Time to Vote! Refashion Runway Week One: Floral and Geometric or Stripes

Flowers and Geometry?

What do they have to do with each other? One seems so random and colorful and the other so linear and black and white. What was she thinking when she made this one of the challenges?!

But flowers are examples of sacred geometry in it’s finest form.

Sunflower and geometry


Can you see it?

My good friend Linda, an avid gardener and lover of all things botanical would start spouting off the names of each of these beautiful flowers. She’d lovingly tell you where they grow and where to plant them in your garden.

My good friend Judy, an engineer and lover of all things math, would look at these flowers and actually get excited about the angles and start using words like geometry, mathematical ratios, proportions, and harmonics.

This challenge is dedicated to my two good friends, Judy and Linda. Both girls so different, they live thousands of miles away from each other and they’ve never even met. But I know when I do get these two girls together, something wonderful will happen.

Just like what happened when these eight creative women combined florals with geometric or stripes this week. I love how they all interpreted this challenge and I know you will, too.

Be sure to vote for your favorite at the bottom of this post. The voting will be open until Friday, July 31 at midnight.


Let’s start with Sarah from Life is Beautiful:

“Hello readers of The Renegade Seamstress! My name is Sarah Tyau and I am so
honored to be in this challenge this week along with the other talented
seamstresses! I don’t consider myself an advanced seamstress but a between
a beginner to an intermediate level so I was a little intimidated but I
took on this challenge so that I can motivate myself to sew a project every
week and to hopefully stretch my skills a little further. Let’s get right
to the project!

A XXL women’s shirt into a little girls dress w/ tulip pockets

beforeafter Sarah


before1png sarah

my son refused to move away so a picture with him it is! I’ve learned to
choose my battles and also think to myself, “Will this matter in the end on
my deathbed?” That is how I survive motherhood. 🙂

Right when I saw this XXL women’s shirt at a thrift store for $5(it still
had the tags on, don’t you love when that happens?), I had an image pop
automatically in my head and and started on the project hoping it would
execute just the way I imagined.


after2png sarah

after1png sarah

Since the theme is stripes & floral, I thought it’d be cute to add tulip
design pockets for the floral. And guess who decided to join in on the
photo shoot again?

after4png sarah

Go to my blog post for a full tutorial on how to turn a XXL shirt into a
little girls dress
http://www.ourlifeisbeautiful.com/2015/07/diy-xxl-shirt-into-little-girls-dress.html ,
Thank you for having me for the week 1 challenge and I hope to see you
again for next week’s challenge!”


Next up, Marisa from The Refash Stash:

“I took a cute dress and removed the original white top and switched it with a
striped t-shirt.


I also added 3 pink floral buttons for extra detail.


Lastly I added
black bias tape at the bottom to tie in the top to the bottom of my new dress.”




Now Kara from While Camden Sleeps:

“This dress is actually a nightgown. Since I’m always trying to get away
with wearing pajamas in public anyway, I knew it was a match made in


I wanted to accentuate the embroidery since part of the challenge
is incorporating floral. I originally planned to go over it by hand with
black thread, but then lazy/efficient Kara had an epiphany–Sharpie. Yep,
I basically colored over the original thread with permanent marker and it
made it look just like it had been done in black. Awesome. I also removed
the netting pieces, and the center of the original collar.


The dress needed a more flattering shape, and I needed more length after an
over-ambitious chop. The solution? The thick waistband in the center. It
gathers the fabric at the waist, visually narrowing my frame, while also
adding about an inch and a half of length. Please note that the waistband
is sewn to the bodice and the skirt separately, as I had previously cut
them apart.


Finally, to add the geometric/stripe aspect of the challenge, I used some
old bias tape to create eye-catching stripes at the bottom in a
coordinating black color that tied the ensemble together.
And just like that, I was done.”





Next, Gema from Sequins and Slippers:

“I was so stunned to find out I was in this series, completely floored!
And given the talent that is here this year, I’m both grateful – and
inspired… Stripes and florals had me scratching my head (don’t even get
me started on geometrics!) – but whatever happens, I’m pleased I’ve ended
up with something I’ll actually wear. Excited to see everyone else’s!!

One stripy dress, plus one floral dress, both from my stash, made from
stretchy lycra mix fabric, looked like the could fit the bill for this



I used the bottom half of the stripy dress for the top, using
the black side panels to make trim to edge the top, and create a bow (which
can also be tied behind the neck). The floral dress converted into a skirt
with a little shaping, and an added elasticated waist. Now all I need is
the right weather to wear it!! The Great British Summer, as unpredictable
as ever!”

1970-02-03 22.39.30

Before & After1


Here’s what Sylvia from Her Kitschy Majesty created:

“I have a rule about mixing patterns: if one of the patterns is busy and
bright, keep the other simple and subtle. The t-shirt which I had for years
and never really liked has a busy striped pattern so it found a great
companionship with a thrifted cotton skirt donning a subtle floral pattern
and loose waistband whose elastic has gone rogue.
The end result is a comfortable and dignified summer dress that has 90s
vibe written all over it, so dress the part I did. I’m really loving how
cute this turned out!”







Now, Laura from Accidental Seamstress:

“I started off with an oversized floral
shirt that I got for .99 cents. I cut off the sleeves, collar, and band and used the
rest of the material to make 4″ long strips. I used purple floral scraps from an
unfinished refashion and also cut those into 4″ strips. I basically quilted the
white and purple floral strips together into one big piece of fabric. I cut THAT
fabric into various different angles and sewed them together in different directions
to create a geometric pattern. With the help of my homemade dressform I sewed it all
together to create a completely asymmetric tunic.”








Next, Kathy from Household How To:

“Never, never, never in a million years would I have combined stripes and flowers.
It’s just not who I imagine myself to be! But alas, I’m in this challenge and I
want to win and so I gave it a shot!

I was torn between this prairie dress and a basic black and white flower skirt. I
figure “in you’re going to challenge yourself really do it!” So I chose the dress
that I liked the least and decided to turn it into something I could love and wear.
I’m thrilled with how she turned out! Dusty Rose (my name for her) has truly




And last, but certainly not least, Irene from Give the Cat a Name:





Wow, so now is your chance to vote for your favorite. The winner of the Floral and Geometric or Stripes challenge will be announced next Saturday.

Use the poll below to vote for your favorite Floral and Geometric or Stripes Refashion:


A big thank you to all of these creative women and to all of you who have volunteered to be prize sponsors. If you’d still like to sponsor a prize for this season, email me at bhunting@eoni.com. We’d love to have you!

If you are new to The Renegade Seamstress, here is a link to my refashion tutorials:

Refashion Tutorials

About The Renegade Seamstress

I'm a busy wife, mom, grandma, and teacher who loves to create. I've joined the refashion scene and I 'd like to share and connect with all those talented and creative people out there doing similar things.
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103 Responses to Time to Vote! Refashion Runway Week One: Floral and Geometric or Stripes

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  2. Mary says:

    Fun creations!!

  3. I am completely amazed by the level of creativity of all of the contestants. Bravo!

  4. I love how Laura turned her floral prints into the stripes themselves. Genius!

  5. Sarah Tyau says:

    Love seeing what the other contestants created, I’m so impressed!

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  7. Miss Frenchy says:

    It was difficult to make a choice! Such talented sewters!

  8. Tim says:

    She’s awesome!

  9. Queen Sylvia says:

    Wow, I was right, everyone’s a winner in this competition! I’m beyond myself, you ladies are really killing it with creativity!

  10. Misty weekly says:

    She is amazing ..been following her for a long time on social media.

  11. jaimn says:

    Evidence for Creation – In God’s creation, there exists a “Divine Proportion” that is exhibited in a multitude of shapes, numbers, and patterns whose relationship can only be the result of the omnipotent, good, and all-wise God of Scripture. This Divine Proportion—existing in the smallest to the largest parts, in living and also in non-living things—reveals the awesome handiwork of God and His interest in beauty, function, and order. …..The Fibonacci numbering sequence, a pattern discovered around A.D. 1200 by Leonardo Pisa (historically known as Fibonacci). Each succeeding number is the sum of the two preceding numbers. The sequence of these numbers is 1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144,233, ad infinitum. This numbering pattern reveals itself in various ways throughout all of nature…..
    Not only do we discover this pattern in leaf arrangements, but it is also commonly found in the arrangement of many flower petals. Examples: a lily has
    3 petals, yellow violet 5, delphinium 8, mayweed 13, aster 21, pyrethrum 34, helenium 55, and michaelmas daisy 89. With such a great variety of spiral ratios in leaf and petal arrangement, no one has any reason to get bored with God’s creation. http://www.icr.org/article/shapes-numbers-patterns-divine-proportion-gods-cre/

  12. Gema says:

    It’s incredible how varied everyone’s interpretation is for this challenge, I felt like a kid at Christmas reading this post!! Every single sewist has my admiration… love them all, in all their own uniqueness!

  13. Helen says:

    Sarah is amazing! Flawless taste 🙂

  14. Jo H. says:

    So much talent – every interpretation was inspiring! I love seeing the ideas that arise in these series. Thank you for hosting, Beth, and bringing all this lovely talent to the forefront. Good luck, ladies!

  15. How to choose? These ladies are so creative! I am going to try some of their ideas…like now…headed to,the sewing,room!

  16. Accidental Seamstress says:

    I was so excited for today, and it wasn’t a let down. Everyone’s creations were so great. Such inspiration! 🙂

  17. Anonymous says:

    Great contest! Vote for big shirt into little girls red and white striped dress.

  18. Lauren says:

    So excited to see this (and secretly glad I am not part of this again). Everyone did a great job and now I must go and find flowers and stripes and mix the 2 together 😉 Cheers ladies!

  19. Gaye says:

    I miss you 😦 Chris & I went to the Union County Museum yesterday for the Cowboys, Then and Know exhibit. Hoping I would catch you upstairs 🙂 I am sooooo glad Refashion Runway is back and I still wish it was a t.v. show.

    • Hi Gaye! I would’ve loved to have seen you yesterday. I was up there early in the morning then headed home to do some house cleaning. Isn’t the museum great. We went there on Wednesday, I hadn’t been in awhile, I couldn’t believe how much they have there now. Did you go to the outside exhibits, too?

  20. Annette says:

    All the remakes are good!

  21. Margaret says:

    They are all so good, hard to vote! But I voted!!!

  22. margaret king says:

    Loved seeing how they changed the pieces!💑

  23. Abigail says:

    While Camden Sleeps is my favorite. Voting for that one!!

  24. dyan Enseñat says:

    Wonderful concept. Exciting idea. Would never have thought the patterns would go together but they looked fantastic. The finished article was bang on the nail fashion -wise. Very well done.

  25. Joann says:

    I like the graphic design of the stark white and the navy blue. The sharpie application is genious! I thought it was over embroidered!

  26. Anita wooldridge says:

    Love this! It’s alot going on but not overwhelming! Well done!

  27. Nice work Laura. Your top is so inventive!

  28. Kathy says:

    I had so much fun with this challenge! I LOVE Marisa’s colors and the black edge finish to tie it all together!! I love my dress too!! 🙂

  29. Brandy says:

    Is there a place to submit our creations if we are sewing along?! Love all the creativity!

  30. dragonflyzia says:

    Everybody did an awesome job and it was hard to pick just one…with that said I am voting for Marisa from Refash Stash. I love when you host these. 🙂

  31. alma teruya says:

    Loved it!

  32. OMG! So much creativity out there. Loved Kara’s nightgown transformation.

  33. Diane Arcand says:

    It’s a first for me but I am excited to follow this competition and vote. I can see these ladies are just like me and their projects give me lots of ideas. Really fun competition!

  34. Kathryn says:

    Sylvia’s refashion works well. My first time voting and it was hard. Good Luck all!!!

  35. Angela Dowden says:

    I Thought Laura’s was the mist original, took the most work and was soo retro chic!

  36. Oooh these are all awesomeness! Such inspiring work from all you ladies.

  37. Rick says:

    Love Sequins and Slippers!

  38. Ashley says:

    Creactive and cute

  39. Julie says:

    I have picked a favourite but it was hard – they are all pretty fab!

  40. Joe says:

    Best use of fabric

  41. SO excited this is back, voting was tough this week but I’m excited to see what’s up next!

  42. Sarah says:

    yeah! I love competitions like this! I’m excited to see all the creations there will be in the next few weeks!

  43. Martha Wood says:

    Great ideas and inspiring remakes!

  44. graeme skinner says:

    when I was at school I really enjoyed sewing so that’s way I think this sewing competition is so great I do have my favourite she is so talented & beauitful everytime I see a picture of her new dress at she has made I think she gets better and better.

  45. Anny says:

    What a difficult choice! I finally narrowed it down to two and it was still hard to choose between them. Thank you so much for hosting, just when I’m having Project Runway withdrawal. You are the Tim Gunn of Refashion!

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  47. Everyone looks fab!!!!

  48. Cheryl L. says:

    Such creativity with these remakes made it hard to choose just one to vote for! All of these clever designs are inspirational.

  49. Carol Stearns says:

    Awesome! It helps to be thin and tiny!

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  51. Linda E says:

    All of the refashions were neat but I especially liked the combination of the striped top with floral skirt. I think the colorful pink buttons added to the top and the black bias on bottom of the skirt made it look “designerish!”

  52. noki1979 says:

    Loved them all but though this was the biggest transformation..plus I liked the sharpie pen bit x

  53. Karen says:

    The oversize shirt redo is really cute & it is the style she loves. Now I need to find an overdized shirt….hmm.

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