A Perfect Day After Thanksgiving Skirt Refashion Tutorial

Found this sweater when I was digging around my refashion stash and for a moment considered it’s roomy comfort might be perfect, as is, for lounging around and sleeping off the turkey induced coma on this day after Thanksgiving.

But my scissors won out and they started snipping away. Funny how they will just take over at times. Before I knew it, those Fiskars had cut the sleeves and the top of that shirt clean off.

I guess there’s no turning back now so I might as well turn it inside out and start pinning. Be sure when sewing the new side seam to start at the bottom and watch so you’re matching the stripes along the way.

As I was searching for some wide elastic, I came across some more of Cooper’s old boxer shorts. What the heck…… he finally forgave me the last time I mentioned his underwear on the internet. It was such a nice color and so soft and comfy, perfect for the waistband of this skirt. I couldn’t resist. And besides, it’s refashioning at it’s finest! Right?!!!??

After trimming the old shorts away, I marked the center front and back of the elastic and the skirt with chalk.

Matching the chalk marks and the side seams, pin and sew the elastic to the top of the skirt.

And now, feeling just as comfy on this day after Thanksgiving as when I was wearing the shirt, I can now actually get up off the couch and go somewhere.

Even if that somewhere is taking Cooper and Garrett bird hunting. Perhaps, I need to refashion some camouflage next so I can look good out there in the marsh. 🙂

Enjoy your day and don’t forget to boost your local community by shopping Small Business Saturday tomorrow.

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About The Renegade Seamstress

I'm a busy wife, mom, grandma, and teacher who loves to create. I've joined the refashion scene and I 'd like to share and connect with all those talented and creative people out there doing similar things.
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46 Responses to A Perfect Day After Thanksgiving Skirt Refashion Tutorial

  1. Mother Deer says:

    Another great re-fashion! You have a great personal style 🙂 Everything that you make is fashionable and flattering…you’re an inspiration.

  2. As usual, another great post! Thanks for sharing. This is awesome…..

  3. THAT is adorable! I’m always amazed at what you see in a throw away shirt, skirt, or dress.

  4. I love this!! Nice work, and lovely post!

  5. Love it!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  6. Deann Campbell says:

    As always, you make such cute things!! One of these days I will be brave and try one. You are such an inspiration…

  7. Mindi says:

    Cute! It is fun to see your refashions:) I have used stretchy material from a dress that was on the sash as my waist band before. It made 2 skirts; one side for each skirt. Underwear elastic is great! The more refashion the more fun the refashion. I love to take stuff from something else I was not liking and adding it to another that I will wear again.

    • Oh yes, Mindi, definitely the “beauty of refashioning”! Great idea to use the waistband sash for a skirt. This whole refashioning thing is ridiculously fun to me, too! It’s such a challenge to see what throwaway items can be made into something useful again. Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll come back again!

  8. Love the fun stripes. Another skivvy skirt. That makes me laugh. Maybe you could refashion his socks into mittens, just to annoy him further. That’s a mother’s job, right?

  9. I only recently discovered your site b/c I cracked open a sewing machine for the first time in my life and I really want to thank you for these awesome tutorials. They’re completely up my alley as a new sewer and repurposing old clothing is even better!

  10. blankenmom says:

    Did you put a lining in this? If not, how do you keep it from “creeping” (bunching up above your knees) when you walk? I have a sweater dress someone gave me, but I can’t wear it yet without a lining because of the “creep” so I’m curious.

  11. noriecreates says:

    Great idea! Looks great

  12. Sara says:

    The elastic is brilliant! I never would have thought about that. I will keep it mind for the next time my husband is throwing out underwear!

  13. Very clever! I’d say it’s more perfect as a skirt and thanks for the elastic tip!

  14. alicecarman says:

    You are the Queen of refashion indeed!

  15. Fabulous skirt. And in my fave…..black and white! You make me smile. I so would have been the one to reuse elastic too. Can’t wait to see you do a camo refashion.

  16. rhibee77 says:

    What a great idea!!! Look forward to trying this myself although I’m not the most experience sewer 🙂

  17. Lucy says:

    You should be happy !! You are amazing !! Inspired me to make a skirt from my partners woolen work vest that he no longer wears as they changed the style !! Love it. Thankyou !!! 🙂

  18. blaanca says:

    great work. this can be an inspiration for this weekend.
    warm regards

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  20. Jaci Tusman says:

    Ok I know this is an old post but I plan on making this skirt soon from a sweater that just doesn’t work anymore as a sweater. Funniest thing is that after I read Sara’s comment above about using her husband’s underwear; I asked my husband if he had any old underwear to get rid of. The look on his face was priceless!! He’s still trying to figure out what his underwear and a new skirt have in common! Priceless!

  21. Laura Lucci says:

    Thanks for the great idea. I used one of my husband’s sweaters to make a skirt. I had to take it in but that wasn’t hard at all.

  22. Laura Lucci says:

    I’m on my second skirt. Thanks again for the great idea. It looks like you are tapering to the waist – so you have recommendations on measurements?

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  24. Ann Harper says:

    Please start doing some new fashions during this time of covid. I have enjoyed your posts,but have seen all of your old refashions. I know I am not the only one on lock down during this pandemic. Your posts are so more age appropriate for some of us middle age ladies than some of the younger bloggers postings. I follow you and Always Autumn and get many idea for myself and grand kids. I also follow the Refashionista and get many ideas for my daughters and teen grand daughtes. Please, Please, Please consider doing some more updates. I miss you!!!! Are you still teaching? My oldest just started teaching this year(all in the middle of covid). She works with the special need students in high school. We miss you. Thanks so much and stay safe.

    • Awwwwwwww, thank you so much Ann! Your words really warmed my heart. I retired from teaching a year and a half ago. My husband and I have been spending lots of time with the grandkids and we did get to travel a bit last fall before Covid hit. Creating content for eHow has kept me busy and, you’re right, I haven’t been doing the refashioning the way I used to. One of my goals is to get back into it and your sweet comment has inspired me. Here’s to staying safe and healthy throughout the holidays. 🙂

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