Hurry! The Dress Form is Finally On Sale!

Just wanted to let you know that now is the time!

I frequently get asked about the dress form I use. I bought mine at JoAnns when they ย were on sale. They hardly ever get discounted, so if you’ve been waiting to buy one, the time is now!


If you’re lucky enough to live by a JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store, for one day only, on Thursday, August 1, the dress forms will be on sale for $99.99. They are regularly $259.99. That’s a savings of $160.00.

Dress Form Sale at JoAnn Fabrics


So, if you’ve been thinking about buying one, Thursday is the day!

(I think this is an in-store only sale.)

Good luck!


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59 Responses to Hurry! The Dress Form is Finally On Sale!

  1. Gosh I hope you are right! I have been looking this morning on how to make my own and I am discouraged… This will help 100% of my problems with the pattern I am doing. Joanne’s opens this Saturday! I’ll go look on Aug 1st and see if they have the sale on the dress form! Crossing Fingers… Hoping you are right! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Debi Askew says:


    Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2013 15:43:53 +0000 To:

  3. Holly says:

    Hi everyone! I live in Longview, WA and I just called the Joanne’s located here. The employee I spoke with said the sale is usually $100.00 off. She wasn’t sure at the time of our conversation, but I thought I’d share that bit of info in case there are differences related to locations. If that’s so, it’s still a good deal in my opinion. Woohoo!! Thanks for sharing Renegade Seamstress.

  4. Blondie says:

    Oh my… I must take the day off FT job to get one of these. But I don’t live close to a Jo Ann’s ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  5. Valerie says:

    Oh, man, I want this!!! Trying to figure on how to add a trip to Tri Cities that day…Chris actually has the day off ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. And for anyone who doesn’t live near enough to score that one… I bought this one and you can get if for 3 interest free payments

  7. Molly Watson says:

    I just read your post here about the dress form sale. It’s funny my mom was just telling me about this sale this morning and I thought…hmmm…should I?? When I saw your post about it, it was like someone was whispering to me “get one”, in a soft, sweet voice. Ok, now I am really thinking about making the step!! Lol. Happy sewing ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. carolyn says:

    Dritz Dress Form @ for $92.
    I purchased mine last year for $75 with free shipping!

  9. Anonymous says:

    wow i cant believe they ever charge 259 for these- they are way too lightweight and dont have a good pinning surface- unless this is different then when i got this at joanns a few years ago.

  10. sewexhausted says:

    I love my dress form- bought it last time they were on sale… today I ought those amazingly priced Burda patterns.. $2.49 each! Unheard of! ~Laurie

  11. Ann says:

    After reading descriptions of several dress forms, it seems I’m a composite (petite and just on the edge between “large” and “full-size”). Has anyone used this product to customize beyond the basic form options?

  12. debbielynne says:

    I want to purchase a dress form too. Now I’m confused which one to get. The one at Jo Ann’s, the Singer one, or the Dritz? Pros & cons?

  13. Ingrid says:

    I also looked on Amazon and found a Singer one that JoAnns sells for $241 for $97 with free shipping. Exact same models. This might be an easier option since the closest JoAnns is over an hour away for me.

    • Oh, this is wonderful, Ingrid! Thanks for the heads up!!

    • mom2twinsx2 says:

      Yes! I ordered this one ๐Ÿ™‚ as soon as I told him about this post, my dear husband brought me home a dress form he’d seen at a local shop and had been planning to get for me for some time, but it was a dress form from the 60s and wasn’t quite ‘curvy’ enough to match me…I could get the chest big enough, but then the waist was too big – and if I made the waist small enough, then the chest was too small…hoping this Singer one, with all the adjustments will be a better match for me! No matter what, THANK YOU, Beth, for lighting this fire…SO happy to finally get a dress form…now I can finally start on those yard sale dresses I’ve been stashing!!!

  14. says:

    It was in the Baton Rouge, LA flyer. I’ll be in line!!


  15. will you help change my life?
    if you canโ€™t buy me a cup of coffee, than spreading the word helps too.

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  17. I picked it up today! Thank you so much for the heads up! My 20% off for joining their email list worked on it as well bringing the total before tax down to about $80.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I bought one today! ๐Ÿ™‚ My JoAnns not only had the Singer dressforms but the other two brands they sell as well. All $99.00. What a deal! So excited to refashion now!

  19. JP says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for posting this! And with my teacher appreciation card, I got another $15 off! Whoo hoo!

  20. says:

    Snagged one of two in stock at my Baton Rouge Joann’s. Thanks for the heads up!!


  21. says:

    Oh gosh! What to name her???


  22. Teacher Ann says:

    Thanks for posting this sale. I had to drive 40 miles to get one but the lady gave me the extra percent off coupon so I only paid $80, too.

  23. terri says:

    So thankful you wrote this post. I’ve been wanting a dress foam for over a year now but couldn’t find an affordable one to ship to Hawaii. We don’t have a Joanne’s here. But reading your post prompted me to check Craigslist and I found one, never used, on sale for $85 in my own neighborhood! I gave up looking months ago and so your post couldn’t have come at a better time. Aloha from a grateful fan!

  24. Jannybee says:

    I also took the plunge and found a used Acme dress form for $60. I don’t think it’s the right size for me but I’m planning to make a close fitting toile and use that to pad it out appropriately. It’ll be so fun to actually have a dress form to use!

  25. Janet says:

    I bought the Singer model at Joann’s and returned it. I have a longer back to waist length than many patterns and longer than that dress form. Unfortunately that model does not adjust in back waist length. So, just to beware. I ordered a Dritz form from Amazon for the same price.

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