Refashion Runway: Peplum Sewalongs

Hey, remember Elizabeth, from The Hungry Octopus and the first season of Refashion Runway?  She took some time out from her own Fall Refashion Series: Favorite Art Museum and came back to join us this week for the Peplum Sew Along!

THO - peplum - before

Elizabeth also admitted to being a peplum skeptic, but I have to say, I think she looks great in this silhouette.

THO - peplum - after

I wouldn’t have been able to leave this funky fabric at the thrift store, either.

THO - peplum - detail

Thanks for sewing along with us, Elizabeth!!

Pink turtle dress - October 2013 copy

Be sure to check out Elizabeth’s Favorite Art Museum Fall Refashion Series over at The Hungry Octopus.


Deanna, from Wedding Dress Blue started with this interesting dress:

Deanna's peplum sewalong

Deanna's peplum sewalong 2

And looks great in her new peplum shirt!!

october-004 october-008


Molly’s Emerald Refashion was so popular last week, I’m happy she came back to sew along with us again this week.

“I found this knit dress
which had the cute ruffle already along the collar and also along the sleeves (can’t
see this in photos). Dress was too short, and the sleeves wouldn’t stay up.
Thought it would look cute with a peplum.


So, I also grabbed a grey sweatshirt and
got to work.


I cut off the dress, added the grey section at the waistline, then put
two rows of the stripe back on below the grey (the shorter one was gathered to
create the ruffle). Then, in order to keep the 3/4 sleeves up, I took the cuffs off
the sweatshirt and attached them to the bottom of the striped sleeves. Lastly, I
exchanged the buttons at the collar from white to red for a fun accent. Then, for
the photos, I paired the top with a red belt and either red shoes or red boots.


Even my 16 year old son thought it looked good when I added the red accents!” -Molly



Eira, from Hoffi Coffi, decided to try a peplum this week, too.


You can see the entire process she used over at Hoffi Coffi.



Once again, Jen, from Diary of a Mad Mama, has come up with her own unique version of the challenge.


Jen made a tutorial for you on her site, Diary of a Mad Mama.


Thanks to everyone who sewed along with us this week.

If you sew along with any of the challenges, be sure to send your before and after photos to me at

Next week’s challenge: Leather

You still have until midnight tomorrow night to vote for your favorite peplum refashion.

For more refashion inspiration:

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I'm a busy wife, mom, grandma, and teacher who loves to create. I've joined the refashion scene and I 'd like to share and connect with all those talented and creative people out there doing similar things.
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10 Responses to Refashion Runway: Peplum Sewalongs

  1. kittehluvs says:

    These are all amazing refashions! I really wanted to sew along this week but time slipped away. I will have to just try again some other time. I have been wanting a peplum top for a while…

  2. These are great, Beth! I’m loving all your competitors AND those following along! 🙂

  3. Linda Lakes says:

    all the re-fashions look great. I am especially fond of Molly’s. If I found it in a store, it would be mine in a minute. just my style.

  4. kleine kleinigkeiten says:


  5. Jo H. says:

    Great sew-alongs! I love seeing all the end products in different fabrics and styles.

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