Quick and Easy DIY Sheriff Costume for Halloween

Sheriff Costume Tutorial

It’s that time of year again! Time to pull out a few thrift store finds from the bottom of the pile and create a fun costume for Halloween. My motto is quick and easy these days so I kept it pretty simple.

I started with a homemade fake suede skirt and a Roper dress that was a little too much of a good thing, but perfect for a sheriff costume.

_MG_3105_edited-1 Sheriff Costume2

First, I simply cut off the bottom of the dress to make it into a shirt.

Notice the horseshoe fabric and the fake leather trim? Perfectly cheesy!

Sheriff Costume

Sheriff Costume1

I then used my rotary cutter to cut fringe around  the bottom of the skirt.

Sheriff Costume4

Add a belt, bandana, badge, some boots and wha-la….. a sheriff costume is born.

Sheriff Costume Tutorial

sheriff costume1

Sheriff Costume TutorialSheriff Costume TutorialSheriff Costume Tutorial

Of course a sheriff costume wouldn’t be complete without a corny tin foil badge. 🙂

Sheriff Costume Tutorial

Sheriff Costume Tutorial

Sheriff Costume Tutorial

Whadda ya think- will I be able to keep those kindergarteners in line at our Halloween party now?

Sheriff Costume Tutorial

Thanks to my Ruggedly Handsome Husband for takin’ some time out outta his busy day to snap a few photos for me today.

Yeehaw, lookin’ good, honey!

ruggedly handsome husband


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After you’ve voted over at the Craftsy site, be sure to check out this week’s incredible Refashion Runway entries. The theme is Halloween and you are sure to be inspired!!

Refashion Runway Season Two3

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I'm a busy wife, mom, grandma, and teacher who loves to create. I've joined the refashion scene and I 'd like to share and connect with all those talented and creative people out there doing similar things.
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51 Responses to Quick and Easy DIY Sheriff Costume for Halloween

  1. Barb says:

    I love this one, Beth. Each picture, as one scrolls down, is better than the last. Such a great quick costume, cute gal, beautiful setting …..and then the movie star good looks of Steve!!! What a way to cap it off country gal! Your creativity continues to grow. Good luck with your nomination. Can’t wait to know.

    • Thanks, Barb! The photo shoot was pretty close to your hacienda, over at the Fish and Wildlife Peepler barn in the marsh. Steve and I had so much fun yesterday afternoon! How could we go wrong with a beautiful fall day, a camera and our beautiful valley!!!

  2. LSV says:

    Looks absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Sue says:

    I grew up on TV Westerns in the ’50s. All I can say is that Annie Oakley would be proud to wear an outfit like that! So cute! Love it!

  4. Char says:

    Awesome, you got Steve involved. Looking good Sheriff Renegade!

  5. Mother Deer says:

    Been missing your refashions….while enjoying the refashion runway competition. The photos on this project are really great. You are so photogenic!

    • Thanks, Mother Deer!!
      I’ve been so busy sewing and refashioning for my upcoming book and eHow, I haven’t had as much time to sew for the blog. But I’m finished with the book projects now, so I’ll have more time for blog projects. YAY!

  6. LindaMac says:

    Love this outfit.

  7. CindyJ says:

    Who would have thought that your photographer had spent the week crawling around in the rafters of Dave’s new man cave this week! Definitely a Renaissance Man!

  8. cathynd95 says:

    How fun and easy refash for Halloween!

  9. Whoa . . . I love your costume AND your photos! They made me smile at my computer! 🙂

    • Oh, thank you so much, I love making you smile! We’ve been having such beautiful fall weather this last week, I wish I had another refashion to photograph and get in on some of the intense autumn colors around here.

  10. Susan Luke says:

    Such a cute costume…you look fabulous, as always! Love the pictures, and the fact that your husband took them. All of your students must loving having you as a teacher!

    • Thank you, Susan. It’s fun having my husband take the pictures. I used to have my 15 year old son take them, but now that he’s driving, it’s a little harder to reign him in to photograph his mother. We had a fun afternoon together yesterday.

      I loved your costume as well. Who takes your wonderful photos?

      • Susan Luke says:

        For the witch costume, my wonderful friend, Maury, took time out of her busy morning to help me out. My son, who is gone from home now serving a church mission, used to love doing mutual photoshoots—I’d take pictures of him in return of him taking pictures of me. We had a lot of fun together. I have another son at home who has obliged me on occasion. I haven’t yet recruited my 10 year-old! But, my dear husband is my main photographer. He is sooo patient with this hobby of mine!

  11. Too Cute… or as my 9-year old daughter would say Ca-ute!! You’ve got my vote!

  12. How fun. And cute! You look so arresting in it!

  13. The Reuser says:

    This is super cute! I made an “outlaw” costume a few years ago and used a brown fleece blanket to make faux chaps. (Used my own jeans, boots, a thrifted bandana, shirt and hat to complete the costume.) This outfit is definitely more feminine than mine, though. Nice job! I like that the badge says “The Renegade Seamstress” as if you’re out, citing people for poor fashion choices or hauling them in to refashion jail and schooling them a little. 😉

    Well done!

    • I bet your costume was super cute! I actually thought about making chaps, but the skirt only needed a little adjusting, so I went with the feminine version.

      Thanks for noticing the badge, you totally “got” what I was going for!!!

      Will you be dressing up for Halloween this year?

  14. Great job! I especially love the badge – but of course that hat is perfect!

  15. Hi Beth,
    Those Kinders will get a kick out of your costume. Love it!

  16. Fabulous! It was a lot of fun to read about your halloween costume creation. Love the Sheriffs badge 🙂

  17. Anny says:

    That outfit is just TOO cute!! And I love the way you can wear the shirt peplum style later.

  18. Jo H. says:

    Oooh, I love that skirt – it must have been so fun to wear!

    Your hubby is a good sport to take pictures and have HIS picture taken, too 🙂

  19. I want this costume for myself! Too cute! I wouldn’t just wear if for Halloween either! 😉

  20. This definitely looks like a costume even I could make! Looks awesome! ~M.

  21. Melissa says:

    You are adorable! I wish I could find the time these days to refashion or just plain fashion…

    Happy Halloween!

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