How to Make a Fabric Tortilla Warmer: New One Minute Video

Apparently, the term “social distancing” is not being used by our neighbors to the north.

Our Canadian friends are using the much more romantic phrase,

“exiled for the good of the realm”.


My friend, Debbie, says it’s much better way to leave everyone wondering what you did, and I totally agree. From now on, since we’ve been “exiled for the good of the realm”,  you can find me in my sewing studio until further notice.


The guacamole is fresh, the onions are diced, the cheese is shredded and the table is set. All you need to make your taco night perfect is a handmade, cotton fabric tortilla warmer. Soft, warm tortillas are essential for delicious fajitas and tacos. Just place your tortillas in the warmer and heat them up in the microwave. In just 30 seconds or so, your tortillas will be ready and will stay warm throughout your dinner.

YUM! Now, I’m hungry.

For my entire photo step-by-step tutorial, click here.

Happy Sewing!


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How to Make a Floor Pillow Mat: New One Minute Video

Since many of us are staying home these days, here’s a comfy DIY idea to make for some serious snuggle time with your kids or grandkids. This just might be a good time to be making holiday gifts. Or maybe just make one for yourself. 🙂

WARNING: There’s some cuteness up ahead.


Whether watching a favorite movie, reading a good book or just relaxing next to a warm fire, this floor pillow mat will keep you cozy and comfy. Bring it along when you’re camping, take it on sleepovers or wherever an extra bed or mattress is needed. It just takes a couple of yards of soft fleece and four standard sized pillows to make one of these snug cushions. Just a word of warning though — if you have kids, you’ll need to make more than just one.

Click here for the entire step-by-step photo tutorial.

Happy Sewing!


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How to Make Felt Succulent Plants

How lucky am I?

Being able to create content for eHow and being able to work remotely from my little rural Eastern Oregon town has definitely been a blessing and even more so during these times of “social distancing”.

I know so much of the media is focusing on the tough times, but it’s my prayer that many good things will come out of this time. For instance, opportunities for remote work will continue so those who need it can be more available to the people they love or have work no matter where they live. Who knows what other great things will come out of all of this, but I just know that there are future changes ahead that will surprise us and actually be good.

In the meantime, I’ll be sharing projects for you to enjoy and maybe help you through these unusual times.


If you’re a sucker for succulents, but if you’re like me and your thumb is less than green, these adorable little felt desert plants are a great alternative. Felt succulents are not only full of color, texture and unique character, but they are a cinch to make. Plus, no watering is required and they will forever be in bloom wherever you plant them. Jackpot!

Click here for the full tutorial.

I hope you, your family, neighbors and friends are staying safe.

Happy Sunday!


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How to Can Peach Jam: A New One Minute Video

Social distancing can have some perks.

It’s all in how you look at it.

Hunkering down with your loved ones, getting some much needed chores accomplished, or finally having time to learn how to make something new.

Maybe learning how to do something new, lighthearted and pretty is just the ticket for these unusual days. Something like my latest eHow project:

How to Make and Preserve Homemade Peach Jam.

I know this isn’t sewing related but one of my other favorite things to do is preserve foods.

You know, like can summer peaches for winter cobblers, can green beans for hearty stews, or preserve beautiful jams to go on warm homemade rolls.

Like making 185 jars of jam as wedding favors for Katie and Adam a few years ago.

So. Much. Fun!!!

If you want to learn how to make and preserve homemade peach jam, click here for the entire step-by-step photo directions.

Or, watch my new video here:

If you came here looking for sewing and refashioning inspiration, click here.

Happy Canning!


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Southwest Sew Along: Amy Smith

Amy Smith was brave to sew along with us on this season of Refashion Runway: Season Five. Thank you Amy!

Here is her version of the Southwest Challenge:

I have taken a rug from an op shop and refashioned it to create a Dolman Sleeve style Cardigan with a funky big Collar to show of some of those amazing patterns.  I then took one of the remnants and repeated the fabric in a panel on the skirt, along with the grey linen look trousers. I made a basic skirt with a flat front and back elastic gathered waist as a quick sew. I love that the skirt and cardigan both have the same design incorporated, but aren’t too matchy-matchy.  Modeled by my Gorgeous Daughter, and photobombed by Coffee – our 1 year old hen.

Thank you for joining us this season, Amy. I’m sure you’ve inspired more people to sew along with us next season. 🙂

Happy Sewing!


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The Overall Winners of Refashion Runway: Season Five


Every season of Refashion Runway has it’s own personality and if I was to describe this season with one word, it would be STRONG.

So many capable, energetic, tenacious, and solid designers and each of them enchanted us with their different strengths and talents every week.

And they all came through the finish line with a STRONG finale!

Thanks to you, this season we had close to 20,000 total votes. The winners are determined by combining the percentage of the total votes they received with the total number of points they received from the judges who scored each week on, following the challenge, originality, craftsmanship, design, & presentation.

After all your votes and the judges scores were totaled up, this is how the competition came out.


In 4th place,


Here are the innovative designs that she bought to us this season:

(If you are interested in seeing the before pictures as well, click on the challenge title.)

Statement Sleeves


Faux Fur

Small to Large


Kentucky Derby Hat

Thank you so much KT for being a big part of Refashion Runway! You shared so many tasteful designs and did so with such grace. It was such a pleasure to see what you created each week. I hope you had fun because we loved having you here with us.

She will be receiving a nice gift card from JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts.


We have a tie for 3rd place between Julie Kong from Sugarcane Sweet Designs

and Beki Biesterfelt from Beki’s Custom Sewing

Let’s take a look at what they brought us this season:


(If you’d like to see how these refashions started out, click on the challenge title)

Statement Sleeves from window screen and candy wrappers!


Faux Fur

Small to Large


Kentucky Derby Hat

Thank you Beki for sharing all of your original, artistic designs. All of your unique techniques surprised and impressed us each week. The very first entry I opened this season was your Statement Sleeves made from window screen and candy wrappers. I knew right then that it was going to be an unprecedented season.

She will be receiving a nice gift card from JoAnn Fabrics also.


Here are the awesome projects that Julie brought us this season:

(If you’d like to see how these refashions started out, click on the challenge title)

Statement Sleeves


Faux Fur

Small to Large


Kentucky Derby Hat

Thank you so much, Julie, for being a big part of Refashion Runway. From your amazing work with crochet and lace to your beautiful daughter, Alana, you have inspired us week to week with your incredible refashions. And I hear you did all of this while sharing your love of books to 1,000 elementary students each day, taking a class and taking care of your mom. I applaud you and I hope you’ll have a chance to rest for awhile now, you deserve it!

She will also be receiving a nice gift card from JoAnn Fabrics.


In 2nd place

Peggy Latta from Heirloom Textile Art

Let’s look back at her amazing and classy creations this season:

(If you’d like to see how these refashions started out, click on the challenge title)

Statement Sleeves


Faux Fur

Small to Large


Kentucky Derby Hat

Peggy, your attention to detail, originality, and incredible sewing skills have inspired thousands of us this season and we all thank you for joining us. I hope you’ve met some new friends and that loads of people have discovered your incredible replica miniature gowns that you create over at Heirloom Textile Art.

Your attention to the intricate details that your work requires is so remarkable.

She will be receiving a nice gift card from JoAnn Fabrics.

and a book from Tambra Nicole Kendall

who graciously donated one of her beautiful new books as a Refashion Runway prize.


Please join me in congratulating the overall 1st place winner of

Refashion Runway: Season Five…..

Deana Budgell from djewelss

Here’s a look back at Deana’s incredible designs:

(If you’d like to see how these refashions started out, click on the challenge title)

Statement Sleeves from a men’s suit

1970’s from a couch

Faux Fur from a faux fur jacket

Small to Large from two wedding dresses


Kentucky Derby Hat from couch springs, placemats, and much more

Deana, you and your unexpected designs, remarkable photos and incredible sewing skills  have elevated Refashion Runway to a whole new level. I have been honored and humbled that you decided to join us this season and I’m really looking forward to seeing your future adventures in sewing because I know they’re going to be exciting ones.

She will be receiving a nice JoAnn Fabrics gift card sponsored by my friend and Co-Madre, Penny Hampton and moi, The Renegade Seamstress. 🙂

In addition, she will receive the newly released book by Lorri Ann Scott from l.a.s. fibers

Wayward Threads

And also a prize package from from Lisa Christman at Wild Ginger Software

Fashion, Design and Sewing Pattern Software


A big thank you also to Sonya Blackman from She’s So Creative, Marisa Glied from The ReFash Stash, and Michelle Paganini from Paganoonoo. They are incredibly talented designers who work hard with their sites and I hope you will subscribe to them and support them in their future endeavors. They will also be receiving nice JoAnn Fabric gift cards.


Well, there you have it!

Cheers to another friendly sewing competition in the books:

Refashion Runway: Season Five

I hope you enjoyed voting for your favorite designers, looked forward to opening those emails each Saturday, met some new sewing friends, found some sites to support, and became inspired to try some refashioning yourself.

I’m definitely going to miss the excitement….

until next season……..


Happy sewing and refashioning!




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The Winner of the Kentucky Derby Hat Challenge: Refashion Runway Season Five

A big Thank You to everyone who voted, encouraged and supported these talented and creative designers this week. And much obliged to the judges who took the time to score each of the entries on: Following the challenge, Originality, Craftsmanship, Design, & Presentation.

I know that you’ve been champing at the bit 🙂 to find out the winner of this week’s Refashion Runway challenge, Kentucky Derby Hat, so I won’t make you wait any longer.

The 4th place winner this week is


The third place winners this week are

Beki Biesterfelt from Beki’s Custom Sewing

and Julie Kong from Sugarcane Sweet Designs

The 2nd place winner is

Peggy Latta from Heirloom Textile Art

and 1st place in this Run For the Roses is

Deana Budgell from djewelss

A big round of applause goes to these wonderful designers for bringing us their best game each week. You all have thoroughly entertained, wowed and inspired us with your unbelievable refashions, beautiful photos, and inspirational designs.

Next up:

The overall winners of Refashion Runway: Season Five

Stay tuned…..

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Time to Vote: Kentucky Derby Hat- Refashion Runway Season Five

The hats, the dresses, the horses, the mint juleps, oh, how I’d love to head to Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby someday.

The Derby has been referred to as The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports, but not for these designers.

NOPE, not for them.

Hours and hours have been put into their beautiful Kentucky Derby hats for you to enjoy in this week’s challenge. To help your favorite designer cross the finish line, scroll to the bottom of the post (or click here) to vote.

And they’re off……..


Peggy Latta from Heirloom Textile Art

When looking on Pinterest and searching Google, I saw many outlandish, garish and quite enormous Derby Hats. It just didn’t seem quite right so I reached out to millinery enthusiast Jody DeFord of @redsshoediaries. Jody is always listed among Indianapolis’ best dressed, continually stepping out with impeccable fashions. Here’s her esteemed advice for a perfect Kentucky Derby Hat:

  • The hat should always be deliberately coordinated with a full ensemble, with details that echo and/or complement each other. Small details with repeated elements in both hat and dress or shoes or small clutch/handbag really pull a look together. Elegance and sophistication is key.
  • The most overlooked but in my opinion one of the most important things is that a Derby hat must be interesting to look at and finished from ALL angles. 
  • The best hats are constructed using couture sewing techniques, rather than glue. 
  • The weight and balance of the finished hat should also be considered from the outset. Most couture hats are designed to sit at an angle (which is also generally most flattering) and some have a very pronounced tilt. This makes weight and balance critical for stability and comfort.
  • In no event should the overall width be wider than the shoulders of the wearer. Plenty of people don wildly oversized hats, but it looks kitschy rather than elegant. It’s also super irritating to other people who have to dodge out of the way in doorways, etc, to avoid being struck by a garishly large hat.
  • I personally like a mix of textures some small but interesting details (such as beading or incorporation of a vintage piece of jewelry) that gives the viewer more to see the longer they look at a hat. I also think elements like this make a hat stand out as one-of-a-kind and not something mass produced.

Keeping Jody’s advice in mind, I set out to create my Kentucky Derby Ensemble. I started with a coral, plum and apricot straw tote bag. Other materials included a wire basket, garden fencing, a book (pages and hard cover), a little girl’s tutu, a butterfly print skirt, vintage rhinestone pins, a lace dress and a knit dress.

I wanted my challenge entry to be more than just a hat (noting Jody’s advice) and with this being the final week, I decided to take one more opportunity to restyle a garment for my wardrobe.  I upsized a beautiful coral lace dress incorporating a flippy hemline from a coral knit dress. I also thought the elements of my ensemble should mean something. This is the symbolism you will find in my Kentucky Derby Outfit:

  • ROSES (the Derby is nicknamed the “Run for the Roses”)
  • BOOK PAGES (flowers and leaves) AND COVER (handbag) refer loosely to the term “to make book” or place bets. 
  • BUTTERFLIES mean “good luck” (for the weather, the horses, a safe race, your bet….)

As you look over my hat, you will find beautiful, hand crafted, color-washed book page roses and leaves nestled into the plum tutu skirt that forms the upper brim.  Beaded butterflies flit about the roses. From another angle you will find vintage pins from my Mother’s collection. And if you look really closely, you might find a bumblebee pin!

In keeping with the book symbolism, I repurposed the hard cover from the book and created a handbag for little necessities. It too is embellished in a similar…but different…fashion to the hat.

When I started this journey, I promised myself, my family, my friends and my followers that I would not leave one speck of creativity on the table…and I haven’t! I’m very proud of what I have shared with you each week. Thanks for following along.  




Julie Kong from Sugarcane Sweet Designs


As I glanced over at my hat project today I was hoping all the pieces would just put themselves together.  I thought if I stared at it long enough it would all make sense and come together.  I knew in order to create a stand out derby hat, I had to create controlled chaos. Okay, Mr. Hat, lets do this.  First of all, let me thank my creative friend Vickie Powers.  She found me an amazing beige hat at the American Cancer Society.  A big thank you to Stephanie Dahlberg for donating her no longer wanted floppy hat.  Also, Thank you Merlynn for helping me make adorable paper flowers.  You really are a master of paper.

As you can see, this hat is a combination of two hats.  The hat was adorned with hand made flowers that I made from sheer fabric.  Bright feathers added just the right amount of FLAMBOYANCE.   Once again I used broken pieces of jewelry and a pair of clip on earrings for some sparkle.  Now the paper used in the flowers has been recycled from discarded books.  As you know, I’m a school librarian.  Unfortunately, we discard a lot of books due to damage.  We shouldn’t  throw the books away.  We should reuse them!  Hey, lets cut the petals out from the pages of those books and make flowers.  Lets go crazy and make lots of flowers!  The students in the library agreed!   I think we’re going to decorate the library with the rest of them!   Now I’m not sure if you realize it but this hat is reversible!  Fun times!!  One day I can wear it to the Kentucky Derby.  The next day I can turn it around, so the paper flowers are in the front. and wear it to work!!  Yes, I am going to wear it to work.  I must find a book about the Kentucky Derby to read to the kids!!

The dress used in the picture is an upcycled garment.  It was originally a slip and a crocheted  tablecloth.  It has been adorned with antique lace plus new lace.  All pieces have been tea dyed.

WOW is all is have to say.  What a ride this has been.  Making something new and creative every week has been exhilarating but challenging.  Then to end it all with the Kentucky Derby hat. Wow, wow, wow!!!   I hope you’ve enjoyed this ride with me.  I’m going to miss seeing what all the other contestants create.  You all did an amazing job!  Such creativity!!!



Beki Biesterfelt from Beki’s Custom Sewing

I’ve never made a hat shaped on a hat block . . . Until now!!
Supplies I used:
*wash away stabilizer
* odd & ends of rayon, metallic and decorative threads
* tyvek mailers
* leftover acrylic paints
* found turkey feathers
* natural dyed silk cocoons
* scrap of silk fabric

Threads were sandwiched between 2 circles of wash away stabilizer.

I machine quilted the thread sandwich to hold everything in place.

My makeshift hat block . . . A bird bath and bowl taped together.

The wash away was partially rinsed out. The gooey threads were shaped on the “hat block” to dry.

I painted a few tyvek mailers with acrylic paints, cut out large flower shapes and shrunk with my steam iron.

Embellished with found turkey feathers, tyvek flowers, natural dyed silk cocoons and a silk band I made from a scrap leftover from my dress.

Finished hat!!



Yes!!!! We made it to the final challenge! I must admit this was a scary one for me at first, since I have never been to the Derby and never made a hat before.  Now that I have the hats, maybe I will put the Derby on my bucket list.
My inspiration for this challenge came from the British style fascinators and my favorite celebrity Derby hats.  I used everyday household materials to make the hats ( place mat, paper plate, cardboard, felt, luffa, and hot glue) I used the felt and paper plates to make the flowers and pink luffa to make the veil of the pink hat. Once I started researching, I was inspired by many looks and could not decide on one, so I made three hats!!! ( after all,  it is the final challenge, so I though why not go big right?).  The Red/Fuscia hat was inspired by Kate Middleton’s much photographed red-on-red ensemble (of all her many beautiful fascinators, her red ones are my favorite).  The yellow hat was inspired by what Amal Clooney wore to the  Royal Wedding.  I absolutely love her style. The white hat was inspired by the hat Kim K wore to the KY Derby. I thought it was fresh and modern and looked great on her.  I made  two refashioned dresses to complete the look of the yellow and fuscia hats.  I hope you guys enjoy the result.
This has been a great experience.  I have learned a lot from each contestant and I have improved my sewing skills by trying new things.  Thank you to everyone who went on this sewing journey with us and cheered us on every step of the way.  Thanks to my fellow sewists and designers for challenging me every week, I learned a lot from each of you. And last but not least, thank you Beth for creating this platform and promoting creativity. Sew on ladies!


Michelle Paganini from Paganoonoo


Sonya Blackstone from She’s So Creative

For the Kentucky Derby Hat challenge, I decided to go with a fascinator instead of a hat. I didn’t have anything made from sinamay laying around here (nor could I find it at thrift stores), but I did have a lot of leftover pieces from the wedding dress I used for the Round 3 Faux Fur project! The liner was perfect for the base because it was lightweight and semi-sheer. I also had a red button up that I had bought (but never used) for Round 1, so I used that to make roses to represent the rose garland given to the winner!

I actually designed this hat around a dress my model has, so I decided to dye the white fabric pink to match her dress (and shoes!), but I ended up having to model it myself (red dress to the rescue!) I’m so glad I dyed it pink, it really adds that perfect “pop”!

I also had a lot of silk flowers laying around, since I buy them as photo props for my crochet patterns, so I was happy to have a purpose for them (I only use them in photos a couple of times each). I dyed two bundles of the white flowers pink to bring more pink into the finished piece.

I also used some floral wire and beaded some of the pearls from the wedding dress bodice onto them to give the “hat” a little more romance and visual texture. I added one pink flower to each tip to tie it together. I added one pink flower to each tip.

Last, but not least, I took one of my daughters toy horses and added it to the front. This was a whimsy addition, because that’s really more true to my style (I typically design “playful” and “whimsical”). Since the derby is all about horses, it just seemed right. Plus, I’ll just give the fascinator to my daughter to add to her dress-up box!


Marisa Glied from The Refash Stash

When I saw that Kentucky Derby Hat was on the last of the Refashion Runway challenges, I was ecstatic. Every year I refashion a hat to wear during my annual Kentucky Derby Party. My personal goal was to make it far enough into the competition to be able to make the Derby hat….and I made it!

I had this hat laying around since last year’s derby refashion. Plus every Derby hat needs a fashionable dress to match!

The Hat:

I grabbed some fabric spray paint (which is super fun to use) from JoAnn’s. I sprayed underneath the brim with the white paint and the whole outside with the rose gold paint (swoon!)

Over the years I have accumulated a basket FULL of faux flowers from Michaels, JoAnns, Hobby Lobby and even Dollar Tree! I took a look through my stash of faux flowers and found a few pieces that I think would tie my hat to my floral dress!

I added this beautiful pearl and sheer ribbon I also had stashed in my ribbon box!

While the white paint underneath the brim was still wet I laid the hat down on some white lace material I had and carefully cut the width of the hat out. Let that dry!

I cut 3 long pieces of this silver sparkle tulle and folded them accordion style and stitched the ends together.

Now to fire up the hot glue gun! I began piecing my hat arrangement together. First some pink cattails and the silver sparkle tulle.

Some feathers and blue flowers.

Roses to match the dress material.

Lastly, I finished up adding the flowers and leaves. I always like to make my arrangements on the back of the hat.

The Dress:

I removed the sleeves and cut the dress at the waistline.

The front of the dress had buttons, which I removed and stitched together the front seams. Then took the sides in and cropped it short (bold move for myself)!

Since the Kentucky Derby is a spring sport, what better way than to celebrate spring fashion than with a wrap skirt! The original dress came with was matching sash. I sewed a casing at the top of the dress to fit the original sash. On one side of the dress, I made a buttonhole, which will be used to thread the sash through so it can be tied together.

Hey Y’All it’s Derby Time! (Not really, it’s February and 18 degrees outside Burr!)

I paired my hat and dress with these vintage shoes that were my mother’s wedding shoes and then my wedding shoes 🙂

I told you making Derby hats is my most favorite thing! Here are my past hats and now my most current hat!


Deana Budgell from djewelss

Knowing this is the last challenge it’s somewhat bittersweet. I’ve learned so much in the process- how to think outside the box, pushed myself to try new things, made some what I know will be lifelong friendships, trusted my instincts over influence of things surrounding me and have learned to sew better then I ever have before.
Thank you to Renegade Seamstress for hosting this fun competition. It’s been a blast.

Kentucky Derby Hats— First thought…girlfriends, pretty dresses, heels and BIG beautiful hats… and sweet “Blue” who stole the show 🐎 😄
What a fun challenge!!
I decided to use up some of the previous items that I was left with from previous challenges and a few new items from our local thrift store “The Attic”

After deciding what items will go with what hat and dress. I got out my gloves and spray paint and went to town. While waiting for paint to dry I started making the patterns for the dresses.

Hat- Anne of green gables basic straw hat, wire wreath, craft blocks, styrofoam balls, random flowers, gift box cover and leftover fabric from dress
Dress made from thrifted black and white dress pants.

Hat- straw salad bowl, placemats, random flowers, couch springs, craft blocks and thrifted dress from an new IG follower in SLT.
Dress made from a roll of fabric from the Attic and a zipper from couch cushion.

Hat— A lamp shade ,lots of thrifted flowers, fabric from lining of the Small- Large challenge, hat crown taken off a straw hat, craft blocks and some very special ribbon given to me by Ann Finnie ❤️
Dress— my best friend and I were pregnant at the same time and I used one of the dresses I made for our photo shoot.

Hat—A flattened Jcrew floppy hat, crafting mat, wire springs from couch, thrifted flowers and hating binding and bow used from straw hat.
Dress—Thrifted night gown from the Attic

Deon, you asked for something Camo…😃
Hat— Brim of another hat that I used in black hat, thrifted flowers, craft beads and blocks, placemats, wire from couch around brim and fabric from a maxi skirt and some extra that I had left over for lining.
Dress- made from previously owned maxi skirt.

Thank you for all your votes and encouragement during Refashion Runway.
Who knew so many unwanted things could be remade into such beautiful pieces of art.


WOW! Just WOW! Can I borrow a hat for my next Kentucky Derby party?

Now it’s your turn to vote. Click on the circle by your favorite designer then be sure to scroll to the bottom of the poll and click the VOTE button so your vote will be counted. This season you can vote once every 24 hours so feel free to vote for your favorite more than once or vote for more than one favorite. 🙂

If you don’t see the poll click here.

Here are links to the other challenges:

Week One: Statement Sleeves

Week Two: 1970’s

Week Three: Faux Fur

Week Four: Small to Large

Week Five: Southwest

Week Six: Kentucky Derby Hat

Happy Sewing!


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The Winner of the Southwest Challenge: Refashion Runway Season Five

Wow, everything from cowgirl hats, to lace, to turquoise and even airlines. It’s always so delightful to see how each designer interprets the challenge and puts their own spin on it. Last week was no exception.

You had a very hard to decision to make but you voted and the judges agreed.

Here are the winners of the Southwest Challenge:

Fourth Place goes to KT

Third place goes to Julie

Second place goes to Peggy

First place goes to Deana

Congratulations everyone!


No one is getting eliminated this week, so on to the last challenge:

Kentucky Derby Hats

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Faux Fur and Small to Large Sew Along: Amy Smith

Thank you, Amy Smith for sewing along with us in the Faux Fur and the Small to Large challenges.

“For the faux fur challenge, I spotted an awesome vest, dress and trousers that I have used to make a new funky dress. I used the front panel of the trousers and their fabulous pin tuck to create new self drafted side panels for the dress. I then used the waist band of the trousers and so be of the faux fur to create the short sleeves for the dress. A fur trim along the base of the dress added a little bit of length as well as complimenting the faux leather and patterned fabric of the dress. I kept the featured metal zip at the back.”

I loved the shape I was able to give the original dress by creating the side panels, even if it was one of my biggest challenges as I needed to create the pattern for the side panels myself.”


Beautiful job Amy! Your daughter looks great!


Amy Smith

“Here is my entry for the sew along challenge this week. A pair of children’s leggings that have become the sleeves for a top for my daughter. They were the perfect size for the Elliedactyl 5k top, and the waistband was used to make the neck band! I particularly love the black stripes down the sides of the arms!”

Another great idea, Amy!

Thank you for sewing along with us!!!


If you’d like to see Refashion Runway Season Five and vote for your favorite designers in the most recent challenge, Southwest, click here.

Here are links to the other challenges:

Week One: Statement Sleeves

Week Two: 1970’s

Week Three: Faux Fur

Week Four: Small to Large

Week Five: Southwest

Week Six: Kentucky Derby Hat

Happy Sewing!



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