New One Minute Video: How to Make a Felt Rose Pillow and Harold

This Valentine post is a not only a cute felt, rose pillow tutorial, but it’s a love story. Not your typical love story, but a love story none the less.

It goes like this:

I get to wake up every morning to a beautiful, panoramic view of the Eagle Cap Wilderness.

But that’s not the best part. Nope!

The best part is seeing the little green house that sits across the field in my view and remembering the man who used to live there.


You see, 24 years ago Harold made our dream of building a house come true. Even though he didn’t know us very well, he generously said yes when we asked him if he’d be willing to sell us a piece of his property. He practically gave it to us. He was paying it forward, he said. He wanted us for his neighbor, he said. He liked us, he said.


And, as if the property wasn’t enough of a gift, he unknowingly gave us the gift of generosity, the gift of devotion, and the gift of love each and every day. I wish he would’ve known exactly how powerful his gift was.

Each morning, as I look out my window my first thoughts are of love, of generosity, of compassion, and devotion all because of Harold.

When I look over at his house I and remember him out puttering around in his garden, I see generosity. When I remember seeing his adult children rallying around him as he grew old, taking turns living with him and keeping his place up, I see devotion. When I see his little green house, I see love.

Thoughts of generosity, devotion and love. Pretty good way to start every day if you ask me.

This one’s for you Harold! We love you!

And, if you happen to have a soft spot for everything that celebrates love, this delightful DIY rose pillow can be made in an afternoon and will look great on your couch, chair or even in your love nest.

Click here to watch the Facebook video: (Be sure to turn unmute the sound, it’s much better with the music 🙂

Here’s the YouTube version in case you don’t have Facebook:

Click here for the full step-by-step tutorial.

Click here for more sewing and refashioning inspiration and tutorials.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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New One Minute Video: How to Make a Fabric Placemat

I’m one of the lucky ones. Not only do I have a guardian angel, but I even know her name.

Kathie was 9 years older than me. My oldest sister. My second mom. My inspiration. My hero. My friend. So artistic, so tasteful and, in my eyes, so cool! She had it all: a handsome, fun, and kind husband; a beautiful, healthy baby boy; a charming house and we all adored her.

But, she left this world when I was 18.

I thought I’d never see her again.

But, sometimes I look in the rear view mirror and she’s in the backseat of my car, rockin’ out to Rare Earth’s “I Just Want to Celebrate” with me after one of life’s sweet victories. Sometimes, I look up and she’s in the aisle of the plane making me smile when I’m on the way to my mom’s funeral. Sometimes, in the morning, she’s in the bathroom with me letting me know that I CAN make it through another day. Sometimes, she goes and hangs out with one of my children when they need her. But, I always know she’s looking after me, putting in a good word for me, and celebrating with me.

What does all of this have to do with handmade placemats you ask?

Well, just look at those mid-century modern dishes, those chic crystal glasses and that teak handled silverware! All chosen by my sister back in the early seventies for her wedding registry. I was lucky enough to inherit them. She and her dishes help us to celebrate many of life’s victories and holidays.

They deserve custom made placemats. They deserve colorful new table linens. They deserve to be part of a new and creative tablescape. Placemats are super easy and fun to make and you can make a new set in less time than driving to the store and buying some. Make new sets for each new celebration. Use any fabric and be as creative as you’d like.

Click here for the complete “how-to” instructions.

You can watch the YouTube video here:

Or watch the Facebook video here (be sure to unmute the sound, it’s so much better with the music) 🙂 :

And the next time something great happens to you,

I hope your guardian angel is in your back seat singing:

“I just want to celebrate, yeah, yeah

Another day of living, yeah

I just want to celebrate another day of livin’

I just want to celebrate another day of life!”

Happy sewing,


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Throwback Friday: Little Girl’s Sweater Dress Refashioned From an Adult Sweater

Pretty sure Shakespeare was thinking about Brooke when he wrote:

“Though she be but little, she is fierce.”

Who knew, 5 years ago, when this picture was taken, that Brooke would fiercely overcome some incredible odds, impress people all over the world and become a champion archer. We are all so proud of her.

Plus, she looks so stinkin’ cute in this refashioned sweater dress so I thought you might like to see this project again in case you have a closet full of old sweaters and a fierce little girl in your life.

Start with an adult sweater.

Isn’t this label great!

Use a well fitting t-shirt for a pattern.

Cut around the t-shirt, leaving a half inch for a seam.

Turn the sweater inside out and sew the side seams, starting at the bottom to keep the bottom edge together. Then cut the sleeve length to fit.

Turn inside out and sew up the sides of the sleeves to fit.

Place the sleeves back into the armholes, right sides together, pin and sew.

And now you’ve got a sweet little sweater dress for a cute little girl in your life.

Back then, I was pretty sure Brookie, had a modeling career ahead of her. That was if she could find the time after all of her hunting, fishing, four wheeling and horse riding adventures with her mom and dad. 🙂

Instead, she’s on her way to being a world champion archer.

And if you really want to enjoy another blast from the past, here’s a Youtube video on how to make a little girl’s sweater dress from my first television appearance ever on the Happi House.

Here’s a few other examples from past articles. Just click on the picture if you like to see the entire tutorial:

Refashioned Sweater Dress Tutorial

Refashioned Sweater Dress Tutorial

Refashion Sweater Dress Tutorial

Refashion Sweater Dress Tutorial

Happy Sweater Weather Sewing!


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New Video: How to Make a Sweater Quilt

If you were as obsessed with “Smitten” making as I was, you most likely have a pile of sweater scraps that need a purpose.

How about making a soft and cozy sweater quilt?

This quilt used all cashmere and soft wool sweater scraps and a backing from a thrift store flannel sheet.

You can watch the how-to Facebook video here:

Or, you can view the YouTube video here:

Click here for the complete step-by-step photo instructions.

Sweet Dreams!


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Video: Wrap Up in Style With This DIY Blanket Coat


Is it a cape? Is it a shawl? Is it a poncho?




I found this wool blanket at my thrift store awhile back and have been waiting for just the right moment to use it.


It’s so soft and I love the fact that, like me, this blanket made it’s way out west from Minnesota.


You can watch the Facebook video here:

Or, if you don’t have Facebook, you can watch the YouTube video here:

Click here for the complete step-by-step photo instructions.


For more sewing and refashion inspiration click here.

Happy Sewing!


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DIY: Deer Head Silhouette Sweater

I have a love/hate relationship with deer.

When twenty of them are milling around the field in front of my picture windows with the snow covered Eagle Cap mountains rising up behind them, I’m totally in love.

But, when they are munching on my tomatoes, the love leaves quickly and Cooper’s pellet gun starts to look like a very good idea.

So instead of target practice, I asked that ruggedly handsome (and artistic) husband of mine to draw a deer head silhouette, grabbed a sweater and some plaid, and got right to work making a deer we can enjoy all the time and, I promise, it will never eat your garden.


To see the full tutorial click here.

You can download the pattern here:

deer head silhouette

Stay warm…


For more refashion and sewing tutorials and inspiration click here.

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New Video: How to Make a Fabric Purse Organizer

Who knew that a 5 year old would know the Hallelujah chorus?!

But sure enough, each time one of my students gets excited about something we’re doing, he raises his hands in the air and exclaims:


Cracks me up every time!! 🙂

I’m pretty sure you’re going to feel like joining him, especially if you made a resolution to get your life in order, when you see how to make this delightful purse organizer.

Let’s be honest—dealing with purse clutter every day can leave you feeling confused, scattered and even a bit dysfunctional. Being organized not only saves you time and money but it can also boost your energy, reduce stress and make you happier.

Just grab a pretty placemat, a few pins, a marker and a straight edge so you can breathe a sigh of relief each time you open your purse and actually find what you need.

You can watch the Facebook video here:

You can watch the Youtube version here:

Click here for step-by-step photos and directions.

This would also make a great gift. Just fill it with goodies and when the goodies are gone, (and in my house that would be about 2 minutes) they can organize their purse.

Happy Sewing!


For more sewing and refashion tutorials and inspiration click here.

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New Video: Make a Cozy Little Girl’s Sweater Skirt From an Old Sweater

The snow is falling, fireplaces are lit up, and the smell of hot chocolate is in the air. It’s the perfect time to pull out an old sweater from the bottom of your closet and create a cute and cozy sweater skirt for a little girl in your life.

You can watch the Facebook video here:

You can watch the Youtube video here:

Love those little toes!!

Click here for the entire step-by-step photo tutorial.

Happy Sewing!


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How to Make a Travel Neck Pillow: DIY Video and Tutorial

In-flight snoozing on those red-eye flights just got easier and much more fashionable. When sleeping upright is your only option, this soft and comfortable DIY neck pillow will help you get the Zzz’s you need. Make one to match your luggage or make one to match your traveling clothes. Whatever colors you choose to make this pillow, it most certainly will ensure sweet dreams during your next trip.

You can watch the Facebook video here:

Or, you can watch the Youtube video here:

Click here for the step by step photo tutorial.

Happy Travels!


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Easy Last Minute DIY Gift: Flannel and Fringe Scarf (Tutorial and Video)


Little did my mom know that when she declared the Christmas of 1971 as a “Handmade Holiday,” she changed my life forever. I can still remember feeling so honored and loved when even my dad, who was Mr. Busy and Mr. Uncrafty, spent time putting together presents he thought we would enjoy.  The huge mosaic he made from our shag carpet remnants hung on the wall above the piano for years. The fabric-covered hanging lamp he made for me hung above my bed until I went to college. It was this Christmas that began my own “Handmade Journey.”

Today, I’m still on that journey. It has become such a part of who I am today. All seems right with the world when I’m able to design, create and share my sewing adventures with you.

If you’ve declared your own Handmade Holiday this season, a flannel fringe scarf is an easy, stylish gift to make for anyone on your list.

You can see the Facebook video here:

Or, if you don’t have Facebook, you can watch the Youtube version here:



Click here for the step-by-step photo fringe scarf tutorial.

Happy Holidays!


PS For more sewing and refashion inspiration and tutorials, click here.

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