Kimono Vest Goes West: How to Make a Kimono Cardigan From a Dress

I LOVE the idea of a kimono vest. Long enough to cover up those BBQ potato chips that decided to hang out with me for awhile, yet open and airy enough to see my cute new skinny jeans underneath.

AND I just happened to have this dress hanging around the studio in all it’s 90’s floral and broomstick  glory, sooooooo…..


With a few snips of the scissors and a couple of straight seams…


I took my new Kimono Vest and Went West.





Click here for the full tutorial.

I wish I could bring you all to the incredible Que Linda Ranch where my friend, Linda took these pictures just moments before the sun went down behind the Eastern Oregon Elkhorn Mountains. The beauty of this place inspires me at any time of day or any time of year.

Well, tomorrow is the big day.  Stay tuned to vote for your favorite in the first challenge of Refashion Runway: Season Three. I can’t wait for you to see the way these creative women interpreted the Floral and Geometric or Stripes Challenge.

See you tomorrow.


About The Renegade Seamstress

I'm a busy wife, mom, grandma, and teacher who loves to create. I've joined the refashion scene and I 'd like to share and connect with all those talented and creative people out there doing similar things.
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31 Responses to Kimono Vest Goes West: How to Make a Kimono Cardigan From a Dress

  1. Margaret says:

    Love it!! Very pretty!

  2. Hi! I’d like to enter is there time??


    • Hi Mary, Unfortunately the cut off was last week and the 8 contestants have already been chosen. If you’d like to sew along and send me photos of your befores and afters for the challenges, I’d love to post them. And stayed tuned for a possible 4th season to audition for. Happy Friday! Beth

  3. Clever- I am pretty sure I have one of those dresses lurking in a back closet somewhere…. And I was looking at a pattern just like that the other day. I think a refashion would be WAY easier and save me some $! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Barbara says:

    Beth – beautiful!!!!! Love seeing the magic you create with these old garments!

  5. I love it! You always do such creative things!

  6. ruthmeaney says:

    That dress is hideously 90s! Amazing job refashioning it 🙂

  7. claire says:

    Oh no you did n’t. Those are so popular now. You made it work, the possibilities are endless.

  8. Brenna says:

    It’s so flattering on you in the after pics! Great job!

  9. Accidental Seamstress says:

    I’m a huge fan of kimonos. Will definitely copy this idea:)

  10. Just found your blog and I love it! I too have a long dress from the 90’s just waiting to be refashioned and this idea is perfect for it.

  11. Patricia says:

    This is so simple…it almost doesn’t seem fair!
    You look adorable by the way… in this kimono vest!

  12. Cathy D says:

    I absolutely LOVE all your ideas. What a
    creative mind you have. I’ve purchased some “interesting” dresses etc so
    I’ll have to get your creative eye to help
    ‘re-do’ them. I look forward to your next
    Re-fashion. 👍‼️
    Cathy D

  13. Margo says:

    Great refashion!!!! I wouldn’t want to take that off my body.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I have two of these hanging in my closet now!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hi Beth:
    I’ve tried a few refashions, with limited success. You have inspired me to keep trying.
    Thanks, steph F.

  16. Steph F. says:

    Hi Beth:
    I’ve tried a few refashions, with limited success. You have inspired me to keep trying.
    Thanks, steph F.

  17. Kristina B says:

    Your surroundings are so beautifull, I just had to comment. Wish so much I could visit, feel like I’ve lived there before 🙂
    will try to sew the kimono, looks very beautifull as do you.
    Kind regards from Vukovar, Croatia!

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