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  1. Hello Beth,
    Thank you so much for checking out my blog! I am just getting stared in the sewing and blogging world. My dream is to one day end up where you are. I love your site! Especially the rustic chic wedding! My wedding looked a lot like that. A absolutely loved all of the country details! If you have any advice for me on how to develop my blog I would love to hear from you. I will be keeping my eye on you for inspiration 🙂

    Happy sewing!


    • Hi Jessica!
      I bet your wedding was beautiful! I’d love to see pictures sometime. 🙂
      As far as developing your blog goes, the main advice I have is to make sure and do a little something for your blog each day. Whether you are reaching out to other bloggers, working on a post, publishing a post, getting involved with other sites, or learning something new about photography…..just make sure to do something each day. Patience is also important, it takes time to gain subscribers and views so don’t focus too much on that, focus more on producing quality content and those things will follow naturally. There are so many more things I want to share with you about this. I could go on and on forever.
      I will actually be teaching a BurdaStyle webinar on this very subject on Thursday, June 5th. Hope you’ll be able to join us for that. I’ll let you know when you can register. I’m really looking forward to it.
      Happy sewing and blogging.

  2. Teresa Wulgaert says:

    Hi Beth, I enjoy your ideas and tutorials! My daughter is getting married next month. I just bought a vintage 60’s era Jackie O look sheath and matching coat. Its made of a lightweight silk . Someone hand crafted it back then! Its a little big. I was wondering if you had any ideas I could use to take it in and update it a bit. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

    Teresa ( a loyal fan)

  3. Chery Thomson says:

    I just found a Badgley Mischca dress for $3 at a local thrift store. I wondered if you study a garment until ideas come to you. This dress is new 3 sizes too big. I just hate to make the first cut!

    • It’s funny you should ask this question today. I woke up early this morning thinking about a dress refashion and going over and over possibilities in my mind.

      When I have a particular piece of clothing that I’m trying to get ideas for, I usually study it for a long time. I fill my mind with different images and colors and ideas. I lay it out with different colors and textures. I put it on and move it around in front of a mirror to try and see if certain looks might be nice. Sometimes I can get right to work because the plan comes easily, other times, like with the dress I’m working on now, it takes longer. I try to fall asleep thinking about it so my mind will work on it all night long. It’s amazing but many times when I do this, I’ll wake up with a plan, like I did this morning.

      If it takes too long to come up with a plan, I will just put it aside for awhile and work on something else. Good luck with your Badgley Mischca dress and let me know how it turns out!


  4. dzny5 says:

    Hi Beth!
    I can’t figure out the “figure 8” on the DIY fabric basket! Help!! 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for everything!!:)<3

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hello Bether,
    I can’t wait to hear more about your new digs! I’m trying to picture this window…… My guess it’s in the Union Hotel, or maybe a historic home in Union? I give up! But how exciting to have a space that will only enhance your creative juices.. And we all know how juicy those creative synapses are for you!
    Wuv you

    • I’m laughing so hard right now, Carol!!! Juicy Synapses…. you are hilarious. The new studio definitely equals a great par-tay space!!!! You’ll have to come over and see. It’s still pretty funky, but hey, what’s not to love about a funkified studio space…right!!!!
      Hugs, my friendy friend!

  7. lorilidesign says:

    any news letter emails?

    Lorili Design thanks you!!

  8. Barbara says:

    Hi Beth,
    Got on the webinar today. I thought it was great. I was wondering how you fit a full time job into the amount of time you spend on your refashioning? In your time management you said you started with an hour per day. About how much time now do you spend, and do you plan to stop teaching? Or do you think it is possible to keep doing both? All of you information is so inspirational. You are a great teacher.

    • Thank you so much for being there today, Barbara! Your comments really made my day. My saving grace is, I’m a kindergarten teacher and I do have the summers off to work on blogging. That being said, I do work on my blog most weekends and in the evenings during the school year. Anytime I have a spare moment, I’m doing something for my blog. I don’t have any plans to stop teaching yet. I just finished my 24th year but if the right opportunity came my way, I’d definitely consider it. Have a great day!

  9. Debby says:

    Your webinar on Tips for a Better Blog was great. I enjoyed every minute of it and you shared so many great ideas. Thanks, Beth. Looking forward to your upcoming book. I have been working on a little girl’s top and shorts from a men’s shirt and a matching women’s tank top. I worked harder on taking photos along the way. Need to get it together and create a tutorial or Pinterest post.

  10. KittyGritty says:

    Hi Beth, love the ottoman cushion tutorial. It is very clear. One thought I had. Anyone with children or pets or significant others who spill coffee 🙂 would appreciate an easily washable version. I’d suggest doing an overlapping foldover (no point hassling with a zipper) on the bottom center or on one side. Then you could just slip the foam out and be able to wash the cover. Another hint. Wash the fabric prior to sewing to preshrink 🙂

    • Thanks so much for the tips! I love the idea of doing a side foldover. I usually do pre wash, but this fabric suggested dry cleaning, so I’m crossing my fingers that the spillage will stay at a minimum. 🙂 I might go back and add some piping, I think that would look nice, too. Have a great day!!!

  11. Mandy Leslie says:

    Hi! I love your site! Wished you lived closer to help me with these sewing projects! There are a few items at our local thrift store that have cauht my eye as for the fabric and color. Where do I begin to know if these things will work to be repurposed? Someone else will have to do the sewing, as I do not have that skill. Do the items have to be bigger than my normal size to be repurposed? Specifically, right now, I am looking for skirts/dresses to wear with fall brown boots and sweaters to do like your oatmeal one with the patches! Your stuff is so super cute! Again, can you just come for a visit to south central Wyoming?!?
    Thanks a bunch!
    Mandy Leslie

    • Hi Mandy!
      I used to live in Wyoming before I moved to Oregon. We lived in Jackson Hole and then Evanston. I wish we could hang out and thrift shop together. I bet we’d have fun!
      Start by buying super inexpensive items and just give it a try. You just might surprise yourself! 😉 Have fun!

  12. Neisha says:

    I am so impressed with your refashions!! I wish I could look at a piece of clothing and be able to think of how to refashion it.

  13. Sunny says:

    Hi! I read about your blog and book in the LaGrande Onserver! But it was On Oct 7th, so I missed the date of your party in Union! RATS! Home that you had a grand time of it, and hope to visit you one day soon, from our humble home up on the hill in Cove. Blessings.

  14. I always enjoyed watching Refashion Runway, Is there going to be another season?

  15. Loretta Hanes says:

    I just got your book from Amazon. I have always liked the idea of restyling old garments so I know I will enjoy it. Also, I’m excited that my 20 year old grandaughter has been doing this for several years, even without a sewing machine! But now I found her a second hand machine, so she can really get going now. I think I need to get her a copy of your book too.
    The question I wanted to ask you is; I have many tops and dresses that I want to add a collar to, so as to disguise the slight curve at the top of my spine. I try to wear a scarf but thats not always possible. Do you have any ideas on that?

  16. Loretta says:

    She lives in SC and I live in S FL. She was here for a week, but has gone back home now. I already bought her one anyway.
    I’m not sure exactly what you mean by a shawl collar. A regular collar works well, just not confident enough to start. I guess I’m afraid it will look like I patched it together.
    I looove thrift store shopping! I have a ton of clothes to use! Also, I still have many clothes I have “grown” out of. Especially blouses that are too tight.

  17. danielle says:

    I’m in Al looking for someone to make my wedding dress… it’s not a typical wd but still can’t find anyone to do it and here is the worst part… I don’t have the paternity I just have front and back pictures. Any ideas?!

  18. KittyGritty says:

    regarding wedding dress. I’d go to Etsy, filter to only search within your state, and search for “custom dresses” or “custom wedding dresses”.

  19. Elaine Sims says:

    I really appreciate your creativity… We have an inner city ladies ministry and I have started a sewing class to teach the ladies the basics of this wonderful skill. Your ideas are great! These ladies cannot afford to go out and buy most fabric, so this is teaching them to be creative as they go into the thrift stores that they normally shop for clothes and look at items in a different way. They love your ideas and are excited to see where their skill leads them.

  20. Barbara says:

    Hey Beth,
    I was curious about your studio. Is it a retail space? Or is it a getaway for you to sew and create?

  21. Dawn says:

    Please add my e mail to list

  22. Holly says:


    I’m preparing to make a tote bag using your tutorial ( Yay! What seam allowances do you use? I keep reading through the directions to see if I missed it and I don’t see it.

    Thank you!

  23. Hi. Just wanted to let you know I’ve now tried my hand at repurposed sewing and had a ball. I went to a thrift store to find some fabric I liked but wanted to spend less than $5. For $3.99 I got a twin sized dust ruffle, removed the patterned fabric and was able to use it to make 12 fabric napkins.

    I really would like to know how to take clothing and do something for myself. Many items I see are sleeveless dresses and my figure looks best with a vneck, 3/4 sleeves and pencil type skirt area. That gets a little boring after awhile though. Any suggestions for branching out into something simple to wear for myself?

  24. Corey May says:

    I love your work ! I’m so impressed with your creativity.
    Any suggestions on what to do with my old Linda Lundstrom winter LaParka ? It looks like this, but mine is pink. I paid a fortune for it many years ago, and the wool is incredible (without the outer shell)… Being in Canada it’s so cold in the winter, and new coats are a fortune ! I’d love to re-purpose it somehow !

  25. Jane says:

    I found you by chance on Pinterest too. I love what are you doing! Is there any chance you do classes or weekend seminars?

  26. Melinda banning says:

    Hi, I just received your book today and I am so excited to try some of the projects. I like your book so much I am going to order it for a friend. I have a question about the pattern you use to draft a pencil skirt. I went to the site but the video is no longer up. Can you direct me to somewhere else to learn how to make my own pattern? Thank you, Melinda

  27. Brenda says:

    Such clever ideas Beth! Do you have any suggestions about how to refashion a man’s t-shirt into a hooded cape for a child? Maybe the sleeves could become the hood?

  28. Cindy Wetzig says:

    I love love love your recycled clothes! You are amazing! You and anyone who loves your sight have to read a children’s book I found at the library about a little girl who outgrows her favorite dress and her mother keeps up cycling it to other things she can wear. It is called I had a favorite dress by boni ashburn. I have no connection to the book or author so I am not trying to sell the book. I just wanted to share a book that was dear to our hearts as people who love to up cycle clothing. Honestly I have not done it yet but bought some thrift store finds to try as first projects to sew up. Keep up the fabulous work!!!!

  29. Nicole says:


    Je consulte toutes vos illustrations et tutoriels. J’habite en France et je voulais savoir si vous vendiez des revues écrites par vous avec des modèles ou tutoriels.

    Je vous remercie

  30. Julie Davey says:

    I’ve lost about 45 lbs since last fall and have been working on a new wardrobe. I’ve got several Isaac Mizrahi cardigans that I bought just before I started losing weight that I just love that are now absolute sacks on me, which makes me very sad. I’ve done several of your t-shirt makeovers and quick cardigan transformations, but tackling these expensive sweaters makes me break out into a sweat! I’m going to start with my least favorite so if it ends up a total mess I won’t be just heartbroken. Any special tips before I jump in? I’m going to do the wash in warm water and dry warm to see if I can shrink it some before attempting to re-size it.

    By the way, I have a number of other tops that are going under the knife this weekend to be rescued using your methods as inspiration. My weight loss journey isn’t over yet, so I don’t want to spend a lot and you’ve given me insight into making what I already have work until I reach my goals. I will be forever grateful for that!


  31. Jack says:

    I’m a male and barely know how to sew, but your tutorials are very well done and with extremely good photos, and when I saw your tutorial on turning a crew neck T-shirt into a V-neck, I was really interested. Rather than a simple crew OR V-neck I prefer a collar, or Polo T-shirt. Many T-shirts, at least for men, have a l-o-n-g body length for tucking in. Is it possible/practical to use some of this for a collar? I should mention I only wear the shirts around the workshop and hanging loose, not tucked in. Probably too much to ask for, but if you have any suggestions…?


  32. Jessica says:

    I stumbled on to your site and wished to tell you that your work is amazing. Life and illness got in the way of my own sewing over the years. Thank you for the inspiration to get my machine and projects out of the back of the closet.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I gave myself your book for Christmas. I really enjoy your makeovers and instructions. I’ve been sewing all my life – lots of makeovers before they were called that – but really appreciate your inspiration and vision. I’m always reading your posts and thinking – “That’s a great idea. I never would have thought of it, but I’m trying it right now!” Thanks for all you do.

  34. Annette Post says:

    Hi Beth
    Just came across your site and have to say…OMG.
    I just started a very small crafting business, and was upcycling items I had at home or things I found at thrift store.
    I know that when a mind is put to it, there is nothing one can’t accomplish.
    BUT YOU…wow…you make it look so easy.
    I will definitely be following you, and using tips and tricks of the trade (if you don’t mind).
    Thank you for sharing all that you do, it is appreciated.
    Annette Post
    Nettie’s Upcycling

  35. Toni Vienna says:

    Hello, I’m enjoying your site! Wondered if you would please add me to your mailing list so I will be notified when you post?
    Thank you!

  36. Tammy says:

    Hi, I have so many swimsuit tops, unfortunately I can’t wear bikinis anymore. So…I’m wondering is there a way to turn them into a takini? Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks Tammy

  37. Judi Books says:

    Hi Beth, Just saw you on TV and you were talking about a product/cloth you can buy to iron on to other cloth to create oil cloth. Could you please tell me the name of the product/cloth you iron on and where you can buy it? I make children art smock and other items from oil cloth but sometimes it is hard to find cute kid prints. Enjoyed your sewing on oil cloth tips. Thanks, Judi

  38. Sara Douglas says:

    Hi Beth,
    I have been a long time fan and am so thrilled to see your success; and the book is great! Id like to suggest, rather request, a tutorial if I may? Baseball tees are wonderfully comfy and come in many colors and patterns. The rage right now is a baseball tee with a lace sleeve. They are so cute! Ive been seeing them in so many stores and while I love them, the price tags, I do not. A refashion tutorial on turning a plain sleeve into a lace sleeve would be great, especially since a traditional baseball tee has a raglan sleeve which isnt as simple as swapping them out because you have the neckline trim to deal with. I’d love to see what you come up with if this is of interest to you…in your spare time! As soon as I complete my refashion, Ill send a pic your way.

  39. Oksana says:

    Great! Cool! Amazing! I was looking through all posts during last week and couldn’t stop! So many super ideas! So in time the post how to make jeans fit perfectly cos I was making new jeans for my little son from my old ones)) thank you for such loads of inspiration and I want you to know that you are known and read here in Ukraine) looking forward to new posts)

  40. Nikki says:

    I want to start off saying I have seen ALOT ALOT ALOT ALOT of very creative & talented work on pintrest. I myself see something dull that could always be turned into something everyone’s wanting. I do it for for. When I clicked on your site threw pintrest, I had no idea what suprise I was in for…..I have to give it to you hands down, I believe you are the most talented amazing person I have yet to seen. I buy stuff from thrift stores, mainly to use stuff for decorations for projects…..but clothes?? Not just a few, I scrolled foooorever & every picture was absolutely gorgeous. Everything about your site is a homerun. I’m sure you hear it enough, but damn you are you doing on heck of a nice brilliant job!!!!!!!! You look fantastic & so happy, just full of life. I have never commented bc we all do projects & crafts…..but you, you took it to a whole new level & I absolutely admire that Beth. I can go on & on, but im going to with my family & friends about ur site. I can only thank you for not hiding your talent, but showing it to us all. Thank you Beth & JOB EXTREMELY WELL DONE!!!!
    Nikki A.

  41. It’s nice that you can refashion old clothes to make them new again, but for God’s sake, don’t buy clothes made for women larger than you. Many of us are poor and it is very difficult for women of size to find clothes that fit us and you are taking away our meager choices. Your body is one of the conventional sizes. Surely you can limit yourself to that.

  42. Erin Shea says:

    Hi Beth,
    I hope you can help me. I live in Florham Park, NJ and I have been searching for someone close to where I live to make me knit peasant shirts. I can’t find them in the stores or online. I love these kind of shirts. I will provide the material. If there is any help you can give me in finding someone or anything, please e-mail me. Thanks.


  43. Elie says:

    I am so excited to stumble upon your site! I’m a big believer in looking stylish and trendy while supporting the environment. I upcycle and refashion items and get inspiration from the latest trends. It is a passion that requires creativity and patience but in the end, I am proud to wear something that doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg while staying Eco-chic. Sites like yours where like-minded people share and inspire each other provide so much inspiration and encouragement to all refashionistas and fashion up-cyclers alike!

  44. Anonymous says:

    Hi Beth, My name is Char Wilson and I am the stake Relief Society president in the La Grande Stake. I was given your name by my daughter, Kristine McLean, to contact you and invite you to come to our Women’s Conference on Saturday, October 14th at 10:00 a.m. In Baker City at the LDS church. I am asking if you can teach a class on whatever you choose to about 80 women in three 45 minute segments? I have heard so many great things about you and you are just what we need. Please contact me at 503-737-8949 to let me know if this will work for you. Thank you so much.

  45. Fabienne says:

    Hi! Vos réalisations me font rêver. Thanks sharing your marvellous ideas.

  46. Bri Eastman says:

    Hi, I saw your article on show for making a flannel fringe scarf. I’m wondering where you got your fabric from?

  47. Katherine White says:

    I just now discovered your blog and I’m excited to read about your marvelous ideas and I know there is a lot I will learn from you. Plus, YOU are a beautiful woman! No way you are a grandmother. You certainly have taken care of yourself as well as your many talents. You inspire me to get busy sewing for my teenage granddaughters. We look at fashion magazines together and discuss how we’d change or redo certain dresses, skirts…..everything. I’m looking forward to following you. Katherine White

  48. Sharon Noyce says:

    I love love love everything you do!!!! I wish I could sew as wonderfully as you, and have the energy to try after a hard day at work. I love just looking at all the before and after pictures, and fantasizing about what things I have in the cupboard and what they might become but have that fear of starting…. I’ve sent your email to my husband about your book in the hope he might get it this year for Mother’s day, I sent it to him last year too …

    • Oh Sharon, you really know how to make a girl feel good first thing in the morning. 🙂 Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, it’s people like you who inspire me to continue doing this. I hope you have a chance to try refashioning some day. Just a word of warning though, once you start, you might not be able to stop….. Have a wonderful day! Beth

  49. Ari says:

    I do some refashioning myself but am frustrated because I am allergic to fragrances, including those from laundry detergent in clothes. This prevents me from using most of the clothes I find at thrift stores, as I have tried many times to remove the fragrance but failed. I have washed in fragrance free detergent, vinegar, baking soda, fragrance free oxyclean, and even a product hunters use on their clothes to eliminate odors that might tip off their prey. Nothing seems to work! Thanks!

  50. Tim Horton says:

    Hey Beth,

    My name is Tim Horton and I’m the advertising partnerships manager at JvPartnersNow.

    We would like to advertise some of our Lifestyle & Family related clients on your blog.

    Can you please let me know what advertising options you offer ?

    Thanks in advance for the Details !

    Take care,

    Tim Horton

  51. Hello fellow Renegade Diva!

    So happy to have found your site:-) very nice
    work! I am Retina Mitchell of Chameleon Candi
    Designs, LLC. I own and operate this small 100%
    Female Owned Business. I am an Designer,
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    I am interested in becoming a Partner may you send me further details about the opportunity to positively collaborate?

    • Hello! Thank you for contacting me. What type of partnership are you interested in? Advertising? Sponsorship?

      • Hello I apologize for such a late response. Please charge it to my head and not my heart:-) I just started a blog on and I am interested in making contributions to other women’s blog. I am also interested in advertising and possible sponsorship of a few new products I will add within the next 6months or so as the business grows. My phone is 8145730121. my name is Retina Mitchell. I own and operate a handmade accessories boutique call Chameleon Candi Designs, LLC. As well as an Etsy store:-) I am pleased to have met you and look forward to speaking further! 🙂
        Thank you for your time and kind response 🙂

  52. roelnao says:

    Hi, I was trying your link for the t-shirt shrug but the link is broken…

  53. Nancy Eitnier says:

    Love your book and your refashions! Any more books in your future?

    • Hi Nancy,
      Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. I’ve been so busy teaching, writing and producing videos for eHow that I haven’t had time for another book. I’ll definitely let you know if one is in the works in the near future. 🙂

  54. Kate says:

    I have two long flannel jumpers that I really like but I feel they could be updated so that I would actually want to wear them. Do you have any tips for refashioning jumpers? Thank you.
    I love seeing how you redo dated clothing and make it look so cute.

  55. My Blog is called ArtSex&Chocolate. It features most of my random thoughts. I actually co authored a book. With the creation of my Blog I want to try out some of my short stories, art and the perils and rewards of being a single mother of a 8 year old child. Whom acts just like a mini sized teenager. 🙂

  56. Dawn says:

    We are helping a friend with prom dress alterations. The neckline is a bit to revealing for a 16 year old. What would you do?

    • Hi Dawn,
      It’s hard to say without seeing the actual dress, but what about using mesh to create a neckline similar to a figure skaters dress? Or, if it’s a plunging neckline, could you add a piece in the neckline?

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  58. Paige Bear says:

    Thank you so much for your book on refashioning items. I enjoy pouring through it and using it to change thrift store items for my girls and myself. I often get compliments on what I’m wearing. Then comes, “don’t tell me you made that!” Please tell me there is another fashion book in the works?? Eagerly awaiting your next redesign!

  59. Fred L Neilson says:

    I have a mink coat that belonged to my grandmother. I have 3 granddaughters that I would like to have grandma’s coat made into teddy bears. Is that something you could do or could recommend someone?

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