Give a Boxy Shirt and Sweater A New Feminine Silhouette

Why, oh why, do I do this every winter?

Those snacks and treats that I would NEVER pay any attention to, much less have a relationship with in the summer keep finding their way into my life and into my mouth this time of year. French fries, donuts, and yes, even large quantities of cheese puffs seem harmless to me when it’s cold and dreary outside.

Until one day, my little “I Can Eat Anything I Want” fantasy turns into a “Getting Dressed in the Morning” nightmare. As one outfit after another is rejected and thrown on the floor and the pile becomes bigger and bigger, I wonder who’s body has taken me hostage. Each outfit is abandoned as it literally stretches the limits of appropriate work wear and my options become very limited.

That’s when I reach for those boxy shirts and sweaters.

Although they may be comfortable and hide a multitude of sins, let’s face it, for some of us– they do nothing for our well fed figures. But if you combine two boxy shirts you can create an entirely new look. By adding a little elastic to the waistline, you can create a shirt/sweater combo that is both comfortable and has a more flattering silhouette.



So set down that bag of cheese puffs and wear off a few calories by clicking here to see the entire tutorial: 🙂


To wear off even more calories and for your chance to win a copy of my new book, The Refashion Handbook, just leave a comment and pin the tutorial to one of your Pinterest boards. I’ll announce the winner next week.

The Refashion Handbook

The winner from last week’s Sweater Slipper post is…


Tamara Greetham Krick!

Congratulations and please send your address to me at so I can send it out to you.

For more refashion inspiration:


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I'm a busy wife, mom, grandma, and teacher who loves to create. I've joined the refashion scene and I 'd like to share and connect with all those talented and creative people out there doing similar things.
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41 Responses to Give a Boxy Shirt and Sweater A New Feminine Silhouette

  1. Wanda L Norris says:

    I love this idea! I plan to make the upper portion longer (due to my short waist-itis) and use a old lace table cloth for the bottom. Ciao Wanda

  2. Terri Harmon says:

    What a great idea! You are so creative. Now I’m off to the thrift store to do some shopping. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Mother Deer says:

    This is a very clever idea, Beth. I love your description of WHY it needs to be done. It would be nice to see this dress on a model…especially one of MY body type 🙂

  4. marla says:

    I need to do this too!

  5. karen atlas says:

    Love how you find just the right tutorial when I need wardrobe help! I have also overindulged in my favourite winter comfort snacks. 😦

  6. Niecy says:

    I love this now I know what to make my daughter for a just because gift…
    So so cute… I’m prolly going to make myself one too…

  7. Joy says:

    Love it! Going through my closet ASAP! You are so creative!

  8. Another great idea. I think I have some items already that I can do this with. I’ll be pinning this to do soon. It would even work with some summer weight shirts too. You are always an inspiration.

  9. Claudia says:

    This is great! I love this idea. I am going to sign up for your newsletter too! I pinned this too–my friends will be enjoying this idea!

  10. mrsjbru says:

    Reblogged this on Washed by the Water and commented:
    Love this! !

  11. Good solution to a common problem–food and fit!

  12. Debbie White says:

    You do an awesome job of refashioning clothes and I love your ideas!

  13. Ruth Lutz says:

    I love seeing what great new idea you’ve placed in my inbox each week! Another great refashion idea pinned and added to my To Do List! Thanks for a chance to win your wonderful book!
    Warm regards,
    Ruth Lutz

  14. Jo H. says:

    So cute! It would work over leggings, too, if the shirt portion was on the short side. Another great tutorial, Beth!

  15. Melissa Reynolds says:

    This is lovely!! What a neat idea! Time to hit the thrift shop!

  16. Og says:

    I loved this one- pinned to my sewing board!

  17. vjcollins says:

    Love this! Pinned to my And Sew On board 🙂

  18. Bev says:

    What a cute idea. Pinning it to my fashion board.

  19. Susan Luke says:

    I think wintertime snacking gets to all of us! Last night, after a family game night of train dominoes and Phase 10, we found ourselves indulging in Orange Julius’ and salty potato chips. I had to walk away from the table just to quit eating the chips! What a cute way to win the war on this yearly dilemma!

  20. What a cute sweater/blouse! I love how you did it and makes perfectly

  21. Trish F says:

    I love this, I’m going to check out some clothes I have packed up to go to good will and see what I come up with. Thanks for sharing. I commented and shared over at eHow.

  22. ruby t says:

    Your ideas are just what I need! The slippers are getting made first, I think, then the dress/shirt refashion for a tunic. Keep the good stuff coming…Thanks

  23. Margie says:

    This is such a clever idea. Who would think a shirt could become a skirt! I pinned your tutorial.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. Jean C. says:

    You are so sweet to have another give away. Please count me in…
    Hope you have a nice Valentines Day!

  25. Jenni says:

    Love your whole website, as well as the scenery – I used to live in the Tri-Cities, now I’m an East Tennessee transplant 🙂 Miss it back there!

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  27. Looks like an anthropology hack

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