Time To Vote: Statement Sleeves- Refashion Runway Season Five

OK, here we go! Let the voting begin!

Wait ’til you see what these talented ladies have created for you this week.

From lace, to men’s suits, to even candy wrappers (yep, I said candy wrappers 🙂 ) I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

So scroll down to the bottom and vote for your favorite designer.

The voting is closed for this challenge. Click here to vote for your favorite designer in the Faux Fur Challenge.

And GOOD NEWS! You can vote once each DAY this season. So if you have more than one person you’d like to vote for, or you’d like to vote for the same person more than once, you can come back 24 hours after your first vote and vote again!!! YAY!

So with out further adieu, I present the first challenge of Refashion Runway Season Five:

Statement Sleeves


Julie Kong from Sugar Cane Sweet Designs

“Hi Everyone.

I wanted to say a little bit about the process I use to create my garments,  It’s a different approach to upcycling.  I like to start with a basic garment.  And I usually search through my closet first.  The garment I pick becomes my canvas.  The pieces of fabric, that I’ve saved from previous projects, upcycling, thrift stores and antique stores, become my paints.  I then layer piece upon piece to achieve the desired look I want. It’s like I’m painting with fabric!  I feel the most unique thing to use, when creating an upcycled garment, are doilies and crocheted tablecloths.  A lot of love and work goes into their creation.   They are totally a work of art. To see these amazing pieces discarded is heart breaking.  As a result, I chose to use both pieces as my focal points.  First, I used a beautiful doily to create the sleeves.  I cut it in half, created folds and sewed it on.  Next, I used an amazing crocheted tablecloth for the bottom half of the dress.  I really wanted to highlight the scalloped edge of the tablecloth, so I made sure it showed in the front.  I also made a shrug from the bottom half of the dress that I had cut off.

I hope I’ve inspired you with my ideas.  I also hope I’m here again next week to share more with you.  Thanks for looking!”

Refashion Runway Statement Sleeve Challenge
Refashion Runway Statement Sleeve Challenge
Refashion Runway Statement Sleeve Challenge


Peggy Latta from Heirloom Textile Art


Three things to know about me:

  1. I absolutely adore flowers!
  2. I love to embellish with fabric, beads and embroidery.
  3. I am drawn to anything “Chanel-esque” …the tweed fabric, the trims, the pearls!!!

So, combine all of those things and you have the theme for my Statement Sleeve entry!

I began my challenge with a thrifted, black and white plaid (Chanel) jacket.  The fabric is yummy and the black has a bit of shimmer woven into it. I dissected a second jacket (selected for the bright, watercolor floral print) and added the fabric from a glistening purple evening gown plus a harvested zipper (?) from a little girl’s puffer jacket!

After opening the front seam of each plaid jacket sleeve, some of the flowers from the second jacket were backed with fusible bond, trimmed and attached to the “trellis” plaid of the sleeves. More flowers and leaves were cut, stitched to contrast fabric and turned to make 3-dimensional petals.  Then the fun began!  I topped the fused design with the 3-D petals and leaves and began embellishing.

The open sleeve seams were finished by inserting zippers…one thrifted (puffer jacket) and one from my zipper drawer.  And then, the final piece of my DOUBLE STATEMENT SLEEVES was added. The fabric from the glistening purple evening gown became the lining for the zippered sleeves. When unzipped, the beautiful contrast is revealed!

I styled the jacket sleeves two different ways:

  • sleeves closed for a daytime look with white blouse and black jeans, suitable for meetings, lunch or shopping.
  • sleeves unzipped, presenting a dramatic cape-like effect, with a little black sequin dress for a night on the town. 
Refashion Runway Statement Sleeve Challenge
Refashion Runway Statement Sleeve Challenge


Michelle Paganini from Paganoonoo

Hello, I am Michelle Paganini. You may already know me from Paganoonoo, or appearances on the syndicated PBS TV show It’s Sew Easy, or my upcycle sewing YouTube tips. One of the things I am really enjoying about participating in this challenge is that it has me focus on projects that I would not normally have selected.

To find out what I did watch this VIDEO and/or keep reading…
To me a statement sleeve can be structural or textured/embellished. I decided to use used some vintage lace and beautiful vintage linens pieces to embellish my sleeves. A classic men’s dress shirt is one of my favorite mediums to upcycle. I selected a thrifted solid-color light-gray shirt so the color play between the shirt and the embellishments would be subtle, and the lace/linens details noticeable without competition from a print. (Click here for my video tip on color and pattern selection.)
My experience with men’s shirts is that when I remove the cuff, the sleeve length is just shy of full length. Also because the pleat is released from the cuff, the sleeve bottom becomes a bit wider. After removing the cuff and looking at the result, I wanted even more flare to create a bell shape at the cuff. Solution? Add a godet in the sleeve placket using the cuff corner. Space for a second godet was created by making a pinked cut along the underarm seam and inserting the other cuff corner as seen in the picture below.
With the addition of the godets the ends of the sleeves now had a bell shape with a raw pinked edge. I underlined the cuff with vintage lace, making the length a perfect long sleeve. Using what was left of the lace, I edged the collar, creating balance with the sleeves.
To finish the “statement” part of the embellishment, I selected two identically styled but different shaped doilies, a rectangle and an oval. They were too delicate to look nice with machine stitching (and difficult to access with a machine), so I hand stitched them in place.
The shirt fit my bust, but would not button across my hips/belly, a typical problem for my pear shaped figure. I now had a button down shirt with a feminine sleeves and collar but not a very feminine bodice.
Solution? I turned to my favorite upcycle sewing design, the Paganoonoo Patti, and added a swing back to the garment. A thrifted pajama top of soft lightweight cotton provided the perfect fabric to create the back panel, with the bonus of an existing hem! The bottom of the shirt then flared out for a much more feminine silhouette.
The front of the shirt now had the right silhouette, but was out of balance with the embellished sleeves and collar, needing a more feminine touch. It had been silkscreened with a few white overlapping circles in a workshop I took with Holly Badgley at PenWAG (Peninsula Wearable Arts Guild, Campbell, CA), but that was not quite enough. I added a collection of mis-matched non-functional buttons on the placket. Perfection!
The Paganoonoo Patti design is my favorite, simple and elegant, with plenty of hip and belly room. I am in love with with this sweetly feminine “Statement Sleeve” version. I hope you love it too!
P.S. Speaking of sleeves – I have a free video tip on how to add a turned cuff to a dress shirt. Great for making ¾ sleeves!

You can watch her video here:



J.P. Choquette from http://jpchoquette.me/

“For this challenge, I used a cocktail dress, a cotton sweater, and some
scrap fabric. The feeling I was going for was “D.C., in the Spring” and the
fabric scraps made perfect cherry blossom’esque additions to the
refashioned blouse.

I created sleeves from the sheer overlay of the dress and carefully sewed
these to the sweater’s barely-there cap sleeves. After three attempts, I
was pleased with the result! Next, I removed the ribbon across the front of
the sweater and then cut and hand-stitched the blossoms on the sleeves and
across the left side of the bodice. It feels romantic and slightly
vintage–which is what I was going for.”


Diane Sladowski from Thoughts From a Seamstress

If you’d like to find out more about how she made this, click here, she has more photos and a couple of nice videos on her site for you to check out.



“I liked the material of this blouse and some of the details but the sleeves were awkward and it looked frumpy. I removed the old sleeves from the bodice and took out the elastic. I cut and reshaped the sleeves to make them look puffy. I love the pleated part so I kept it. I reshaped the neck to fit better and flipped the opening to the back. I added elastic at the bottom hemline to give it shape.”
Refashion Runway Statement Sleeve Challenge
Refashion Runway Statement Sleeve Challenge
Marisa Glied from The Refash Stash
Refashion Runway Statement Sleeve Challenge
Refashion Runway Statement Sleeve Challenge
Amy Minster

I am short, so I didn’t want to go with huge sleeves for my statement. I am a sucker for a gray sweatshirt, especially with sleeves of a different color or fabric. I found this men’s 2XL sweatshirt at the thrift store, then I saw this gorgeous blue polka dot dress. If the dress was the right size, I absolutely would have worn it as-is, but it was too small, making it the perfect candidate for my sleeve material.

I used a raglan shirt to make a pattern, cut the sleeves off the sweatshirt, and cut new sleeves from the dress fabric. Attaching them to the sweatshirt was a bit tricky, but I figured it out. The sweatshirt was too long, so I shortened it by raising the hem about 4 inches. I had planned to use the original cuffs, but then I realized that one was frayed. Thankfully, the material I cut out from shortening the torso was just enough to make my new cuffs. I love how it turned out – a winter sweatshirt with a preview of summer in the sleeves!


Diane Scarponi

Refashion Runway Season 5 – Challenge 1: Statement Sleeves
I just love a high-contrast look to jackets, so when the challenge was statement sleeves, I knew I had a great opportunity to create some drama!

My jacket started life as a dress that a friend gave me. She didn’t like it, but she thought the linen-cotton blend fabric was nice and the print was cool. She gave me a challenge to refashion it. Challenge accepted! Here’s the before look:

The fabric is too stiff and the style is too shapeless for me, but there’s plenty of opportunity for refashioning! I began by washing and drying the dress a few times to change the fabric’s hand – it’s softer now but still crisp enough for a jacket.

I started by cutting the dress straight up the front and unpicking the neck facing. The front was turned and topstitched to create a self-facing. Then I created a pleat at the center back to take up some of the fullness, so it would fit better. I trimmed about 8 inches off the bottom to create a more pleasing length, leaving side vents about an inch long just for style. I used the fabric from the bottom to create the collar and pockets – nice big pockets perfect for holding a phone and keys.

Now to create some drama – red is my favorite color and I love a red, white and blue combo (not just for July 4th!). I headed to my local Goodwill and scored this rain jacket with a broken zipper. I love the color and since it’s fully lined, I had a lot of material to play with.

I created cuffs and a collar facing out of the rain jacket and sewed them on. I put buttonholes in the finished collar so that I can turn over the points for a peek of contrast. Here’s a flat view of the jacket inside and out.

I like making garments convertible, so that I can wear things differently depending on my mood. I can unbutton the collar detail and roll down the sleeves if I don’t want as much of the red to show.

Here’s a back view with the pleat and cuffs:

I am delighted with how this turned out. Now if only winter could be over so that I could wear it!


Beki Biesterfelt from Beki’s Custom Sewing

I made a cylindrical shaped shrug, basically a bog coat design without the body just the sleeves.

I repurposed/recycled/upcycled
-window screen mesh leftover from screens we repaired
-colorful foil wrappers from chocolate candies
-a black silk skirt purchased at a thrift store

I couched metallic gold decorative thread to the screen mesh before seaming the tube together. All of the seams and edges were covered with bias strips cut from the thrift store black silk skirt.

The candy foils were sandwiched between layers of mesh and lightly machine quilted.

This was a fun project!


Sonya Blackstone from She’s So Creative

“I used solely the shirts for materials and didn’t add any
other fabrics. I basically turned the blue shirt around, cut part of the
back panel out and patched in the white panel (blue shirt went from a 3X to a
small). I deconstructed the sleeves, added double peekaboo holes and took
some left over white shirt and made bows. I took what was left of the blue back
panel, cut it in half the width way and attached that to the bottom of the sleeves
to make them long and flowy. The bottom of the sleeve goes from elbow to
wrist. I also adjusted the collar to make a deep V in the back. I
added the white pocket from the shirt to the bottom and then constructed another and
added that as well. Statement sleeves. Form fitting peek-a-boo tops,
loose and flowy from elbow to wrist, accent bows. “


Rose Henegar

Summer Ashley from Refashion Diaries

This had been sitting in my thrifted stash for a while.  Was it a dress,  a tunic, a nightgown? I wasn’t sure, but liked the color and soft knit material and decided to refashion it for this Statement sleeves challenge.
First I seam ripped the neckline binding and cut out the sleeves.  Using my measurements I cut out a shirt.  Cutting where I wanted the hem of my new shirt to be I used the remaining curved part of the old hem for the new sleeves.  I seam ripped the old hem,  gathered the material and then stitched them in place, reattached the neck binding to the now smaller neckline and Hemmed the bottom of the shirt.
I also had this really beautiful blue corduroy skirt in my refashion stash for a while and thought the color would look nice with the new shirt, but it wasn’t my style and was a little big for me.  So I cut a new hemline and pinched, pinned, and sewed the sides until the fit was right.
Even though I have sewn with it before I always feel a little out of my comfort zone when sewing with knit fabric.  I thought about changing my project a couple times to a different material, but I’m glad I didn’t.  In the end I am very happy with how it turned out!  Even more so because I felt challenged by it!
Sandy Yates
Before:  This original heirloom style blouse began to decay. I loved the fabric and couldn’t bring myself to throw it away
After: to update the look, I added flare to the sleeves with a satin triangle, then removed sections of the sleeves to create a cold shoulder. Because of the delicate fabric everything except the satin inset was hand sewn.
Deana Budgell from djewels
I knew the moment I saw this suit on a rack at the Attic, a second hand store in Lake Tahoe, that I had to resurrect it. In my mind’s eye I could see it refashioned as a sleek, formal dress with stunning sleeves that make it stand out. I’m super happy with the end result.
Refashion Runway Statement Sleeve Challenge
Refashion Runway Statement Sleeve Challenge
Refashion Runway Statement Sleeve Challenge
Refashion Runway Statement Sleeve Challenge
SHEESH! Pretty amazing Statement Sleeves, right!!!!
So now it’s your turn.
Vote for your favorite designer in the poll below and if you have more than one favorite, come back tomorrow and vote again. 🙂
The winner of this challenge will be announced next Saturday and the two people with the fewest votes and the lowest scores from our judges will be  “sent home” (eliminated) 😦  The hardest part!
It’s time to vote!
After you click on your favorite, scroll to the bottom of the poll and click the vote button so your vote will be counted.

Week One: Statement Sleeves

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Week Five: Southwest

Week Six: Kentucky Derby Hat

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I'm a busy wife, mom, grandma, and teacher who loves to create. I've joined the refashion scene and I 'd like to share and connect with all those talented and creative people out there doing similar things.
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    Wow!! Well done ladies!

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    Brilliant ladies

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    Very bold

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    Boy howdy….now that is talent. Such fun!!

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    Deanna, you are amazing!!!!

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    Wow, wow, WOW! These are some amazing combinations to revitalize old styles into something new. Well done ladies!! I know I’m gonna enjoy your competition.

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    Awesome!! You ROCK!!!❤

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    Absolutely beautiful, professional I should add

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    Beautiful work as always Marisa.

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    Omw!!!! That is amazing!! Wow hard to believe that is from a man’s suit!!!

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    Absolutely stunning,you rock Deanna

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    On Sat, Jan 25, 2020 at 12:22 PM The Renegade Seamstress wrote:

    > The Renegade Seamstress posted: “OK, here we go! Let the voting begin! > Wait ’til you see what these talented ladies have created for you this > week. From lace, to men’s suits, to even candy wrappers (yep, I said candy > wrappers 🙂 ) I promise, you won’t be disappointed. So scroll down t” >

  18. Anonymous says:

    Stunning make over!

  19. All the refashions were beautiful and so hard to choose just one. Brilliant job, ladies!

  20. Suzan says:

    Love all the refashions. Great Job ladies. But there can be only one winner…LOL

  21. wheelybad says:

    Well done everyone, a few there I’d wear and I’m fussy as hell. But djewels has taken the word “statement” and given us Haute Couture. Quite brilliant!

    It’s been quite a start 😊

  22. Shannon says:

    Brilliant sewing skills, ladies!

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    Awesome dress,Deana! Love it…😊👍voted.

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    Love the dress made from the suit…

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    It was hard to choose not just one but I did finally choose one

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    I’m voting for you Deanna Budgell all the way!! Hope you win

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    Brilliant concepts & repurposing

  30. Glad we can vote every day because there is more than one that I love.

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    Loving these sleeves, very unique.

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    Your work is amazing , the winner to me ! ❤️

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    Amazing job Deana!!! You rock!!😘

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    Love it Deana! You are a true talent!

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    Wow! These are very talented women. I’m totally loving the outfits. I already have 2 favourite ladies that I’m going to be rooting for.
    Well done to all. The ideas are fantastic and creative. All the best to everyone!

  37. Wow! I am pretty sure I have voted every year and this year — I had a devil of a time choosing one — luckily, I can vote again tomorrow and the next day. And so on! 🙂

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    Sugar Cane Sweet Designs, gets my vote. I agree that there is no choice to vote. Obviously a computer glich that is affecting a lot of people. Anna

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    That’s quite the sewing talent!

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    I’m having trouble voting too…this was a tough decision but Refash Stash gets my vote!

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    i love Michelle Paganini from Paganoonoo’s blouse. Practical but beautiful. Dress it up. Dress it down. It works either way.

  46. Ileana Chandler says:

    I’m a sucker for old fashion lace. It made a subtle yet noticeable statement on Paganinni’s blouse.

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    Summer Ashley, love your outfit. Total class.

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    Stunning sleeves, Michelle! Love them! ♥️ Always thinking up genius ways to Upcycle! ♥️

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    I love all of these – so creative! I have to say, I don’t envy them with all the challenges ahead – it takes so much time and effort to make all these pieces, so well done to everyone, no matter who ‘wins’!

  57. Loretta Budgell says:

    What a remarkable job!! You’ve outdone yourself Deanna!

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    Deana I been admiring your work for years,and you still didnt disappoint. well done !!!

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    It was hard to pick one to vote for as they all are pretty amazing!

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    Holy smokes. Deana’s design is so vogue. Such a statement piece! Love it .

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    All these wonderful women are courageous to put their creations out there. They are all talented. Everyone gets two votes from me. JULIE KONG’S design however gets the only third vote I would give. It is stylish, classy, and bold. The whole dress would make a mannequin come to life and the sleeves are the highlight that accentuates the dress! Good going ladies and especially Julie’s Sugarcane Sweet ‘sleeve’ dress!

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    Wow! 4 equal favorites. I have to come back and vote for the other 3

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    Cat x

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