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Costume Week: DIY Spider Web Poncho: One Minute Video

Embrace your spooky side, add a little mystery to your wardrobe and catch some fun in your web when you wear this simple, no-sew, felt spider web cape. Just grab your cauldron, stir in some creepy black felt, a little … Continue reading

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Costume Week: Gypsy Costume

Mrs. Battington, Mrs. Huntingstone, Pete the Cat, and Mrs. Wishy Washy. To name just a few of the Halloween costumes that Mrs. Huntington has worn over the years. I instantly knew I’d be a gypsy when I saw this skirt … Continue reading

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DIY Costume Week: Homemade Dorothy Inspired Costume

Welcome back to Costume Week at The Renegade Seamstress. Today, you can Follow the Yellow Brick Road and click your heels three times to find out how to make the iconic Dorothy costume. “You’ve always had the power my dear, … Continue reading

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