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The DIY Sweater Mitten Making Mansion and Tutorial: A Blast From the Past: 2012

All of the attention and fun that has been coming out of Bernie Sanders Sweater Mittens has inspired me to look back at a fun sweater mitten making class I taught in 2012 and some pictures of the finished mittens … Continue reading

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Wrap Up 2019 With Some Refashioned Sweaters and Vote For Your Favorite

So many sweaters! So little time! I’m still doing it. Just ask Katie. It’s the first place I head when thrift shopping- THE SWEATER AISLE! There’s just something fun about giving old unloved sweaters a new lease on life. Here’s … Continue reading

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New Video: Make a Cozy Little Girl’s Sweater Skirt From an Old Sweater

The snow is falling, fireplaces are lit up, and the smell of hot chocolate is in the air. It’s the perfect time to pull out an old sweater from the bottom of your closet and create a cute and cozy … Continue reading

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Sweater to Hat and Mitten Tutorial

There’s a crackling fire in our wood stove and the fresh snow in the mountains is inspiring me  to refashion an ill-fitting sweater into a festive pair of mittens and a warm hat. How about you? Click here for the … Continue reading

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DIY Cozy Sweater Slippers: Perfect Project For a Snowy Day

I just knew if I said it out loud, and said it enough times, it would happen. And it did! It’s officially a SNOW DAY!!! I don’t have to go to school and I get to go to the studio … Continue reading

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Cut and Paste Biker Jacket and a Giveaway

You know, a girl who marries a ruggedly handsome man with a taste for adventure shouldn’t be at all surprised when he announces he wants to buy a couple of Harleys, throw on some leathers and ride across the country Easy Rider … Continue reading

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Today is National Wear Your Cardigan Day

Not really, I just made that up. But it is true that Mr. Rogers began putting on his iconic cardigan forty six years ago today, when his television show, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, debuted on February 19, 1968. So, in honor of Fred … Continue reading

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DIY: Upcycled Sweater Beret

Every once in awhile, someone crosses my path and I just know I’m going to like this person forever. Happened to me a couple of years ago when Elizabeth came into our school as a student teacher. What a natural. … Continue reading

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An Easy Winter Sweater Tote Refashion Tutorial

Lucky me! I got to spend the weekend at Anthony Lakes Ski Resort. Even though the temperature was in the single digits we had a great time. The band Standard Deviation was rockin’ the Starbottle Saloon, the snow was perfect and … Continue reading

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Spring Sweater Refashion

Get Out of Jail Free Sweater! YUCK! All I need is a ball and chain to complete the ensemble. Let’s see what we can do to make this better. First, cut off the huge sleeves. Save them for later. Next, … Continue reading

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