The Craftsy Blogger Awards


The moment I saw the announcement, my heart began to race!

What an honor it would be to receive The Craftsy Blogger Award! To me, it would be like winning an Oscar, an Emmy, or a Grammy.

“This October, Craftsy wants to celebrate creative bloggers who have truly inspired us through their original content, vivid imagery and exceptional online personas. That’s why we are presenting the first ever Craftsy Blogger Awards, to honor those individuals who spend so many hours behind the scenes crafting the blogs you love to read! Nominate your favorite blogger, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a free online Craftsy class!”

Creating an on-line class for Craftsy is actually on my list of things to do. I’ve shared many of my tutorials on their site, but to actually be one of their instructors would be a dream come true for me.

The nominations will be open until October 14th so if you have a little spare time, here’s your chance to nominate your favorite blogger.


And be sure to vote for your favorite Peplum Refashion, too:

Refashion Runway Season Two3

Thanks for being so supportive, I really think I must have the best subscribers on the planet!!!


About The Renegade Seamstress

I'm a busy wife, mom, grandma, and teacher who loves to create. I've joined the refashion scene and I 'd like to share and connect with all those talented and creative people out there doing similar things.
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16 Responses to The Craftsy Blogger Awards

  1. mamaamani says:

    I nominated you… 🙂

  2. missmarys says:

    Oh my gosh, BETH, you so deserve this award. Big hug.

    • Thanks, Mary. I haven’t received the award yet. I have to be nominated first. They will then pick four finalists. After that the voting begins. I think the finalists will be chosen from the number of nominations each blog receives, combined with a score from their panel of judges.

  3. klcmac says:

    Beth, I gladly submitted your blog as my vote! I will have Kail (of Chasing the Crown) vote as well. (We don’t live together, it is legitimate.) I am pulling for you, and I really hope you win! Karen in Salem Oregon

  4. Ingrid says:

    I just nominated you for the sewing category and best tutorials! Wishing you lots of luck, you deserve the award.

  5. I just submitted my nomination for you. I am so inspired by your blog and projects. Good luck!

  6. LubbyGirl says:

    uff da – another Salemite! (klcmac) – I’m in Salem too. Went there (Craftsy), nominated you. Came back here to swap howdies again before wandering the streets of Blogovia again for awhile.

  7. Jo H. says:

    Good luck, Beth!

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