Upcycled Flannel Leopard Print Infinity Scarf

Upcycled Flannel Infinity Scarf

Are you getting ready for the Dress for Change Week ? It’s coming up fast. The first week of April will be here before we know it. I hope you will support Sheyanne’s senior project by participating in this worthy cause. Head over to her site to sign up if you haven’t already done so.

Of course, I can’t go through a week of wearing the same dress without having a few new upcycled accessories.

Let’s make an infinity scarf from these old unflattering flannel pajama pants to wear during Dress for Change Week.

Upcycled Flannel Leopard Print Infinity Scarf

Upcycled Flannel Leopard Print Infinity Scarf

Upcycled Flannel Leopard Print Infinity Scarf

Upcycled Flannel Leopard Print Infinity Scarf

Upcycled Flannel Leopard Print Infinity Scarf

Upcycled Flannel Leopard Print Infinity Scarf

Upcycled Flannel Leopard Print Infinity Scarf

Upcycled Flannel Leopard Print Infinity Scarf

Upcycled Flannel Leopard Print Infinity Scarf

Upcycled Flannel Leopard Print Infinity Scarf

Wow, super easy to make!

Upcycled Flannel Infinity Scarf

Now I want to make a different infinity scarf for everyday of the week.

Upcycled Flannel Infinity Scarf

Lovin’ me some spring sunshine! It’s been a long winter…

Upcycled Flannel Infinity Scarf

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43 Responses to Upcycled Flannel Leopard Print Infinity Scarf

  1. You know what? I MIGHT be able to pull this one off – I’m going to have to go looking around my closet for something I like the material of but not the fit…..I”m going to pin it so I don’t forget! Great job!

    • I KNOW you could do this, Kelli! It’s fun because you could use almost anything for this, an old dress, pj pants, regular fabric….anything. I was skiing this weekend, but now that I’m home, I want to make some more.
      Have fun!

  2. Joyce Love says:

    I love this! The print looks great with your coloring. And old pjs to infinity scarf – who’da thunk it?

    • Thanks, Joyce. I don’t have much leopard print but I think I might need to rethink that. 🙂
      Really, you could use most anything to make a scarf like this. I hope you get a chance to try it.
      Happy sewing!

  3. Cul de Sac says:

    how cool looking is leopard print on you?? it suits you so well! ok, now, I’ll be looking at pants differently 😉

  4. Jan says:

    You are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! (The scarf isn’t bad either!)

  5. I’m loving that leopard print! I scored a bagful of pajama pants (for .49 each!) at a thrift store with the purpose in mind to make them into infinity scarves! I wasn’t able to find any cool leopard printed ones though. 😦

  6. Mel B says:

    The sunshine looks amazing! So does the scarf……love it!

  7. I love infinity scarves! So easy to make and in every fabric. I need to ck to see if I could do the challenge sounds fun!

  8. Jo H. says:

    Very neat idea! Two questions: Did you hand sew the ends of the tube (final step)? What kind of material was in the pj’s (what weight, cotton? T-shirt weight? etc.)? Thanks 🙂

  9. Mary says:

    Love this idea! I did the exact same thing for my daughter a couple months ago.. She had leopard print PJ pants that she was finished with and I made her this same scarf from that fabric. It looks fabulous when paired with a black turtleneck.

  10. artclubblog says:

    Never would have thought of it. Looks great…and the spectacular view behind you. Wow!

    • Thank you! I’m so very fortunate to get to look at that view out my living room window everyday. Somedays the sunsets reflecting on the mountains are absolutely breathtaking. I’ve always wanted to take some panoramic photos representing the different seasons. Each has a special beauty. Thanks for your nice comments!
      Have a great day!

  11. LOVE IT! You look amazing with that pop of animal print… Very clever idea.

  12. Love it! anything leopard is my favorite. Once again you inspire me. I have not had a post over the past 2 weeks…(report cards) I am sure you can relate! I gotta get going. Keep it coming Beth!

  13. Shari Bird says:

    Five words. You are a genius!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I just did come across your post on pinterest. Your ideas are so cute==I will definitely try this as I love to wear scarves and recycling things. I have a question to ask–I am a plus size gal and would love to have some ideas on how to make some belts and sashes. Can you thing of a way to make existing belts bigger to fit larger sizes? Any suggestions you have would be appreciated. Thanks

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  16. T says:

    I love your scarf … And can you believe I have those same pajama pants… Yay !
    As far as the belt question above.. I’ve cut a belt in two and added elastic the same width in the middle so it’s not visable from the front.

  17. elycaysmum says:

    You are so talented and beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Darnaga says:

    Plein de bonnes idées ! Merci pour votre imagination si créative.

  19. Collette says:

    I bought a pair of second hand chiffon palazzo trousers for £1.99 from my local charity shop and after following your instructions have made the most beautiful infinity scarf ! Thank you

  20. Karen says:

    You are so clever… thanks for a great idea..

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