I think of cowboys or ranchers. Then I got to thinking about Southwest fashion. These cowboys need rugged durable clothing for their tough work outside in the elements. With that being said I thought to myself why can’t I mix rugged with feminine style? I found this perfect suede dress, crocheted skirt and sweater dress as my materials!

The Sweater:

Daytime in the desert can be sweltering heat but the nighttime temperatures drop drastically. This is why I featured a long sweater in my Southwest refashion.

I cut the sweater dress open in the front. I also changed the black buttons into big silver ones. (Nothing says Southwest to me like Silver and of course Turquoise)

For the back of my sweater, I added a panel of the crocheted skirt and the decorative embroidered part of an old shirt I had laying around (The embroidery reminded me of a Southwest type of pattern).

The Dress:

I removed the 2 pockets from the front of the dress. I originally wanted to cut the bottom hem of the dress to make it fringed, but that would have made the dress indecently too short!

Another thing that makes me think of the southwest is Navajo drawings. I found this adorable lizard picture online, which I cut out and make it a stencil. I pulled out my trusty fabric paints and went to town!
After my painted lizard dried I added a few more details. I changed the neckline into a v-neck and added a piece of the crocheted fabric into the V. Then I used the bottom hem of the crocheted skirt and added it to the bottom of my dress (Not fringe but it does add the feminine touch that I wanted).
Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge
*The dress without the sweater*
*Mr. Lizard was ready for his close-up*
*Made this necklace out of stuff I already had in my stash. I finally found a use for my buffalo nickel button!*
Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge

*The silver buttons I added. (The turquoise ring was my great grandmothers)*

The Front:

Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge
The Back:
Deana Budgell from djewelss
When hearing the word “Southwest”, first things that come to mind are, turquoise, fringe, cowboy, Wild West, tribal/native, wool Navajo blankets…but I’m not one to go with the first thought…
Taking you back to the influences of the 60’s and 70’s of Southwest Airlines flight attendants uniforms, that were so beautiful and flattering. After talking with some PSA employees this week, they feel the same way, It was classy and beautiful.
I found a suit the perfect shade of burnt orange and a pink dress shirt for the coat and dress for the flight attendant uniform. I dyed the men’s shirt the shade of pink I wanted, and made the hat box from the burnt orange dress with white buttons.
I used batting from the couch from a previous challenge for the hat box, and also skirting from the couch for the hat. It’s the couch that keeps on giving. The zipper in the back of the dress came from one of the wedding dresses I used in last weeks challenge.
The front center and back of dress is from the dress shirt that I dyed, the sleeves and sides of dress as well as the jacket is made from the Suit jacket and skirt.
I redesigned the jacket to meet the SW design and added Shorts that I made from the lining to go in under dress. Every single scrap piece of fabric was used…I even joined a few pieces to be able to make the hat. I’m dangerous with a can of spray paint…I just think it can bring life to something bland…so I sprayed the boots and purse to match the colors of the dress. I absolutely love how everything turned out.
Refashioning to me is taking something that is discarded or nor longer useful to someone and making it into something you love wither or not it’s recognizable as the old item or not, it’s no longer something unwanted…
Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge
Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge
Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge
Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge
Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge
Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge
Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge
Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge
Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge
Refashion Runway Southwest Challenge
WOW! These people are amazing!!!
Now, it’s your turn to vote for your favorite designer.
Be sure to click on your favorite designer then scroll to the bottom of the poll and click vote so your vote will be counted. You can vote once every 24 hours.
If you don’t see the poll, click here.
Next week’s challenge:
Kentucky Derby Hat

Week One: Statement Sleeves

Week Two: 1970’s

Week Three: Faux Fur

Week Four: Small to Large

Week Five: Southwest

Week Six: Kentucky Derby Hat



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I'm a busy wife, mom, grandma, and teacher who loves to create. I've joined the refashion scene and I 'd like to share and connect with all those talented and creative people out there doing similar things.
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  2. Karen Cropp says:

    Can’t find the poll….click here doesn’t work

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  3. CK1 says:

    Refashion: thinking out of the box. Deanna: grabbing idea from box, crushing box and constructing amazing stand alone work of art.
    LOVE the genius and beauty of all her designs.

  4. Louise says:

    Peggy is amazing! I need to go thrifting now so I can try out her wonderful ideas!

  5. Kristen Keller says:

    Love this idea! So cute!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Deana is amazing. That is all.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Deana I am in love with every week

  8. J. Harvey says:

    Your links to the voting poll are not working

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  9. Ginny says:

    Peggy’s jacket is to die for!!!

  10. Laura says:

    Peggy’s beautiful jacket and dress combo has given me some ideas for an crochet dress I have … better get to work !

  11. Deb says:

    Julie Kong’s entry this week could be in Cowboys and Indians magazine! Beautiful!

  12. Donna says:

    WOW WOW. Deana,
    CLASS,.ELEGANCE, you have got to be the most creative lady. Your design is nothing short of incredible! What a gorgeous, classy design. You bring it every week. I wait in anticipation every week to see what you are going to bring. I am in awe of how very creative you truly are. You deserve recognition!

    • Wow, such a kind thing to say, Donna! Thank you for encouraging Deana.

    • deana j budgell says:

      Wow Donna,
      Thank you SO much for the support. I truly love doing what I do, SO grateful for my Mom teaching me to sew. I owe her everything. Sewing is my happy place, my therapy, my quiet time. I’m so grateful for this competition, it has pushed me to new levels, and to think outside the box, I hope you like the last challenge as well.
      Thanks again for your vote.

  13. Vicki Dahl says:

     I don’t see the poll and nothing happens with the “click here”.


  14. Kate says:

    Figure flattering, looks like original design, not a pieced together item for coverage

  15. Peggy is amazing! Love her creative work.

  16. Deanna Robinson says:

    Love it! Good luck!!

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  18. TIGIST TADESSE says:

    It is very pretty!

  19. Laurie Ann Grant says:

    Wow!! These are absolutely fabulous make overs!! I definitely need to dust off my sewing machine and go find some pattern pieces to try reinvent, what an incredible inspiration.

  20. Michele says:

    Wow!! Stunning! Love, love, LOVE!!!❤️

  21. LLR says:

    WOW!!!! So creative I have been amazed by your ideas coming to life!

  22. Jonathan says:

    Another great job, keep up the great work.

  23. Chely Norris says:

    Very talented!

  24. Susan Lindeman says:

    Ooh, this week is a TOUGH choice to make!

  25. Jane says:

    Peggy has done it again! Fashion goes Southwest with creative perfection. Love the textures and color tones – a very wearable outfit. I especially love the jacket and hat!!

  26. Vickey Powers says:

    I so have enjoyed the creativity of each person.

  27. Tina Wald says:

    Great .. refreshing…..
    Model is flawless

  28. Gelila jones says:

    I live the detail in the white dress and boots. Soft, feminine, beautiful. Gelila

  29. Jeanette Y Tuttle-Hamer says:

    The section to vote is missing and doesn’t work for clicking any other area for access

  30. Gilda says:

    I’ve followed both your blog and refashion co-op (when it was hosted by Nikky —I believe that was her name), but my refashions tended to turn out as fails 😞 Even so, I keep trying and don’t let my fails deter me. I need a blank canvas or follow a pattern to create successful pieces. I use a lot of tailoring a nd see that these ladies also infuse their transformations with classic tailoring. I really appreciate their work, time spent on each garment, and secretly envy (okay not so secretly🥰) their creativity. This week I will split my vote several times.

    • So nice to meet you Gilda, and glad to hear you’re still willing to give this refashioning thing a go. This has definitely been a season of amazing transformations. Thank you for following along and voting for your favorites. 🙂

  31. Linus says:

    Always a pleasure. You look fantastic.

  32. TinaE. Thomas says:

    Deana is amazing! Love her work. Her designs are edgy, bold and quality workmanship. This is definitely a media platform to show case her talent. Definitely a designer to watch for!

  33. Anny says:

    KT’s high/low Southwest look is so pretty and feminine, and that’s an amazing makeover on her beautiful boots!

  34. Melissa says:

    Every week I wait in anticipation for Deana’s design.. she is truly amazing and talented!! I sent her a message and asked her to come back to Maine to design my daughter’s wedding dress!!!! But unfortunately she can’t…. I absolutely love your work Deanna❤️❤️❤️❤️

  35. Michelle Shiner says:

    Deana I love your creative imagination! Once again you knocked it out of the ball park!!

  36. Sherry H says:

    So creative and out of the box!!

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  38. Linda says:

    Hope you win!

  39. Lisa Bryson says:

    Peggy Latta’s western outfit is so gorgeous!!! I would love to buy the entire ensemble if it is my size!!!!! What a great addition to my closet that beautiful jacket, blouse and skirt would be!! Definitely a statement piece!!! It needs to be mine!!! She is so talented!

  40. Cindy says:

    Appreciate the opportunity to vote ! What a fun contest !!

  41. T.S says:

    By far the best outfit of all the contestants with regard to color coordination and style.

  42. Manda says:

    I’m a pretty creative person who often thinks outside of the box… and I only fly Southwest… and even I didn’t jump to Southwest Airlines. 😆
    Deanna your design is perfection, LOVE the creativity with the theme, the items you refashioned are unrecognizable in the new design, exactly as it should be!
    I’m in awe every week. 🥰🙌

  43. Eden Tedla says:

    Should be #1!!!!

  44. Jonathan says:

    Great job Deanna.

  45. Nikki says:

    Peggy knocks the challenge out of the park this week. The details in the jacket are are impeccable. Just like always, her designs are inspiring!!!

  46. Kim says:

    I love the idea! The colors! Beautiful!

  47. BJ McElroy says:

    Just curious, why don’t you show how many votes contestants are receiving?

  48. Rachel Brandenburg says:

    So pretty Peggy!

  49. Jane says:

    Since the competition seems to be so very close as we approach the finale, I was wondering if you could remind me of how the final winner is chosen. You may have already explained it, if so I apologize, but If so I missed it. Of course we have all been voting and found a favorite. Is the final winner the one who gets the most popular votes, the judges final call,, or a combination of both. Thanks so much!!

  50. Della says:

    Big fan of Deana here in this household!! Her creative mind blows me away…always be a winner in my eyes…💕💕💕

  51. Michele Moran says:

    Amazing job your look is by far the best!

  52. Amy Featherston says:


  53. James Mimbs says:

    For Lisa’s friend

  54. Julie says:


  55. Julie Briden says:

    Beki’s colors are absolutely brilliant! All from just T-shirt’s! Stitching and design is beautiful!

  56. Faye York says:


  57. Barb says:

    Every challenge, every week, Deana has always stood out from all the others. Always!!
    She most certainly deserves the win.

  58. Wendy says:

    Peggy’s ensemble is a work of art, fashion and fit. Her skills are off the charts!

    • Jane says:

      I totally agree! Peggy’s challenge entries each week have been phenomenal !! Perfect color choices, very wearable creations, and exquisite attention to detail! No wonder her museum quality miniature replicates are so sought after. Pure talent !

  59. Colin says:

    Deana, it is a delight to see you creations each week. Your abilities, your creative eye, your flawless executions each week are incredible. I hate to see this coming to an end. I look forward to every Saturday to see what you have created.

  60. Gina Fogarty says:

    You’re doing an amazing job Deana! Keep it up! Can’t wait to see how you show off your talent with the next challenge!

  61. Angela Fogarty says:

    Deana, how are you so talented?! Go Deana Go!

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