Refashion Runway: Pantone Riverside Sew Along

Good Morning! Here we are already with the last sew along of the fourth season of Refashion Runway.

A big thank you to everyone who sewed along. It’s been fun to see your creations.


Just one quick tunic sew along from Laura at Accidental Seamstress before we go into the Riverside sew alongs.




Stine Larsen from Denmark

“A white T-shirt with lace front ind size XL. It dyed just as I had hoped.
I put it around my lower body and measured, and pinned, and stitched, and pinned,
and stitched, untill it was just the way I wanted it to be.

A white top, I never used,
also got the blue treatment. It turned out fine, except that the lace became an
odd pale red. Off it went. l I replaced it with the upper part (neck,
shoulders and sleeves) of a striped dress I once refashioned. I love the


Blogpost with five more garments from the same dye bath:


Elizabeth from

“I had another whirlwind week. Fabric Mart selected me to compete in their
Fashion Challenge that they run on their blog this year, and I’m also
working right now sewing new garments from recycled materials for a local
boutique here in Denver. The challenges start on Wednesday for me, so I’ve
been sewing like mad to get all of my collection put together before I put
it up for sale. As luck would have it, 2 of the t-shirts I made fit the
challenges! I didn’t get before pictures because things went straight from
the thrift store to the cut table my time is so crunched right now!

The first one is my un-tunic tunic. As I mentioned, the denim trench coat
that I was working on last week took away my time to make a tunic, so I was
glad to have found a little this week to throw it in. The purple and navy
tee was made from a plus sized purple tunic with the really cool beading
and pretty classic tunic slit neckline. Tunics are often proportionally a
difficult length for my short frame–too long to be a top, too short to be
a dress, I usually end up looking pregnant or just really as short as I
am. I knew pretty quickly that I would cut it down to a better length for
me (approximately at my high hip). When I went to cut it, I realized that
I could cut everything while keeping the neckline entirely intact. It sure
saved me some time to not have to finish the neckline or shoulders. The
sleeves came from a long sleeve navy tee, and I trimmed the sleeves with a
strip of striped jersey from another tee. To top it off, I added some hand
embroidery with a vivid mossy embroidery floss around the beading.

I loved the Riverside challenge. I happened upon a long sleeve tee that
was pretty close to Riverside. I cut it up into 2 t-shirts. In addition
to the Riverside sleeves, the first has a brown ponte yoke, a navy stripe
cut from a maxi dress, and a big floral applique cut from my vast
collection of vintage napkins. The 2nd tee has a yoke cut from the same
navy striped maxi dress, the body of the tee is the Riverside tee, and the
sleeves are from another navy tee. I added strips of a fun orange and grey
home dec fabric that I used for a project for my best friend some time ago.

Thanks again for organizing this challenge. It’s been so fun to work
through the challenges these last few weeks and see my brain taking things
apart and putting them back together in ways I wouldn’t have thought to do







Charlotte from New Zealand has a happy little girl this week. 🙂






Claudia from Sew lil time:

“Hi there. Last one this year ! It has been a blast and I can’t believe I kept up
with all of the themes ! I love to push myself with hard challenges, which this one
was for me… I don’t particularly wear blue so I was taken aback with this week
theme… Riverside blue ? I found an old pair of pants that my mom has given me
YEARS ago, which were SO ugly but the right shade. Once I cut the legs, open them
and put them on myself, horizontally, I knew what to make. I did not have enough
fabric for sleeves so, tank top it is ! Of course, WAY too simple and easy for
me… So I grabbed a couple of more-or-less-matching ties from my stash and
proceeded to decorate my new asymetrical tank top. It really turned out as a tunic
! This fabric is SOOO confortable, perfect for the last days of summer ! Peace.


PS: A great big THANK YOU to Beth for hosting this wonderful event ! Hopefully she
can host one next year and I’d love to participate again !”






Molly from Molly Made It

“In capturing the Riverside Blue, I have refashioned a few different items
(including some faded denim).
I cut up the silky top and made a scarf, using the cuffs of the blouse as
the ends of the scarf. I layered the lace top over the blue tank, changing
the buttons on the lace top with some darling Riverside Blue buttons. I
fit the jeans with a couple of darts in the back, and “distressed” them
with my cheese grater and some 40 Grade Sandpaper. (That was messy, but
For the XL Men’s shirt, I removed the sleeves, took in the sides and also
the sleeves, then re-attached the sleeves. I removed the button down
collar to create just a stand up collar.
I turned the jean skirt into a denim purse by sewing the bottom closed and
giving it width. I went into my stash of fabrics and made a lining and some
pockets. I used a denim belt (from another item in my stash) to make the
In one of the photos, I removed the scarf and tied it through the belt
loops of the purse.”







DSC01042 (1)







Thanks to everyone who sewed along with this season’s challenges.

Up next, the winner of the Refashion Runway Pantone Blue Challenge.

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3 Responses to Refashion Runway: Pantone Riverside Sew Along

  1. redbamsews says:

    Job well done! Creatively done!

  2. Once again very creative ladies! I loved seeing all your sew alongs through the whole competition!

  3. All these ladies did such a great job! I’m completely mesmerized by all these refashions!

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