Time to Vote: 1970’s Challenge-Refashion Runway Season Five

Bell bottoms, disco, The Bee Gees, & platform shoes just to name a few things that had their moments in the 70s.

But, wait til you see what these talented designers have created for you this week. From tie-dye to refashioned couches, pretty sure you’re gonna love it!

Scroll down to the bottom of the post to vote for your favorite designer. Be sure to click on the button above their name then click the vote button at the bottom of the poll so your vote will be counted. (The voting is over for this challenge) Click here to vote for your favorite in the Faux Fur Challenge.

If you have more than one favorite, or you’d like to vote for your favorite more than once, you can come back every 24 hours and vote again.

Have fun!


Beki Biesterfelt from Beki’s Custom Sewing

Refashion Runway 1970's Challenge
Refashion Runway 1970's Challenge

I found a pair of 100% cotton white drapery panels at the thrift store. They are great for dyeing and the perfect weight for aprons.

Before dyeing, I created patterns by tightly compressing the fabric using shibori techniques.

Arashi, or pole wrapping, shibori created the stripes on the apron pockets.

The peace sign and halo were made using a stitched & gathered resist called nui shibori.

After all of the shibori work was done and compressed, the white panels were dipped numerous times in my indigo vat.

The apron was constructed after the indigo dyeing and releasing of the shibori resists.

The rust colored thread used for topstitching was natural dyed using madder roots.

I have grown to love handstitching. The perfectly imperfect stitches compliment many of my natural dyed garments.

Refashion Runway 1970's Challenge



I was inspired by the bell-bottom pants and fitted tops from the 70s.
Jeans: I found these really soft, stretch jeans to resize. I made them high- rise by adjusting the crotch and taking in the waist. I also flared the bottom by taking in the thighs.
Blouse: I loved the chiffon fabric and color of the blouse. I took off the sleeves, collar, buttons, and recut the bodice to fit me. created a more fitted wrap style. I made the waist ribbon and sleeve binding from the excess fabric.
Refashion Runway 1970's Challenge


Summer Ashley from Refashion Diaries

It all began with a dress that I used as a pattern for this one. I traced the shape of the dress but then changed it so that it was a wrap bodice. I cut out a lining from leftover fabric from a previous upcycled project and the top from a thrifted skirt that my mom had given me and used a thrifted Goodwill skirt for the bottom. I cut out the pieces and the battle began. Just kidding! Things went pretty well at first. I sewed darts and the wrap part at the top. Things started to get complicated when I was trying to figure out the wrap around bodice and the zipper and the lining. At one point I held up this big ball of twisted fabric because I had no idea how to untangle it (I took a picture for y’all!). I took a break and when I came back We made peace I was able to untangle it and continued moving forward. I added the zipper, sleeves, and finally finished things up with a zig zag stitch around the bottom of the sleeves and hem of the dress. I always learn from my sewing projects and I learned a lot from this one! I had a lot of fun too, despite The big ball of tangled fabric I had for a while! It turned out well in the end!



Sonya Blackstone from She’s So Creative

“For this round I chose to go with a high waisted corduroy skirt and a flowy
waterfall vest with fringe. I took a men’s corduroy button up that I had
purchased when a local store closed a few years ago (score!) and I cut off the
sleeves, the top of the shirt and the bottom of the shirt. I then
adjusted the remaining portion to fit my model Waist-hip creating an A-line skirt. I
took the bottom portion of the skirt and made a waistband and used the sleeves to
make suspenders. I also changed out the buttons for larger tan buttons that were
more true to the 70s style. For the waterfall vest, I removed the bottom
portion of the dress, cut the skirt in half and added armholes. Then I crocheted a
small trim and added fringe to it, then sewed it along the bottom. I got the
white t-shirt a year or so ago for $1 and finally had a purpose for it a 70s
saying! I used my Cricut and their new Infusible Ink and added Feelin
Groovy to the front in a tie-dye-esque sublimation. I used the ink
instead of vinyl because this was also more true to the 70s fashion. I kept the
t-shirt understated, so the focus was mainly on the pieces I had truly refashioned.”


Marisa Glied from The Refash Stash

For my 1970s challenge I wanted to make something very casual for everyday life in
the 70s. I wanted to portray something that a girl would purchase from her local
department store such as Sears.
I began with 2 pieces from the 80s- a white button down shirt and a working girl
dress. I wanted to make the dress into a jumper. I removed the sleeves and collar,
then fashioned a new neckline. Nothing says 70s more than short skirts and dresses
so I said goodbye to most of the length and made a new hem.
I took the shirt in on each side to make it fit, the threw it into a dye bath with
black dye. Once the shirt was dyed I cut off the existing cuffs and made a space
where I could thread in some elastic to make the sleeves gather at the bottom.
For my final touch I made a beret out of a grey sweater that I had thrifted!


Sandy Yates

When I was in high school in the late 70s I had a wonderful pair of knickers. I wore lots of comfy sweaters. This old sweater was used to recreate both. I used the original bottom of the sweater and cuffs from the sleeves to bring the look together. I also cut front and back together to avoid side seams. Once the knickers were done the remaining sleeves were used to make a bolero style vest. Selvages from the original sleeve bands were sewn together to cuff the sleeves. The whole look was made easy with the aid of my serger.




Michelle Paganini from Paganoonoo

You can check out the post on her site here: https://michellepaganini.blogspot.com/2020/02/refashion-runway-week-2-1970s-challenge.html


Deana Budgell from djewelss

A lot of people think of bell bottoms and disco balls when they think of the 1970’s, but what’s more 70’s than a floral print couch? When I first saw it I knew that I had to recreate it as something 1970’s glam.

When I see this outfit, I want to put my platforms on. 

Hope you like it. 

“Jacket and pants made from the floral fabric taken from couch, zipper for pants is from the cushion. Buttons on pants came from the arms of the couch, I removed the nails and drilled two holes in them to form buttons.

Shirt is one side of the couch pillow 

Purse is made from the other side of pillow.”

Refashion Runway 1970's Challenge
Refashion Runway 1970's Challenge
Refashion Runway 1970's Challenge
Refashion Runway 1970's Challenge
Refashion Runway 1970's Challenge
Refashion Runway 1970's Challenge
Refashion Runway 1970's Challenge


Diane Sladowski from Thoughts From a Seamstress

I knew I wanted to use jeans and make a patchwork Peacoat with this Challenge.

After deconstructing 8 pair, I used the pattern I made from my existing coat and put it all back together.

I love the different shades of blue and the re use of the jean front pockets.

You can see more of my process and watch some short videos about this Challenge on my blog at Thoughts From a Seamstress.




Rose Henegar

The stuff that keeps a girl awake nights

The seventies is a decade that’s near and dear to my heart. I fondly remember mood
rings, earth shoes, bell-bottoms and halter tops. It was fun designing this blast
from the past.

To be honest, I spun my wheels at first. I test-drove a couple of looks (the close
second including cuts from my extensive denim stash and some indigo on white cotton
tie dye), but once I found my muse, the rest just fell into place.

I designed and made this prototype of a WINE SLING, using remnants of muslin and
upholstery fabrics. It can accommodate the big box of wine, but is photographed with
the remains of my holiday box of wine (lesson one: share! That wine isn’t gonna
drink itself!). The spigot uses a standard shower curtain grommet, and fits the
box’s spout perfectly!

A few moo moo dresses trimmed with beads and lace are transformed into this boho
batik vest and a cute pair of short shorts. (Who wears short shorts? hee hee)
I thought I’d spare the entire internet the view of my winter white granny gams, but
I did step into the modern platform booties. Basic black got a hand-painted graffiti
makeover. FYI: these boots are NOT made for walking! My vision for stacked and glued
magazine and construction paper died on the desk. I’d dremel sanded and shellacked
them, only to find that all the pretty colors from my Seusical imagination were
reduced to mud brown! Ugh!

With a few charms and a trim I made an embossed vinyl purse into a bustier, and a
few beads later…voila! My bohemian soul is happy with the results, and I hope that
you enjoy! Thanks for the visit!




Diane Scarponi from Distaff

I took inspiration from my 1976 first-grade class picture to create a modern look with a 1970s twist, using all refashioned and upcycled materials.

The 1970s were not a pretty decade style-wise – in fact, a true 1970s look should come off a bit sleazy and unappealing. So I tried to make something true to the era yet wearable for today.
I started with these raw materials: old jeans from my husband, a vintage men’s shirt and old kitchen curtains with crochet edging.

Let’s start with the top! The colors exactly match the dress in my 1976 class picture, so I had to go for it. Also, paisleys were such a huge motif from that era in fashion. If you find any ugly wide neckties from the mid-1970s, I bet you $1 in 1970s money (about $6.60 in today’s money) that paisleys swirl around someplace on it.

This shirt is very well made, with flat-felled seams, darts and nice wide facings at the center front. But… it’s made of that notorious spun polyester fabric that disintegrates into fluff instead of unravels at the raw edges.

To make this man’s shirt more feminine, I started by cutting off the button and buttonhole plackets and unpicking the collar, then cutting down the center front on an angle using New Look 6498’s bodice pattern piece.

I harvested the crochet edge from the old kitchen curtains and sewed them to the raw center fronts, then sewed up the middle to join the design into something new. The lacy detail is a bit see-through – just enough for an adult look without being too much. The crochet makes a little collar at the back neckline – cute! Elasticized sleeves with a cuff complete the look.

The skirt is a throwback to my youth as well. Skirts made from old jeans were all the rage back then. If you don’t believe me, visit any vintage store or trawl eBay and you’ll see tons of these skirts.

To be authentic, I needed to start with men’s jeans. That was the style back in the day – you’d make a skirt from your boyfriend’s old jeans. In this case, my husband supplied these jeans that had seen better days. In brief, you cut off the inseams and unpick a bit then fold the curved pieces flat and layer on top of wedge panels cut from the legs. (For more on how to make a skirt like this, please see my blog, Distaff.)

To make this skirt go with the top and to add more design elements, I decided to embroider the wedge in a 1970s style motif using colors from the top. I started by running a line of embroidery alongside the seam where the wedges meet the front and back.I added lines above and below that line – eight lines of embroidery in all. Make sure you have enough thread to spare before you tackle this!

Here’s a back view:

Key to the look are 70s elements like big belt buckles, boots and hoop earrings.



Peggy Latta from Heirloom Textile Arts

My Seventies Inspired Separates
Seventies fashion: I wore it, I sewed it, I modeled it, I sold it and I survived it!
In 1975, I was graduating from high school so this challenge was a long stroll down memory lane.
I was already sewing most of my wardrobe, studied Fashion Merchandising in college,
worked at The Limited and even did a bit of local modeling. As I reflected on the variety of 70’s styles (some good; some not so much), I kept returning to my favorite thin
jumpsuits, coats, separates, and a cozy earth tone palette.

I started my new separates wardrobe with a too small green suede jacket that I just haven’t
been able to let go of and paired it with thrift store finds: two neutral suede jackets and a
chocolate brown suede skirt; a brown and tan small scale plaid jacket and a pair of tweed
trousers; and a last minute crochet afghan!

I began chalk marking the green jacket. To make construction easier, I maintained the collar, sleeve heads and button holes piecing around them. And then, fearless that I am with scissors, I started cutting and randomly piecing the other suedes to enlarge and lengthen the original green jacket into a groovy knee length patchwork coat.
.I wanted a chocolate suede belt for the coat, but sadly didn’t have enough for a full belt…but wait…a beautiful thrifted belt with woven detail
(cut shorter) made the perfect “back” portion and I added suede ties to the front.

Refashion Runway 1970's Challenge
Refashion Runway 1970's Challenge
Refashion Runway 1970's Challenge

To recreate a trendy jumpsuit the plaid jacket and tweed trousers were overlapped and joined at the waist, cutting off the excess bulk of the jacket from the inside. Sleeves were
shortened to give the 70’s feel.

And remember that last minute afghan find? A quick
neck opening secured with zigzag stitches and a knit remnant turned it into the
coolest 70’s poncho you could ever imagine!

I tried to stay true to the decade with my accessory choices…many from my personal
…suede boots, suede bag, knit hat with flower, leather belts, gold jewelry, hand-crafted natural jewelry.

As I’m typing this, I see my garments hanging in the studio. I couldn’t be happier with the
results. If you lived the seventies, I hope my separates
brought back some memories; if you’re
too young to really remember…it was a great time to grow up.
Trust me


Julie Kong from Sugarcane Sweet Designs

This 70’s challenge brought back many memories for me. It was such a great time especially for music and fashion. I can remember listening to Fleetwood Mac’s album, Rumors, over and over. I knew every song by heart. Thus, my inspiration for the 70’s is Stevie Nicks. Stevie truly embraced the Bohemian look. Her style was unique and innovative. I remember Stevie was always wearing either all white or black. Her dresses consisted of layers of flowing fabrics. Oh, and she always had a shawl!
On to my creation. My dress started as a black slip from Goodwill. I then found a black sparkly shawl and crocheted vest at the Cancer Society Shop. I was very excited about that! I used the shawl as one of the layers in the dress since it was a big part of Stevie’s look. Not to many people wear shawls anymore so I figured I’d add it to the dress. The shawl blended well and added texture to the flowing layers of fabric. Additional lace and trims were applied in layers on the dress. I have a huge box of lace and trims I’ve saved from other garments and thrifting expeditions. So, when I start to create I have an amazing selection from which to pick. Now, On the right side, you can see where I used the Crocheted vest. I cut the bottom portion of the vest off and draped it over the side. The top I’ve saved, in that box, for another project.
I hope I’ve inspired you and given you some good ideas for your own upcycling. Thanks!

Refashion Runway 1970's Challenge
Refashion Runway 1970's Challenge
Refashion Runway 1970's Challenge
Refashion Runway 1970's Challenge
Refashion Runway 1970's Challenge


Wasn’t that Groovy!

Now it’s your turn to vote.

Click on the button by your favorite designer’s name then scroll to the bottom of the poll and click vote. Come back in 24 hours and vote again. 🙂

Week One: Statement Sleeves

Week Two: 1970’s

Week Three: Faux Fur

Week Four: Small to Large

Week Five: Southwest

Week Six: Kentucky Derby Hat

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I'm a busy wife, mom, grandma, and teacher who loves to create. I've joined the refashion scene and I 'd like to share and connect with all those talented and creative people out there doing similar things.
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  2. Janet Luker says:

    Couch outfit on point!

  3. Janet Luker says:

    Couch outfit on point!

  4. Myr says:


  5. Colin Bartlett says:

    Congrats to my niece Deana. You are incredible. To make a complete outfit from a couch, only you! INCREDIBLE! love you. Keep raising the bar.

  6. Jennifer Evans says:

    Wow. This is absolutely amazing. You already won.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can’t vote this week either, even using the link in the original post. 😦 !

  8. Dana Holmes says:

    Way to go little sis..💞👍🌞🎉🤯 You blow me away. You are so talented..I think I help raise a winner 😉

  9. Jolynda says:

    A 70’s floral pantsuit and purse from a couch! I will never look at a couch the same again! That is totally wild. Congratulations on your creativity and beautiful project!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wow! This outfit is a winner already, in my book! Love,love love it! …👍👏

  11. Christina says:

    Seriously so awesome! Good work Deana!

  12. Holly Manchester says:

    SO So hard to pick just one?? I mean, competing with a sofa?? Seriously innovative. But Julie Kong’s dress just spoke to me, it’s absolutely beautiful and I was in love with Stevie Nicks and the Rumors album too. I actually would wear that dress today! So Julie, you won my vote! It’s beautiful!!

  13. Marci says:

    So much imagination and skill. My favorite was actually the kimono made by Amy Minster though.

  14. Meg Miller says:

    Good Lord. They’re all so talented!

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  16. Joseph says:

    Is there a way to share the voting link so that my favorite contestant is featured? Every time I try to share the post, another picture is featured. It doesn’t seem quite right.

  17. Denette says:

    An outfit from a couch! Amazing job!!! This is recycling at its best! Great job!💯

  18. Well that was hard! These women (and the 2 from last week) are all so doggone creative. I’ll be voting several days this week again!

    • I totally agree Kelli. It always kills me to “send someone home” but I guess it’s all part of the game. It’s especially hard when their next refashion is so spectacular. I’m so glad that I don’t have to decide and that it’s all up to the voters and the judges. They’re all winners in my mind.

  19. Jillian says:

    Deanne nailed it again!

  20. Melissa says:

    I love Sonya’s design! I would so wear that!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Julie and sofa lady – wonderful!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Deana got this wrapped up , the most professional !, ❤️

  23. Loving Julie and Sandy!!!

  24. wovenflame says:

    So many creative ideas it was hard to pick just one. I was in my teens during the 70s and one of my favourite pairs of pants (around 1976 I believe) were yellow ones with the exact cut of Deana Budgell couch redo set. Not only that but I had a floral blazer a little later on.

  25. BJ McElroy says:

    Peggy Latta’s ensemble is wonderful! She has truly captured the 70s era and so many pieces. She knocked it out of the park!

  26. Eden Tedla says:

    Very very cute and nicely made !!!!

  27. e4lizerd says:

    Michelle got me this week, but I love them all!

  28. Nano says:

    Fun idea. Flasbacks to my high school years

  29. Anonymous says:

    Another wonderful creation

  30. Jane says:

    Love Peggy’s color choices. They’re definitely perfect for a 70s look! Her outfit is out of sight!

  31. Anonymous says:

    oh my ,hard to choose ,but the couch outfit got me ,love it!

  32. Marion says:

    What creativity!! Such an amazing outfit from a couch. The end result is absolutely stunning.

  33. Mary Schwartz says:

    Wow Peggy- amazing. I did live and love the seventies. Brought back great memories!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Love Peggy’s use of 70s style and the popular color pallet of the decade !!

  35. Ed Zeplin says:

    Especially love Rose’s wine sling! Not only lovely, but oh so practical!! Keep after it Rose !

  36. Bev says:

    Wow. You are all incredible!

  37. Judy Grimes says:

    So proud of you my beautiful cousin!!! You are an amazing artist!!! If there were such a thing as Sewing Olympics, you’d get the gold medal for sure!!!
    Keep up the great work!!! A winner for sure!!! 🌹

  38. Judy Grimes says:

    So proud of my cousin Deana!!!

  39. Dee says:

    Wow! So many groovy 70s outfits that it’s really hard to choose. Great work folks.

  40. tifneyb says:

    From couch to fabulous day and evening wear, I am impressed!

  41. Tracy says:

    Well executed, looks modern with 70’s influence. Looks great.

  42. C A Lehrer says:

    So many awesome ideas. For me the two coats were spot on 70’s hippie/boho fashion chic. Although each seamstress had a really unique vision for this challenge – l thought these two were both thoughtful about the past with a nod to a great piece for today’s closet. Great job ladies!

  43. Mayela says:

    Good job Deana!!!

  44. Anonymous says:

    I understand how the weekly challenge winners are selected. For those of us following along, would you please explain how the overall winner will be chosen?

  45. Laurie - Ann Grant says:

    Absolutely love these creations, I have had a sewing machine-4 actually in my craft room, 3 are beautiful antiques and one newer model, I am blown away how you took something old and turned it into a completely different outfit. It makes me want to learn more on how to use my sewing machine instead of shopping for new clothes to make over my favourites. Fantastic idea and beautiful work.

  46. katie hundoble says:

    Julie!!! I want that Stevie Nicks DRESS!!! FANTASTIC!!

  47. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe the repurposing of the buttons from the pillows too!
    And the yellow handbag and sheeth. Amazing use of very unusual materials.
    How does one dream these things up!?

  48. Brooke says:

    Wow beautiful and so creative proud of you.

  49. Dana says:

    Peggy is clearly the winner this week! Her garment styles, fabric choices and color palette are spot on 1970’s fashion.

  50. Samson Belay says:

    It is very creative and appealing design!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Peggy, that outfit is simply stunning!

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  53. David says:

    Enjoying the competition! So much creativity! So much work accomplished each week!
    I keep coming back to Peggy’s creations.
    Every time I review the photos, I pick up another subtle detail. There’s so much rich texture. Each creation an elegant treat.

    Thank you for featuring in this contest, Peggy!!

  54. Loretta Budgell says:

    Deanna you are so talented!! You took a chair apart and I have a chair that I would like reupholstered!!

  55. Rhonda Rennie says:

    Hi !
    Love this concept! Is there a list of the challenges, for those of us that are a little time stretched, but would like to sew along and perhaps could create a piece for the coming weeks?

  56. Melanee Phillips says:

    So much creativity! Wow! Although it’s not what most think of as ’70s’ today Michele Paganini’s Marlo Thomas really brought me back to my high school days in the late 70searly80s when I lived in Gunne Saxe and Laura Ashley. I still have most tye dresses my mom or I made in trunk for safekeeping along with all my mother’s handmade dresses from the 50s. Wish I could fit them!

    • Oh that’s so neat that you still have those dresses. I remember wearing a Gunne Saxe dress to one of the high school dances. I still had it for awhile and when my daughter was little we cut it off and she wore it for dress up. Wish I still had it.

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  58. Angela Fogarty says:

    Deana, your work blows my mind once again! How have you not had your work on the red carpet yet?!! Love you!

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