The Newest Trend: Tiny!!!

You guys!

Have you seen the new tiny videos? They are so compelling, intriguing and just plain cool.

I could watch them all day long! I mean seriously, how DO they cook on that teeny tiny little stove? And those teeny tiny cooking utensils! And that teeny tiny kitchen. I’m totally smitten.

And now my favorite people over at eHow are getting in on the fun with their new series: Real Tiny DIY.

Inspired by the the tiny trend started by the
Japanese mini food videos and Tastemade’s Tiny Kitchen, eHow has launched this amazing new series on their Facebook page and it launched today at 9 am.

Get a load a’ that tiny caulking gun! And it really works!!

Isn’t this the best thing EVER!!!

You’re welcome!


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22 Responses to The Newest Trend: Tiny!!!

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  2. So cute!! Where do they find the tiny bricks? Did they make them? I teach fairy garden classes and make tiny miniature fairy gardens and I am always making and looking for tiny miniatures. So fun!

    • jerri says:

      We got the blocks from They sell lumber and blocks and bricks and all kinds of other materials that are just right for fairy gardens! We’ll be posting a new tiny DIY video every Tuesday. Watch for more fun ideas! (Jerri from eHow)

  3. craftysurf says:

    There is this lady on IG called “The Mini Gardener.” Her creations are incredible! 😀
    I love the mini DIY trend- too bad my eyes are going 😂

  4. I hadn’t seen them but wow! They are really cute!

  5. jerri says:

    Thanks for sharing the video, Beth. We’re honored to see our video on your beautiful blog. Working with you is such a joy.

  6. Teri says:

    I’m sure you meant “you’re” welcome. Cute post.

  7. Susan Luke says:

    I LOVE tiny things! My mom and I used to publish books through Hot Off the Press. Some of our books featured miniatures. I loved going to the wholesale craft outlets in Portland and buying up a bunch of tiny things to work with. I really want to do some little fairy gardens with my granddaughters some day. Thanks for the heads up on the video series!

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  9. Gloria Elswood says:

    How do you access these tiny videos?

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