Make This World a Better Place, One Refashion at a Time/ Dress For Change- Day Two

Yesterday I received a beautiful comment.

I love your site! I am always checking it to see what idea you have come up with. I am trying to get as many ideas as I can to show my orphan kids in Africa. Some of them are learning to sew and I thought with as many used clothing they have to deal with, what a wonderful way to inspire them! I am hoping to go back probably in December again. Thank you so much for the many ideas you share. I will try to share some of them with the kids at Umoja Children’s Home in Bomet, Africa. Lynn

This comment meant so much to me because, you see, each time, right before I push that publish button, I close my eyes and envision that my post will have a positive impact on someone somewhere. To find out that a fun hobby of mine is actually benefiting someone half way around the world makes this all worthwhile.

And how appropriate as we go into Day Two of Dress For Change Week, where we have committed to help Sheyenne provide dresses for girls so they can receive an education, and in comes Lynn who will be using these ideas to help orphans in Africa. I’m constantly amazed at the wonderful things people do.

It’s nice to know that in some small way what I’m wearing today might help a little girl on the other side of the world. Today I chose to wear Saturday’s refashioned white shirt with my black skirt.

   Dress for change week

If you’d like to see how this was made, check out this tutorial:

Upcycled white ruffle shirt

Thanks to everyone who is participating in Dress For Change Week and

here’s to making our world a better place one refashion at a time. 🙂

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About The Renegade Seamstress

I'm a busy wife, mom, grandma, and teacher who loves to create. I've joined the refashion scene and I 'd like to share and connect with all those talented and creative people out there doing similar things.
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23 Responses to Make This World a Better Place, One Refashion at a Time/ Dress For Change- Day Two

  1. That’s awesome! It’s amazing what some people can think up to do for others. P.S. I love that belt with today’s outfit!

  2. ……and this post made me happy!

  3. What a lovely post . . . and you look absolutely STUNNING, Beth! 🙂

  4. Perfect! I love the colors together. It’s too bad Home Ec/Independent living classes are no longer offered in school anymore. 9 weeks of Renegade Refashion would be perfect for those young men and women who will become fashion designers and mom and dads on a budget in the future. Not to mention the whole recycle/repurpose thing. I bet one day it will be – you are indeed a woman ahead of your time!

  5. josepmbadia says:

    I love the reform you’ve done in the white shirt, is beautiful with those lace. And the combination with black skirt and jacket turquoise is very cute.

  6. vjstracener says:

    Oh that is so neat. It is amazing what impact we can have without even realizing it.

  7. alicecarman says:

    you should open a store! great stuff!

  8. Anny says:

    That is so very cool!!

  9. Jo H. says:

    What a great thing, to help people with one of life’s basic needs: clothing. And isn’t the internet a wonderful tool when it is used for sharing good things?!

  10. craftysorcha says:

    It’s so great to see your blog is touching other people in an important way. Well done!

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