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How to Preserve Peaches: A New One Minute Video

Sewing and refashioning is definitely one of my favorite things to do, but I love to preserve fresh summer produce, too. My editor at eHow has graciously allowed me to expand and produce some canning videos and tutorials for you … Continue reading

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How to Sew a Bike Pouch: New One Minute Video

If you’ve recently taken to the road on a bike, and you love to sew, then this DIY bike pouch could be a perfect way to combine two of your favorite hobbies and create a spot to carry a few … Continue reading

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How to Preserve Cherries: A New One Minute Video ( Visually One of My Favs :) )

Cherry season is here! From cobblers to pies to toppings for ice cream, cherries remind us of those sweet, hot, and lazy summer days that seem to last forever. Not only are cherries sweet and delicious, but they are oh, … Continue reading

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How to Make Reusable Swiffer Pads: New One Minute Video

A good wet/dry sweeper can be your best friend — a handy tool to keep all that dust and dirt off your beautiful wood floors on a daily basis. But those disposable pads can add up fast. Plus, who wants … Continue reading

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DIY Zero-Waste Reusable Sponges: A New One Minute Video

If transforming your home into a more eco-friendly place is important to you, then this zero-waste reusable sponge a good alternative to those traditional throw-away plastic dish sponges. Made from small scraps of fabric and a mesh fruit bag that … Continue reading

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How to Make and Preserve Strawberry Jam: A New One Minute Video and Tutorial

Ruby red and mouth-watering sweet, strawberry jam is a summertime treat! Slather it on warm, buttery toast first thing in the morning or pair it with your favorite peanut butter for a special PB&J sandwich lunch. You can even make … Continue reading

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DIY Washable Shopping Cart Handle Cover: New One Minute Video

When the time comes to venture out and stock up on essential groceries, there are a few things you can do to keep yourself safe. In addition to social distancing, wearing a mask and having a list to reduce your … Continue reading

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How to Preserve Pickled Asparagus: New One Minute Video

Spring has arrived! Trees are budding, birds are singing and asparagus is popping up all over. Time to pick up some fresh, local asparagus and get your pickling pants on. Keep these handy jars of deliciousness in your cupboard for … Continue reading

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15 Handmade Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day That She Will Love

The delight of creating and choosing joy no matter what. My mom in a nutshell. It is in her honor that I bring these projects ideas to you today, hoping that her legacy will live on through me and through … Continue reading

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DIY Cardstock & Yarn Basket Weaving: New One Minute Video

Today is my birthday! Since celebrating together with my friends and family isn’t an option this year, I put together a fun basket tutorial for you instead. Hope it comes in handy when planning out your days in quarantine. Baskets are … Continue reading

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