Winner of the Small to Large Challenge: Refashion Runway Season Five

I’ve said it before and I”ll say it again, I’m so glad that you, the voters, and the judges decide the winners each week because in my book, everyone’s a winner.

Here’s how the Small to Large Challenge came out.


In 4th place:

Marisa Glied

Michelle Paganini

In 3rd place:

Sonya Blackstone

Julie Kong

Refashion Runway Small to Large Challenge

In 2nd place:

Beki Bliesterfelt

and KT

Refashion Runway Small to Large Challenge

And our 1st place winner are:

Deana Budgell

Refashion Runway Small to Large Challenge

and Peggy Latta

Refashion Runway Small to Large Challenge

Great work everyone and so much fun!


I would also like to thank a few people for the Small to Large Challenge idea. Before Season Five started, I asked people to send me challenge ideas and several people suggested Small to Large. I’d like to send each of them one of my Refashion Handbooks.

Deanna from Wedding Dress Blue, Rosylass, Darcy, and Holly Young please send your address to and I’ll send one out to you ASAP.


The last few weeks, several of the designers left the competition on their own free will so it made it much easier to say good-bye. But today, it makes me so sad to announce the two designers that we have to say good-bye to this week. I’m going to miss Diane Sladowski and Rose Henegar so much. Diane’s use of denim is so inspirational and Rose’s wonderful narratives and creative use of textiles made me smile every time I opened an email from her.

I have truly enjoyed getting to know them both.

Because everyone is a winner on Refashion Runway, they will both be receiving a JoAnn’s gift card for all of their hard work.

Before we say good-bye though, let’s see what they created for the Southwest Challenge.

Rose Henegar

South West…a.k.a.: Where the Wild Things Are

Over the course of the past six weeks my mind has ventured forward to the
South West. I envisioned the use of Steampunk accessories, of making new
from not always gently used denim, and fiber in all of it’s many forms.
My muse for this challenge is the woman/icon Georgia O’Keefe. I absolutely
LOVE her bold beautiful floral paintings. Her poppy is one of my all-time
favorites. But, the woman would wander off into the desert and schlepp back
the bleached bones of a cow, a wild steer, or the entire rib cage of who
knows what dead beast. Those are the paintings that I chose to replicate.
My stash of denim is a bottomless tote of parts. Many of the legs came in
to play, as well as pockets only and decorative pocket flaps. The vultures
had previously picked over a dark wash jacket, leaving behind this collar
and the peplum portion. The print pair of Capri pants never were cute, but
in small increments I rather like the splash of color.
Trim on the upper coat is a crocheted addition of baby yarn called
Pipsqueak. It reminds me of the fleecy lining of a coat my dad wore when I
was quite young. The hats I made to mimic the look of Georgia’s usual
attire, as well as the medicine bag that I wet felted and beaded, then
adorned with a compass face. Lastly, I made a pair of boot covers. The
intention was to keep the rattlesnakes from climbing up my pant legs when I
go out to the prairie to rustle me up some grubs. Uh, I mean vittles.
See you when the cows come home…now, get along, little doggies!


Diane Sladowski from Thoughts from a Seamstress

For the Southwest Challenge I started with a few pair of jeans and a bin of scraps
from other projects. I had a hard time creating the Southwest pattern on the back
until I found one for quilting on Pinterest. (I have a Refashion Runway board
here: if you’d like to
see my inspiration for all the Challenges.)

My week was super busy and I didn’t
finish until almost 9:30 pm so I only took photos on Betty, my mannequin. More info
and photos will be posted on my blog


Up next, the Southwest Challenge. Click here to see what these talented designers have refashioned for you this week.

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I'm a busy wife, mom, grandma, and teacher who loves to create. I've joined the refashion scene and I 'd like to share and connect with all those talented and creative people out there doing similar things.
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