Quick and Easy Gypsy Costume

Mrs. Battington, Mrs. Huntingstone, Pete the Cat, and Mrs. Wishy Washy. To name just a few of the Halloween costumes that Mrs. Huntington has worn over the years.

I instantly knew I’d be a gypsy when I saw this skirt at Savers the other day.

$4.99 is not a bad price considering it fit perfectly so no alterations were necessary.

All I had to do was dig around my closets for the rest of the costume. I found this belt from a previous thrift store shopping trip.

This scarf would work for my hair.

Some sterling silver bracelets I inherited from my grandmother would add to the charm.

Add to that a couple of my grandmother’s ivory bracelets. (I love the intricately carved birds and flowers.)

Some brown wooden bangles.

A Forever 21 necklace that I’ve not worn yet.

A long necklace that’s been in my jewelry box forever.

A necklace from my friend, Judy.

Put it all together with a black hand me down shirt from my daughter and I’ve got an inexpensive yet fun Gypsy Halloween costume.

Happy Halloween!!!


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About The Renegade Seamstress

I'm a busy wife, mom, grandma, and teacher who loves to create. I've joined the refashion scene and I 'd like to share and connect with all those talented and creative people out there doing similar things.
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29 Responses to Quick and Easy Gypsy Costume

  1. Such great colors and you put it together so well! Those ivory bracelets are just gorgeous!

  2. Fantastic, Beth. How is your new grandbaby?

  3. Marty Frasier says:

    Now that is a costume I could spend the day in!

  4. Laura says:

    Great costume! Those ivory bracelets are just beautiful.

  5. Cul de Sac says:

    Awesome! I love the sequins on your skirt. Nice find!

  6. Just discovered your site, love the refashions. I am an avid thirfter and new blogger who is losing weight and I am going to follow you and be using what I learn from you to help recreate my wardrobe….

  7. I was thinking of doing the gypsy this year! Got everything except for the accessories, which are so fun to shop for anyway. Great post for inspiration before I hit the thrift store!

  8. ooobop! says:

    Don’t you just love it when a costume comes together so painlessly! Your grandmother’s silver bracelets are gorgeous btw 🙂

    • This was super easy. Just what I needed this Halloween. I was lucky to inherit much of my grandmother’s jewelry. I wear it quite often and I feel as though she is with me. I wish her clothes would’ve come my way. She was quite stylish and lovely.
      Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

  9. Cara Olsen says:

    What a fun and easy way to put together a costume. It turned out so well! One thing I always ask of my husband each year is that we go as something “attractive.” I really have no desire to plaster blood and gook all over my face. I want to be something that I cannot be normally, something grandiose or enchanting. I think a gypsy costume is right up there with princess or southern belle. 😉

    Blessings to you, Beth!

    ~ Cara

  10. Super creative AND affordable!

  11. cathy diacetis says:

    I want the skirt! Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2012 22:45:45 +0000 To: cadiacetis@hotmail.com

  12. Jo H. says:

    Great job; you’ve thought of everything! Those ivory bracelets are truly lovely.

  13. Marietta Warkentin says:

    Thank you!! I needed to put together a cheery costume for the senior center I work at. I had a fun shirt given to me for my birthday that inspired “gypsy maid”, found a bright scarf at the thrift store, raided my jewelry box, now I just need some bangles and hoop earrings.

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