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How to Make Wool Dryer Balls From an Old Sweater

Oh no! You reached for your favorite wool sweater and realized with heartache that the moths have gotten to it, and now there are holes. Maybe your treasured alpaca wool sweater has been unraveling, and you’ve been wondering what to … Continue reading

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How to Turn a Candy Bag Into a Zippered Pouch

We aren’t sugar-coating anything when we say that you’ll definitely get a smile everywhere you go when you pull out this delightful zipper pouch made from a candy bag. Fill it with your keys, a card, a little cash and … Continue reading

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How to Turn Snack Bags into Reusable Tote Bags

Oh, what to do when you just can’t resist a crunchy snack, but you’re trying to live a more zero-waste lifestyle at the same time? Don’t worry – we have you covered. This resourceful project will not only make you … Continue reading

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The DIY Sweater Mitten Making Mansion and Tutorial: A Blast From the Past: 2012

All of the attention and fun that has been coming out of Bernie Sanders Sweater Mittens has inspired me to look back at a fun sweater mitten making class I taught in 2012 and some pictures of the finished mittens … Continue reading

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Upcycled Sweater Mitten Tutorial and Pattern, Just Like Bernie’s

You guys!! All of the fun memes of Bernie Sanders and his upcycled sweater mittens have just been crackin’ me up!! I couldn’t help posting links to all of my Sweater Mittens patterns, tutorials and videos throughout the years, just … Continue reading

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DIY Quilt From Upcycled Flannel Shirts

If you’ve been thinking about trying your hand at quilt making, before going to your local fabric store, source your quilt fabric from shirts at a thrift store or even in your own closet. Thrift stores are now overflowing thanks … Continue reading

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How to Make Sleeves Bigger: New One Minute Video

Whether your sleeves are too tight or you’re just trying to create a statement with some billowy new sleeves, adding an insert is an adjustment that even a beginner can do. You can choose your level of drama by varying … Continue reading

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Southwest Sew Along: Amy Smith

Amy Smith was brave to sew along with us on this season of Refashion Runway: Season Five. Thank you Amy! Here is her version of the Southwest Challenge: I have taken a rug from an op shop and refashioned it … Continue reading

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The Overall Winners of Refashion Runway: Season Five

WOW! Every season of Refashion Runway has it’s own personality and if I was to describe this season with one word, it would be STRONG. So many capable, energetic, tenacious, and solid designers and each of them enchanted us with … Continue reading

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The Winner of the Kentucky Derby Hat Challenge: Refashion Runway Season Five

A big Thank You to everyone who voted, encouraged and supported these talented and creative designers this week. And much obliged to the judges who took the time to score each of the entries on: Following the challenge, Originality, Craftsmanship, Design, & Presentation. … Continue reading

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