How to Make Sleeves Bigger: New One Minute Video

Whether your sleeves are too tight or you’re just trying to create a statement with some billowy new sleeves, adding an insert is an adjustment that even a beginner can do.

You can choose your level of drama by varying the width of the insert. Keep the bottom of the insert around 6-inches for a subtle increase or amp it up to 10 or more inches for an exaggerated statement.

Whatever you choose to do, you can update a few pieces of your wardrobe in an afternoon with this fun and uncomplicated fix.

Check out the videos:

Click here for the entire step-by-step photo tutorial.

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Happy Sewing!


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DIY Cardboard Loom Bracelet: New One Minute Video

Friendship — one of life’s most precious gifts.

When you need a helping hand, a listening ear or a good laugh, our besties will always be there to help us through the good times and the hard times. Especially those friends who have been by your side since childhood, sharing memories like summer bike rides, sleepovers in the back yard, and making friendship bracelets.

If these fun bangles were a part of your childhood, now could be the perfect time to teach this simple weaving technique to the young people you love. It’s therapeutic, relaxing and fun.

Grab a little cardboard, some colorful yarn, find a comfy spot and get to work on a few bracelets for yourself or make a few to send to those sidekicks your children might be missing right now.

Click here for the entire step-by-step tutorial.

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Happy Weaving!


PS. A big thank you to KK for being my cute hand model. 🙂


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If you Can’t Find Elastic For Your Face Masks, Use T-Shirt Yarn

Shortage of elastic?

Yep, with so many DIY face masks are being sewn worldwide the demand for elastic has skyrocketed.

If elastic is in short supply where you are, t-shirt yarn could be a good, free and available alternative.

Click here for the complete step-by-step photo tutorial.

If you’re not busy sewing masks, here are a couple of other ideas on what to do with your t-shirt yarn.

Wall hanging


I hope you and your loved ones are all safe and sound.


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How to Turn a Suede Jacket Into a Crossbody Bag: New One Minute Video

Yesterday, I posted how to make a journal cover from a suede jacket.

Here’s something you can create with the rest of the jacket:

When things go back to normal and you’re on vacation, shopping at the store, strolling through the park or enjoying an afternoon at the zoo, a cross bodybag will be a must have item. They are perfect for carrying the essentials and keeping your hands free at the same time. You can even make your own from an old thrift store suede jacket or shirt to put your own personal touch on a bag that just might become a new favorite.

Click here for the complete step-by-step photo tutorial.

Happy Sewing!


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How to Make a Journal Cover From a Suede Jacket: New One Minute Video

For many of us, our normal days have been temporarily halted.

It would be so interesting, for the sake of history, if we kept journals of what life is like now and what we learn through these unprecedented times. Each of our individual perspectives are important when recording our experiences.

Keeping a journal is also a wonderful way to clear your mind or help you to destress. Writing each day can also be a great tool for self-improvement or just a way to keep track of important events. Even though we can’t travel right now, you could make one to document your future travel adventures.

To source the suede for this project, I used an unwanted suede jacket that had been hanging around the thrift store for awhile.

(I got some comments on Facebook about destroying a perfectly good jacket for this but let me assure you, I only buy the unwanted, on-sale items. We all know what happens to the unsold thrift store clothing… on to the landfill they go. Plus, I have another project for you that uses the rest of this jacket.)

Click here for the entire step-by-step photo tutorial.

We are all in this together.


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Sewing Competition Hosted by Wayward Threads Author, Lorri Scott

If staying home has got you looking for creative ways to pass the time, here’s a sewing contest that could be just the ticket.

One of our Refashion Runway sponsors, Lorri Scott, who wrote the book Wayward Threads,

is hosting a sewing contest.


Here is the information about her contest:

“I have started this Facebook page to share upcycled garment design with other like minded souls. I have recently written a book on this “wayward threads” and know that several people have already purchased it.

Because the world seems to have come to a halt as far as socializing and entertainment because of Covid-19 I am going to host a contest for those who want to create a garment using an idea or technique from my book. If you haven’t purchased it but want to join in you can find the book at Amazon…

We can all stay home and create!

“wayward threads” garment contest.

Starting today, March 14th 2020 I will be hosting a contest for people to create an upcycled garment using a technique or an idea from my book “wayward threads”. If you have not purchased the book yet you can get it through Amazon here…

Take a photo of the shirts/materials you gather to upcycle! In the next couple of weeks work on your project and take photos of the final garment you create. Post the photos on this page along with your full name.
The deadline to finish garments and post photos is April 1 (don’t be fooled, lol!).

I have a team who will help me choose the top ten contestants. On April 4th I will post those top ten photos and names on my website for the public to vote on and choose the top winners. Voting will end April 6th and winners announced on April 7th.

I have a prize for everyone who enters! It is a downloadable tutorial on special treatments for upcycled garments, pocket, neckline and sleeve(less) ideas.

I will have prizes for the top 3 contestants but will keep them as a surprise, believe me they are items you will want, I want them!

Happy designing and sewing! Can’t wait to see what is created!”


Happy Sewing!


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How to Make a Fabric Tortilla Warmer: New One Minute Video

Apparently, the term “social distancing” is not being used by our neighbors to the north.

Our Canadian friends are using the much more romantic phrase,

“exiled for the good of the realm”.


My friend, Debbie, says it’s much better way to leave everyone wondering what you did, and I totally agree. From now on, since we’ve been “exiled for the good of the realm”,  you can find me in my sewing studio until further notice.


The guacamole is fresh, the onions are diced, the cheese is shredded and the table is set. All you need to make your taco night perfect is a handmade, cotton fabric tortilla warmer. Soft, warm tortillas are essential for delicious fajitas and tacos. Just place your tortillas in the warmer and heat them up in the microwave. In just 30 seconds or so, your tortillas will be ready and will stay warm throughout your dinner.

YUM! Now, I’m hungry.

For my entire photo step-by-step tutorial, click here.

Happy Sewing!


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How to Make a Floor Pillow Mat: New One Minute Video

Since many of us are staying home these days, here’s a comfy DIY idea to make for some serious snuggle time with your kids or grandkids. This just might be a good time to be making holiday gifts. Or maybe just make one for yourself. 🙂

WARNING: There’s some cuteness up ahead.


Whether watching a favorite movie, reading a good book or just relaxing next to a warm fire, this floor pillow mat will keep you cozy and comfy. Bring it along when you’re camping, take it on sleepovers or wherever an extra bed or mattress is needed. It just takes a couple of yards of soft fleece and four standard sized pillows to make one of these snug cushions. Just a word of warning though — if you have kids, you’ll need to make more than just one.

Click here for the entire step-by-step photo tutorial.

Happy Sewing!


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How to Make Felt Succulent Plants

How lucky am I?

Being able to create content for eHow and being able to work remotely from my little rural Eastern Oregon town has definitely been a blessing and even more so during these times of “social distancing”.

I know so much of the media is focusing on the tough times, but it’s my prayer that many good things will come out of this time. For instance, opportunities for remote work will continue so those who need it can be more available to the people they love or have work no matter where they live. Who knows what other great things will come out of all of this, but I just know that there are future changes ahead that will surprise us and actually be good.

In the meantime, I’ll be sharing projects for you to enjoy and maybe help you through these unusual times.


If you’re a sucker for succulents, but if you’re like me and your thumb is less than green, these adorable little felt desert plants are a great alternative. Felt succulents are not only full of color, texture and unique character, but they are a cinch to make. Plus, no watering is required and they will forever be in bloom wherever you plant them. Jackpot!

Click here for the full tutorial.

I hope you, your family, neighbors and friends are staying safe.

Happy Sunday!


Click here if you came for sewing and refashioning tutorials and inspiration.

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How to Can Peach Jam: A New One Minute Video

Social distancing can have some perks.

It’s all in how you look at it.

Hunkering down with your loved ones, getting some much needed chores accomplished, or finally having time to learn how to make something new.

Maybe learning how to do something new, lighthearted and pretty is just the ticket for these unusual days. Something like my latest eHow project:

How to Make and Preserve Homemade Peach Jam.

I know this isn’t sewing related but one of my other favorite things to do is preserve foods.

You know, like can summer peaches for winter cobblers, can green beans for hearty stews, or preserve beautiful jams to go on warm homemade rolls.

Like making 185 jars of jam as wedding favors for Katie and Adam a few years ago.

So. Much. Fun!!!

If you want to learn how to make and preserve homemade peach jam, click here for the entire step-by-step photo directions.

Or, watch my new video here:

If you came here looking for sewing and refashioning inspiration, click here.

Happy Canning!


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