More Exciting News I’ve Been Busting at the Seams to Tell You!

I looked out the window as my plane descended into the Minneapolis airport that night last January and I couldn’t help but smile as I flew over the city and saw those brightly lit areas in every neighborhood. Most people wouldn’t even give those areas a second thought. Most people wouldn’t even know what they were. But I knew what they were. I knew what was going on under those lights. I grew up in Minnesota. I knew that under those lights there was lots of laughter, play, exercise, games, friendships building and young love happening. Some of my most favorite childhood memories happened under those lights. I knew those were the lights of the neighborhood ice skating rinks and I immediately knew I was “home”.

But they didn’t fly me there for ice skating.


They flew me there to be on TV!

Yep, The Renegade Seamstress is going to be on TV and I’m beyond excited!

It really is going to happen.

Back in December, Roberta Bonoff, the CEO of Creative Kidstuff, contacted me and asked if I would like to be a guest on their new show, The Happi House. Of course, I didn’t even take a breath before I responded with a resounding YES! They flew me to Minneapolis in January and we filmed three episodes.


The Happi House is an entertaining and informative weekly magazine style television series for women that airs on the CW channel at 9:00 on Sunday mornings. It’s sponsored by Creative Kidstuff.

As a teacher, I love Creative Kidstuff’s mission. They believe that play is joyful, educational, creative and inspiring. Their mission is to help families play together and learn together. The Happi House is a natural extension of that philosophy, and they were definitely lots of fun to work with!

I can’t wait for you to see the shows on April 12, April 26 and May 10.

I’ll remind you again as the air dates get closer. But, in the meantime, even if you don’t have an ice skating rink close by, I hope you can get out there and play!

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About The Renegade Seamstress

I'm a busy wife, mom, grandma, and teacher who loves to create. I've joined the refashion scene and I 'd like to share and connect with all those talented and creative people out there doing similar things.
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41 Responses to More Exciting News I’ve Been Busting at the Seams to Tell You!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! This is so exciting Beth. 🙂

  2. MaryJo says:

    I’m also from the Minneapolis area and spent a lot of time and $ at Creative Kidstuff when our children were young; love that store! Congratulations on your new partnership with them and I look forward to watching.

  3. Linda says:

    Wow! Just Wow! So excited for you, and happy to see your success!!

  4. Tami says:

    Congrats! And welcome home 🙂

  5. mari says:

    Fantastic!! You just keep creating & growing….I look forward to watching. Keep us posted.

  6. Galene tait says:

    That’s cool. All the way down here in New Zealand. When I became ill ( not going to die ) but keeps me at home I thought I would start knitting again, and then started looking at the Internet, and well I guess the rest you can all see I’m an addict. You are one of my favourites, I’m signed to that many sites. But I have learnt way to late in life to have a go and I realise that I can do so many things I get side tracked even most of my first attempts are usually pretty good. I will not see your program here but so pleased for you, maybe some children will learn quicker than me what you can be capable of. Cheers galene

  7. ooobop! says:

    You were destined for stardom, Beth! I’m so delighted for you. I do hope we will somehow at somepoint be able to catch you on our screens in the UK. Good luck with it all. Not that you’ll need it. You’ll be amazing!! xxx

  8. Margie says:

    Very exciting for you, congrats!
    And you are right on about Minnesota.

  9. Mother Deer says:

    Congratulations Beth! I’m glad that your hard work is being recognized.

  10. Lori M. says:

    Great news…..I will have to watch what you bring to the tv screen….And is that a doily on your sleeve with that jean jacket…how cute….

  11. OMG!!!!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! YAYYY! 🙂

  12. Susan Luke says:

    That’s so exciting! I knew it wouldn’t be long before we started seeing you on TV! Next, you’ll be hosting your own show! Congrats!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Will this show be seen in the Dallas Fort Worth area too? I sure hope so 😃😃😃

  14. Well done and look forward to seeing it…will it be on line?

  15. Oh my goodness! I’m so excited for you – please remind us and I’ll talk it up on my community page!!

  16. glenda Smith says:

    Woo hoo, Ill be looing forward to seeing it. Congrats!

  17. CAT Herbert says:

    St Paul is “home” for me too. Grew up there and feel something familiar every time I go through there now.

  18. Sherry Riley says:

    Very cool Beth! Congratulations!! Sincerely, Sherry

  19. gaby says:

    Congrats! I’m very inspired by you!

  20. Very cool! and that sleeve is fabulous!

  21. Anny says:

    Congratulations! That’s so exciting and you’ll be amazing!

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